Fuel prices: the trap is closing little by little…

Prix des carburants

The government decided that discount on gasoline prices It will last a few more months. A news that delights car users who have been taking advantage of this discount for several months.

This exceptional help began in March. The government had launched it after the rise in the price of gasoline. Find out how long the French will benefit from this reduction that makes people smile.

An extension in the benefit of the consumer

After the current conflict on European soil, the price of gasoline and other fuels have skyrocketed. At one point, the French saw the price of fuel arrive, even exceed the bar of 2 euros per liter.

It wasn’t until early August that motorists noticed lower fuel prices. Lately, however, it seems that the price of fuel has started to rise.

Take for example the liter of gasoline SP95 (E5) that is in 1.80 euros on Thursday, August 25, 2022. Compared to last month’s prices, gasoline is down 12 cents. Diesel, on the other hand, is on the rise.

The price is 1.92 euros, an increase of 9 cents in a week. Diesel only saw a reduction of 2 cents in a month. The government aid that went into effect in March continues to be a big boost for consumers.

This aid was to end on July 30, but the government had decided to extend it until the end of August. On Wednesday, August 24, a new decision was published. According to the government publication, the discount on the price of fuels whose gasoline continues until December 31, 2022.

This good news is for consumers who use the following fuels :

  • Gasoline (SP95/98-E5, SP95-E10, LPG-c, CNG in compressed form (CNG) or liquefied (LNG)
  • Diesel fuel (B0, B7, B10, B30, B100 and XTL, and even those for off-road use (GNR)
  • ED95 Diesel Ethanol
  • superethanol E85

The 30-cent discount and an exceptional bonus

However, it should be noted that the discounts have undergone some changes. The discount of 30 cents will be applied for only two months. It will be effective during the months of September and October.

“The discount could go from 18 to 30 euro cents in September and October,” explains Bruno Le Maire.

In November and December, the discount on fuel prices decreases to 10 cents per liter. The government has not yet ruled on what will happen in January 2023.

According to the president of the LR group, Olivier Marleix, the discussion on the 2023 budget will be done next fall. In addition, the Government has made the decision to help service stations.

Certain operators in the fuel sector will receive additional aid. An exceptional bonus that goes up to €3,000 for service stations in difficulty.

To pay this aid, the Government will base itself on the sales averages for the year 2021. If in total the service station has sold less than 500 hectoliters of fuel on average per month, the farmer will receive the bonus

To obtain this aid, the owner of the farm must a request to the government.

The transport premium is doubled

With the budget of €44 billion, the State has decided to reassess certain allowances and bonuses. One of the decisions that delights the French is the revaluation of the transport premium.

It especially affects employees who travel by car to work. This tax-exempt voucher, which frees them from paying for fuel, was in 200 euros per year.

For the year 2022 and 2023, the transport premium is doubled by 400 euros per year. In the French overseas departments, this aid triples up to 600 euros. It should be noted that all employees who travel to work by vehicle can benefit from this bonus.

In other words, if the employee has to pay for gasoline or other fuel to go to work, they can claim this help. Starting this year, employees who benefit from it you can get a refund half of his journey by train.

However, the allocation of this bonus doubled it depends on the companies. They must have the means to pay the amount to the employees in order to assign the transportation voucher.

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