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In a market where mandate taking increasingly resembles the search for the Holy Grail, prospecting is more than ever the nerve of the war. How to carry out an effective prospecting? Summary of best practices to implement.

To prospect effectively, you must above all demonstrate organization and regularity. To be seen, known and recognized, it is the repetition of the action that will give the result! Do not forget that real estate prospecting is an essential tool for any real estate negotiator who wishes to develop their portfolio of properties for sale. your motto? Centralize the largest possible number of properties by price, type and sector to be able to offer a wide range to your clients and prospects.

With this in mind, you must be on your toes and absolutely convinced that prospecting is the absolute weapon for success! Keep in mind that analysis and listening are the keys to gaining the trust of your customers. Without trust there is no salvation! His organization and his method are therefore only a means to achieve his ends: Build relationships with as many potential sellers as possible.

Telephone prospecting, instructions for use

The best known and sometimes the most feared! Why ? The fear of disturbing and having to impose yourself! As Michael Aguilar would say, part of the principle that when you do nothing, the “no” is already acquired… From there, you can only capture the positive!

The telephone freelance must be carried out periodically, depending on your sector on the one hand and, on the other hand, the main demand of your buyers.

The main idea of ​​the survey is still the budget and/or making an appointment.

Therefore, we will avoid discussing the price of the property or the amount of fees over the phone. Your main objective is still to get an appointment with the seller you have approached to realize its value.

For a successful field survey

You must become a true housing reference ! And for that, you have to be ultra present in the sector in which you work. Define a geographic area with your manager and learn how to balance it. Weekly, set goals.

It is with objectives that we advance… the brain acts according to intentions…

Thus, as quoted by Michael Aguilar, a speaker, who himself takes up Zig Ziglar, an American speaker: “ It is so difficult to achieve a goal that you do not know how to return from a country you have never been to… “.

The use of the nominative flyer works very well as long as you provide the correct information: who are you and what are you looking for?

Checklist for effective field survey

  • Precisely define your sector

  • Identify your main goal

  • Establish a typical prospecting week and stick to it

  • Set up a reporting table and analyze your results

10 winning tips for effective prospecting

1/ Every morning it is important to watch new announcements, and call systematically! It does not matter, if the feedback is negative, this action at least allows you to make yourself known and send your virtual business card directly after each interview. Also enter in your software a follow-up date for this lead.

two/ Depending on the sectors, identify the goods you sold and send a letter to the owners stating your action. Add feedback from Opinion System customers when you have one. The same when an excluded person enters a residence, do not forget to inform the other co-owners.

3/ do regularly merchants turn and take with you all the information and documents that concern you, such as brochures, flyers, etc.

4/ Prospect by establishing a regular follow-up with your former clients. Remember that you have to 4 messages per year, so 1 per quarter, so that your client remembers you positively. Take care never to be “heavy” in your messages and always keep it simple without asking anything, and especially if you know potential business clients. Use WhatsApp to remember the anniversary date of the acquisition of the property, wish a good summer, a good start to classes, send a photo of the property sold, announce the opening of a new restaurant, a change of sign… In short, so many excuses that will make you the real estate agent to think of in case of new projects because you are not only present, but also friendly.

5/ Show yourself! Go out, eat in the nearby restaurants, have a coffee on the terrace and take your brochures regularly…

6/ Work your prescribers as your ambassadors. Regularly visit the guards, postmen, movers… and make them your business introducers.

7/ On the marketing side, use the screens of your shop windows tell a story. Like the sold brochures, count your successes by highlighting the photos of the products sold, not forgetting the comments about the customer experience when you have one in your possession. Your best advertising is still the one your customers make of you!

8/ Create a synergy between rental, fiduciary and administration services when the owners are present. Introduce yourself as the reference of transactions of the brand you represent.

9/ Work more the investigation mandate allowing you to prospect with selling customers. A visit to an MR can not only generate a sale, but also allows the selling client to notice your professionalism and be tempted to continue with you thanks to your responsiveness and action.

10/ take the time to qualify the owners in your sector before writing to them. This will prevent brochures from cluttering mailboxes unnecessarily and not conveying a good image.

In general, never undertake prospecting as a binding action, but on the contrary, accept it as the possibility of increasing your contacts. While I’m sure some of you have already implemented some of these actions, the important thing now is to stay consistent.

The more prospecting you do on a daily basis, the easier it will be… On the contrary, if you do little, you will get scared and think that it is complicated.

Keep in mind that if they see you you will be recognized and that you sow today to reap sometimes in the long term…

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