COVID-19. Will the fourth dose of the vaccine be available to everyone in the fall?

COVID-19.  Will the fourth dose of the vaccine be available to everyone in the fall?

In February 2022, Jean-François Delfraissy, then president of the Scientific Council, mentioned “probably a new vaccination campaign in October”. While for many French people the third dose dates from the beginning of 2022, will a new booster be recommended soon for all French people? Will the fourth dose be open to a wider audience?

I took my third dose in January 2022. I am 52 years old, do I need to take a fourth dose? »David asks. West of France answers you

Today, who does the fourth dose affect?

After immunocompromised people and people over 60 years of age, the second booster dose is extended to new audiences from July 20, 2022.

These are people who live with a vulnerable or immunocompromised person, pregnant women (from the 1st trimester of pregnancy) and people at risk of a severe form of Covid-19.

From July 26, all health professionals, as well as employees of the medical-social sector and firefighters, can opt for the second booster dose against Covid-19.

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A vaccination campaign in the fall?

The possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine recall campaign in the fall has been discussed for several months. This was accelerated by the seventh wave and many French people have already been able to benefit from this booster dose.

For the moment, opening the fourth dose to all French people is not on the agenda.

“Given the available data and the epidemiological situation, the administration of a second booster dose to vulnerable people remains, at this time, the recommended option, in accordance with the medium-term vaccination strategy presented during the summer. As with all HAS work, this recommendation is likely to change based on the evolution of the epidemic and available data.explains the High Health Authority (HAS), whom we interviewed.

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What about bivalent vaccines?

For several months, laboratories such as Pfizer and Moderna have been working on vaccines “bivalent” . These vaccines consist of a booster dose targeting half of the original strain of the virus and half of the Omicron variant.

Current vaccines are not very effective against the Omicron variant, which is the majority in France. According to Santé Publique France, three to four months after full vaccination, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are only 19.8% and 27.4% effective against Omicron.

These vaccines could make it possible to stop the resumption of the epidemic that could take place in the autumn.

When will bivalent vaccines be available?

The new anti-Covid vaccine from the Pfizer-BioNTech laboratory “must be approved in the fall”said the European Medicines Agency (EMA), on Wednesday, August 10.

In France, test phases are also underway. “For the moment our next work should focus on the evaluation of bivalent vaccines”declares to West of France The have.

The health authorities have not yet announced a precise date for the marketing of bivalent vaccines. However, the objective is that they be used during the booster vaccination campaign, “which could be open to people under 60 starting in the fall”the Scientific Council stressed in a July 19 report.

In the UK, Moderna’s modified vaccine was approved on Monday, August 15.

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