Hogwarts Legacy: Very disappointing, the Collector pisses off fans!

Hogwarts Legacy: Very disappointing, the Collector pisses off fans!

This week the Gamescom 2022 opening ceremony took place. For the occasion, a unreleased trailer Hogwarts Legacy’s Hogwarts Legacy aired, focusing on the Dark Arts, Dark Magic, the Forbidden Forest, and the character of Sebastian Pallow. The video then ended with the deluxe edition overview of the game with some nice cosmetics as a purchase bonus and an onyx hippoclaw mount to reserve. The next day, as the teams promised, the Collector’s Edition was revealed to the general public on Twitter, but also through a unboxing video from the community manager, Chandler Wood.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Collector All Fans Have Been Waiting For

After a leak in 2018, a confirmation in November 2020, then a full reveal of the game during State of Play in February 2022, Hogwarts Legacy is already on everyone’s lips. It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and many fans were hoping to get their hands on it. an impressive Collector’s Edition, worthy of the Harry Potter saga. Although the game is set 100 years before the adventures of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, potterheads were expecting some surprises from the saga that might have made sense for the 1890s era.

Sadly, most Harry Potter fans are so disappointed in the Collector’s Edition offered for Hogwarts Legacy that they are hesitant to buy it now.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy Collector disappointing?

On Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, there are tons of comments from disgruntled fans. According to them, two main reasons make the Collector extremely disappointing:

  1. the product quality contained in the Collector,
  2. the Amount and the choice of objects.

For the first point, future gamers rely solely on the unboxing video as they have never held the products in hand. So it’s hard to really judge, but the video shows objects that appear to be of poor quality. The cardboard box that contains everything is very thin and looks like a simple packaging that is thrown away after opening. The inside of the box is not even decorated and contains only two large plastic pieces surrounding the only three items in the kit. So we found a steel book to store your physical game or that contains the PC code, and we must admit that this one is very nice. Then we have the “floating” jonquil which, at first glance, is absolutely sublime, but when you get closer you realize that it is again a mixture of plastic and resin with two very different parts that have been glued together (probably to integrate the magnet inside it which allows you to float above the book).

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

the book, is probably the most disappointing of all. The quality once again leaves a lot to be desired, the pages don’t turn (again to be able to contain the huge magnet used for the magic) and it just looks like unfinished plastic. Fortunately, the cosmetic items and mounts offered in the game are there to compensate, but… You might as well just buy the Deluxe Edition for that.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

I still can’t believe they missed the opportunity to add a Hogwarts letter, clothing, a map, artwork, house editions, literally anything but a steel plastic box and a floating bar for $300. The flimsy cardboard box they market as one of the items that can’t seem to hold its shape after removing the $3 plastic wrap. The missed opportunity of not having a wooden Hogwarts collectible chest with actual collectibles inside. Separate house editions, we all know that people like to collect and represent their houses, but two items and some digital items, seriously?
It is a big disappointment and a money grab!

A YouTube user in the top comment

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Former headmaster of Hogwarts Legacy also disappointed

Troy Leavitt, former director of Avalanche Software, was also allowed to give his opinion on Twitter. Thanks to him, I can return to the second point mentioned in the previous part: the number of items in the Collector. How much would it have cost the marketing team (either Sony or WB)just add some trinkets to please the fans? An actual Hogwarts map on parchment, small potion vials, official game stickers, or what else? To go even further, they could have even offered us 4 different editions based on the colors of the Hogwarts houses!

I am disappointed with the collector’s edition. What a missed opportunity. A brilliant art book? A cloth card? A letter from Hogwarts? Wow WB. The developers work hard to fulfill their commitments. make it better.
Think about fan expectations, not exploitation.

Troy Leavitt, former headmaster of Hogwarts Legacy

In this tweet, Troy Leavitt openly expresses what most fans think and even focuses his thoughts on the developers who are working hard to bring us the best Harry Potter game. Releasing a Collector in this way is not paying homage to him and might even scare the quality of the game itself according to him and the fans! In the end, it’s about everything the missed opportunity to do something great which is noted here. Many fans will continue to buy this collector’s item when pre-orders open on August 25, but that doesn’t stop them from being a little shocked by the quality of the products and the meager content for a total of €300.

And what do you think ?


Unforgivable Spells, Forbidden Forest, Pre-Order Bonus or even a very dark legacy for one of the characters… Here’s everything to remember from the new Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Hogwarts Legacy at Gamescom 2022.

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