Benjamin Mendy trial: “They ended up forcing me to give in”, the testimony of a new alleged rape victim

Benjamin Mendy trial: "They ended up forcing me to give in", the testimony of a new alleged rape victim

Benjamin Mendy’s trial continued on Wednesday with a new hearing day at the Chester court. The testimony of a whistleblower was released accusing the world champion of rape in July 2021.

New day of testimony in the Chester court, where the trial of Benjamin Mendy opened on August 10, accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and sexual assault. This Wednesday the testimony of an alleged rape victim, recorded by the police in February 2022, was released.

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The events described by the complainant date back to July 23, 2021. She says that she was invited to the player’s house and agreed to go there, adding that Louis Saha Matturie, co-defendant in this case, paid for the taxi for the Drive on the spot. . . The author explains that three other women were present when she arrived.

“I remember that his way of speaking was quite direct and crude”

At one point in the evening, Mendy texted her asking her to come down. Finding this “stranger”, she says that he came anyway. “We ended up kissing and he dropped his pants,” she says. I told him ‘I don’t do anything’. He replied ‘what do you want?’ I remember that the way he spoke was quite direct and raw. He was the ‘you don’t trust me’ type.” The complainant then explained that she didn’t trust him because she had first met Mendy just three days earlier.

According to the alleged victim, the former OM and AS Monaco player used particularly direct words. “He was there like all these women want to fuck me.” I think he told me things to convince me to do things with him, “added the complainant. She says she replied, “I don’t want to do anything like this, I just came for a drink. To try and calm him down, the complainant said she told Mendy that she wasn’t on the pill.” ”, added the complainant.

The complainant assures that at that time she was sober and therefore completely “aware of the situation”. She reportedly told Mendy, “I don’t know you, I’d rather meet someone first.” She claims that Mendy asked her for a blowjob, to which she replied “no”. The player would have repeated her request “several times”, adding that, if she left, “nobody would send her the word”.

“It was like talking to a wall”

“I did not know what to do at that time, I had given all possible excuses to get out of this situation,” added the complainant, especially having to go to work. “It is as if nothing I said was doing Tilt, it was like talking to a wall, added the complainant. I ended up being forced to give in, there was nothing more I could say or do.”

The alleged victim then specifies the circumstances of the rape: “I had to get down on all fours. He was behind, with his hand on my back. I told him ‘no’. He replied ‘leave me’”. The complainant states that “they ended up having sex”. “It didn’t take long, 20 seconds and it was over,” she adds. The complainant said that she told him several times: “I don’t want to do anything, I don’t love you.” He would have replied: “he’s small, don’t worry.”

The complainant repeats that she was not consenting: “During all the time it lasted he knew that I did not want that, she supports him during his hearing. She kept coming closer and insisting, she couldn’t do anything else”. Upon her return to the apartment, the complainant said that she told her friend that “something had happened but not something that I wanted.” The friend in question would have replied: “Two guys stopped him from getting off and asked him not to get off.”

The complainant relaunched the concept of consent during the cross-examination

During the days after the alleged rape, the complainant confesses to having felt “dirty”, “shameful”, and adds that she did not even want to “touch herself in the shower”. She then claims that she received several messages from Mendy asking her to “come see him”. While Mendy was being arrested by the police, the complainant said that she received a message from one of her friends, asking if she had spoken. The alleged victim told him no, that she had not spoken to the police. The complainant specifies that she was “too scared” to report: “I didn’t want to think about what had happened.”

Relaunched on the concept of consent during cross-examination, the alleged victim reiterated that he had never said yes to the footballer. “Mr. Mendy didn’t rape you, did he?” Mendy’s attorney asked. “He did,” the whistleblower responded. The attorney insists on the concept of consent, in particular asking what the whistleblower planned to do by joining Mendy next. The complainant reiterates having been sexually assaulted and having agreed at any time.

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