Phone memory full? Here’s how to free up space and avoid buying a new laptop

Phone memory full?  Here's how to free up space and avoid buying a new laptop

There is nothing more annoying than getting a notification that your phone’s storage capacity is full. You were sure that you had erased almost everything you could, and yet your phone memory turns out to be almost full. Sometimes it seems that it is often close to reaching its maximum storage capacity, which prevents you from taking photos, installing apps or recording videos. If you are affected by the problem, here are some tips to follow if you are looking to clear your phone memory.

the “phone memory full” It is one of the most frustrating messages that we can receive on our smartphones, especially when we do not want to delete all the data accumulated over time. We will see in the following lines how to overcome this drawback.

full memory

Memory full – Source: spm

To remedy the problem of insufficient memory on your smartphone and avoid consequences on its operation, in particular its slowdown, Here are some tips to free up space:

  • Delete messages regularly to clear your phone memory

We don’t realize it, but the many SMS we receive end up occupying a significant part of the phone’s storage capacity. So it’s smarter to remove some messages that you consider unnecessary.

The first that come to mind are those for advertising purposes then those sent by correspondents with whom he has no family relationship. If you think a lack of space on your phone may cause you to delete more, you might also consider deleting chats with family and friends. Yes, of course, you do not give it any special importance.

  • Delete apps that are not needed to free up space on your phone

Many of us give in to the desire to download applications that seem interesting at first glance but that in the end we do not use. Even when your phone shows no lack of storage space, you still need to delete them, even if it’s just one or two apps. Either way, it’s important to delete any unnecessary data in this case.

  • Free up space on your phone by deleting cached data

The cached data is those that we leave in the background as soon as we consult an application. Don’t forget to delete them regularly because they also take up space. While they’re not particularly heavy on your phone, they’re worth removing whenever they build up because they can make a difference.

  • Use the cloud to free up space on your phone

Use icloud to save data

Using Icloud to save data – Source: spm

If you prefer to keep all your videos and photos despite the little space you have left on your phone, you can use the Cloud function that allows you to have an online storage space. You can enter all the data you want there to leave enough space on your smartphone.

Not only can you preserve your memories with this feature, but it also prevents your phone from overcharging. It’s also a great way to back up your data in case your phone malfunctions.

  • Free up space on your phone to organize your downloads and your photos and videos

Photo gallery

Photo gallery – Source: spm

If there is data that takes up space on our phones, it is the numerous photos, as well as videos and downloads. Photos pile up every day, as do screenshots, video sharing with friends and family, and downloads. These are also usually useless because many times we end up consulting them only once.

As for the photos, be careful to delete the ones you have taken several times at the same time to get the one that ended up satisfying you. In the same registry, delete unnecessary screenshots, such as multiple copies.

As you can imagine, by applying these simple gestures, it’s easy to significantly lighten your phone’s memory. Keep adopting these reflections and you will no longer have to deal with this annoying problem on your smartphones.

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