Amazon Prime: This month’s free PC games leaked, best time to subscribe

Amazon Prime: This month's free PC games leaked, best time to subscribe

Every month, Sony through its PlayStation Plus and Amazon with its Prime Gaming branch, reward their subscribers with a large number of free games. PlayStation games on one side, PC on the other, enough to allow gamers with both mediums to expand their libraries at lower costs. Unfortunately for these two giants, every month, their surprises leak out ahead of time. September Gaming Rebel from Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming September Games Leaked

Billbil-kun, whose name is now known to many gamers, both in France and elsewhere, has been making life difficult at Sony and Amazon for months. And for good reason, thanks to information gleaned prior to its formalization, billbil-kun is cutting the rug under these two giants by revealing their monthly free games in advance. Unfortunately for Prime Gaming, the September 2022 free games will be no exception.

Therefore, it is directly through Dealabs, thanks to the evidence verified by the moderation of the platform, that billbil-kun has lifted the lid on free PC games for September. Thus, top subscribers could get their hands on:

  • Origins of Assassin’s Creed [jeu à activer sur Ubisoft Connect]

Ancient Egypt, a time of greatness and intrigue, plunges into a ruthless struggle for power. The Assassin’s Creed®: Ancient Egypt Discovery Tour is now available as a free update!

  • Soccer Manager 2022 [jeu à activer sur Epic Games Store]

As close as possible to the reality of football management. FM22 offers you new ways to make a difference, distill your football style and prove yourself on the pitch.

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Game of the Year Special Edition) [jeu à activer sur GOG]

Lead a fight through Mordor and discover the truth about the spirit that possesses you, discover the origin of the Rings of Power, create your legend and face the evil of Sauron in this new chronicle of Middle-earth.

A space adventure by SEAN CLARK in collaboration with STEVEN SPIELBERG
A small moon-sized asteroid is about to collide with Earth and only NASA veteran Boston Low can stop it. A team is sent. Journalist Maggie Robbins and geologist Ludger Brink are part of the adventure.

A roguelike with tactical board combat systems combined with tower defense elements where you try to survive against hordes of enemies to save your country! Discover in-depth tactical elements combined with tower building and wave combat!

In the Paris of the revolution, play as a judge of the people’s court and preside over complex cases that affect ordinary citizens as well as criminals or enemies of the Revolution! He pronounces sentences, participates in political intrigues, but above all he tries to save your head!

Castle on the Coast is a platform game that requires you to collect items. George, a friendly giraffe, navigates through exciting levels full of crystalline caves, stone corridors and psychedelic parallel dimensions, with the aim of reconciling two powerful wizards who are very angry with her family. In cooperative mode, he can count on the help of Pirouette, his squirrel friend.

  • Word of the law: The mask of death collector’s edition [jeu à activer sur Legacy Games]

Investigate serial crimes and secrets of the city government! You are the only one who can follow the trail and break the chain of murders. Are you ready for the challenge?

A particularly attractive harvest that has yet to be confirmed by an official announcement from Prime Gaming. Rresponse in the next few days therefore, with a monthly press release that will confirm or invalidate this information. Please note that game content should also be added to this list.

How do you find this comeback? A good harvest for Prime Gaming’s September games? Feel free to reply to us through the comments section.

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