Accusation of fraud on Twitter: the whistleblower “keeps all the information”, according to his lawyer

Accusation of fraud on Twitter: the whistleblower "keeps all the information", according to his lawyer

the Washington Post Y CNN revealed on Tuesday, August 23, the content of a document sent by former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko – nicknamed “Mudge” in the computer security community – to various regulators and US parliamentary committees. These 200 pages notably claim that the company suffers from serious security problems, which management has downplayed with its board of directors, and reveal several particularly problematic cases if confirmed, including the hiring of an Indian intelligence via Twitter. Twitter had fired Zatko earlier in 2022 for “poor performance.”

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John Tye, Mr. Zatko’s attorney and founder of the whistleblower aid organization Whistleblower Aid, answered questions from the World.

For the past two days, Twitter has been defending itself by presenting Zatko’s revelations as exaggerations posted by a disgruntled former employee. Is this your opinion?

Absolutely not. This is the classic defense of organizations that seek to attack the author of the disclosures, his person or his credibility, instead of responding to the content of the disclosures. This is ridiculous: Peiter Zatko did a great job on Twitter, and was actually recruited by Jack Dorsey [fondateur et ancien PDG] because he had the credibility to get Twitter out of the security problems that the company itself had created over the last decade.

His resume is impeccable: thirty years ago, he was one of those who created the ethical hacking community. He pushed Microsoft to respond ethically and legally to security issues, testifying before the US Congress as early as 1998 on these matters. He also enjoys great credibility, not only in the cybersecurity community, but also in the intelligence community. Before Twitter, he worked for Darpa. [l’Agence de recherche de l’armée américaine] on projects that are at the forefront of America’s offensive and defensive capabilities. He has always had the reputation of being an ethical and honest man; if that’s the best defense Twitter has come up with, then they don’t have much.

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However, he is said to have been close to Jack Dorsey, who left the company at the end of 2021, but had a more rocky relationship with his successor, Parag Agrawal.

When Mr. Agrawal was appointed CEO, Mr. Zatko had an interview with him. He made it very clear to her that if he wanted her gone so he could choose his own chief of security for him, he would go. Mr. Agrawal said: “No, I want you to stay. » But Zatko was fired less than two months later, after raising his concerns with the board. In any case, he keeps all the information that appears in the documents sent to the regulators.

You told the US press that Zatko had no contact with Elon Musk, whose trial against Twitter will start in October. One of the issues in this trial will be the issue of automated accounts, which are an important aspect of the disclosures made by Mr. Zatko. Are you afraid that these revelations will be instrumentalized in the procedure?

This is not one of your concerns. He began sounding the alarm internally in December 2021. When he was fired in January, he immediately began working on how he could legally alert law enforcement and regulators. All of this happened months before Elon Musk became interested in a Twitter acquisition. These revelations may have an impact on the process, but that was by no means his motivation.

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It is rare that people so high in the hierarchy of a company or administration report breaches in this way…

Mr. Zatko is a particularly courageous person, who has worked for decades to become someone who would be in a position to make a difference. Looking back, over the last ten years, most of the whistleblowers were single, with no kids, no credit… Once you have a family and a career, it’s very difficult to stand up to power structures. This is still scary for Mr. Zatko: he has two young children and of course he is worried about his career, his financial security…

But I am convinced that our disclosure model through legal channels works and makes it easier for people who witness serious violations of the law to take action. Mr. Zatko has submitted all relevant documents in his possession to regulators and law enforcement. From now on, we just hope you do his job and investigate these revelations.

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