WhatsApp: you can read deleted messages by following these simple steps

WhatsApp: you can read deleted messages by following these simple steps

If there is an application known and used by everyone, that is, without a doubt, WhatsApp. Free, this instant messaging service allows you to send messages, make video calls but also share photos and any other type of file. And it doesn’t stop there! In fact, WhatsApp offers the possibility of deleting messages that have just been sent. A handy feature for the sender but not for the recipient who is unaware of its content. Fortunately, there is a trick that allows you to read deleted messages.

A message received on WhatsApp that suddenly gets deleted has already happened to you. But do you know that there is now a method to retrieve and read it? Explanation.

The trick that allows you to read the content of deleted messages on WhatsApp

Easy to use, WhatsApp has become with time and updates a true daily tool for sharing, whether for individual or group conversations: messages accompanied by emojis or GIFs, photos, videos, documents and even location in real time. WhatsApp has simply made the use and sending of SMS and MMS obsolete, rendering these technologies obsolete.

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WhatsApp allows you to express yourself however you want, culminating in the ability to delete recently sent messages. Therefore, it is not uncommon to receive a message on WhatsApp with the following mention: ” This post has been deleted. » An error from one of your contacts who chose the wrong recipient or conversation when sending the message in question? Or an impulsive reaction, which pushed him to send you one or even several messages that he didn’t mean? Whatever the reason, the result is the same: the messages in question cannot be viewed or read.

Of course you can go for the easiest method, which is to ask the sender for the content of the deleted message, but there is little chance that the answer will satisfy your curiosity. here is the last trick that will allow to display the content of the deleted message.

the answer is one word “What was removed+”. This app for Android smartphones, It allows you to save the notifications that your applications receive, including WhatsApp messages that have been deleted in the process without you having had time to read them.

In order to recover these deleted messages, it will be necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Download “WhatsRemoved+” app from Google Play Store on your Android phone;
  2. Accept the terms and conditions of use of the application;
  3. Grant access to notifications so that “WhatsRemoved+” can work perfectly;
  4. Select WhatsApp from the application list so that “WhatsRemoved+” can save notifications;
  5. Click yes, when the application asks for permission to save and access media files (photos, videos, voice memos, etc.);
  6. Check the folders you want to monitor deleted files for and click “OK” (PS: all folders are selected by default);
  7. The installation process is complete and the application is ready to go.

Now you will receive an alert with a notification as soon as one of your contacts has deleted a message intended for you. To see it, simply click on the received notification and go to the “Detected” tab. You will have access to the messages but also to the multimedia files that have been deleted.

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WhatsApp notifications – Source: spm

Please note that this app could consume a lot of memory making a duplicate copy of each media file received. So remember to free up your phone memory by deleting unnecessary files after consultation.

Warning: Before downloading any app on your smartphone, caution is required. Make sure it is not infested with malware or viruses.

Thanks to this application you will be able to satisfy your curiosity and finally discover the content of all the messages that have been deleted from your WhatsApp conversations.

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