Bamba Dieng, because he is worth it

Bamba Dieng, because he is worth it

In Marseille, the storm gave way to calm. At the beginning of the month, the boat was rocking everywhere, and here it is today tied for the top of the table, still undefeated after three days of Ligue 1. The gum is still stuck to OM’s coattails: the Bamba Dieng saga. Left aside by Igor Tudor, the Senegalese’s situation sums up the ghosts that haunt Olympique de Marseille.

Ahmadou Bamba Dieng goes fast, very fast. But not even a year ago, when he hadn’t yet burst the screen against AS Monaco, not even he could have anticipated the speed of his trajectory at Olympique de Marseille. The Pikine native went from Olympic reserve shooter to international contender in one season, winning an African champions title with Senegal along the way and the Ligue 1 goal of the year trophy from Ronaldinho himself. His depth-focused profile had provided an alternative to Jorge Sampaoli, and the Marseille public had almost instantly adopted the carefree boy, much more rambunctious on the ground than Arkadiusz Milik. Only, the summer came, the Argentine retired without asking for a break and Olympique de Marseille, to say the least, began his transformation. And after two months of turmoil during which many things have changed at OM, here is Bamba Dieng missing. Completely closed by Igor Tudor, who does not make him participate in tactical implementations in training, the Senegalese is going through the first turbulence of his young career. And no less important, since they crystallize the incomprehension of a good number of Marseillais against Pablo Longoria.

Sweet Dieng

It must be said that the boy did everything to win the favor of Olympic fans. In addition to being convincing on the field, he never failed to show his love for OM and his enthusiasm for the past year. He was not even deflated when he realized, during the summer preparation, that he was not in the plans of the Croatian new owner of the joystick; his agent, Seydou Bocar Seck, had also announced the 1Ahem August, in an interview with provence, the desire of the African champion to stay at the club to prove his worth. Interview in which the lack of clear communication by the Olympic management was already pointed out: “If the problem is purely sporting, if there is something wrong, the minimum, especially for a young player who is progressing, is to go and say: ‘There is such a thing that you miss. I work’ on that.” »

Since then, Dieng has reluctantly changed his mind and now seems resigned to setting sail: the result of outright ostracism. It seems hard to believe that it is the result of a purely sporting choice, because beyond the extra morsel that the Senegalese would bring to the very direct game of Igor Tudor – who, let us remember, had announced upon his arrival that he would not twist the arm of his management in terms of the transfer window: several signs suggest that OM would welcome his departure. Some statements by Pablo Longoria on August 3, when the boy’s future in the squad was already darkening, qualifies him as a player “who has value” . An exit, therefore, with a great condition, yes: that a good sum falls in exchange in the coffers of the club. The recent call to order of OM by the ICFC, the financial watchdog for European clubs, in the context of financial fair play, has come as a reminder of its financial difficulties, and Frank McCourt is still desperately hoping that ‘OM will begin to sell. In this context, pushing Bamba Dieng, who has an interesting rating in the market after his good season, seems an obvious solution.

Victim of the great upheaval

A week before the market closes, some stables have reached the information. Freiburg first, Nice, Lorient, but the Olympic conditions are exclusive: amount greater than ten million euros (or more if the club is French), privileged net sale (a loan request from Lorient was officially rejected). So at present it still seems possible to see Bamba Dieng at the club on 1Ahem September, failing to have found a base. But given the behavior of the club, we doubt that this option is the best. For if the state of the funds can explain the leaders’ desire to see Bamba Dieng leave Command, it only very modestly justifies the treatment reserved for him, and this is precisely what makes people cringe. So where can we find the reasons for this sudden tension? Perhaps in the somewhat all-consuming desire of Pablo Longoria and others to take on OM head-on.

Arrived at the helm of a struggling club just a year and a half ago, the Spaniard, highly involved and skillful thus far, quickly took to the wind in his sails. However, this summer – during which Longoria brought several of his acquaintances to strategic positions – the arrival in the dock of his beloved Igor Tudor, very quickly deplored, revealed a president sure of his strength and of his choices, even the most surprising, and capable of abandoning diplomacy.

Diambars in the background

Eager, too, to put an end to projects that would not bring him satisfaction. provenceso he reported last week that the partnership between the Diambars Institute, where Dieng comes from, and OM (started in 2019, under Jacques-Henri Eyraud) would no longer be favored by the Olympic president, and that he would like to put an end to the same. “Bamba Dieng is not a direct victim of the cooling of relations between OM and Diambars” , however assures Alexandre Jacquin, the journalist of the local newspaper, contacted directly. According to him, Dieng would have even unknowingly revealed OM’s discomfort with this society, when the management was very reluctant at the start of the 2021-2022 season to increase his salary, which was around 5,000 euros per month, while the Senegalese chained good performances. in Ligue 1. That rigidity would have contributed, among other things, to cool the ties between the Senegalese nursery and Olympique de Marseille. It is not enough to fix things for Bamba Dieng: because although he is not affected by the breakdown of the collaboration, his close environment is linked to Diambars. His agent, mentioned above, is even the son of Saer Seck, the director of the Institute; a state of affairs that certainly did not help, in the case of the Senegalese. In any case, OM have a week left to find a way out for their young striker. Because if that doesn’t happen, getting him remobilized for the season could be the new episode of this soap opera, as long as it’s a summer transfer window. Duje Ćaleta-Car will surely be able to explain to you how to do it.

By Pablo Lemon

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