Preview of the Lies of P is he the worthy heir to Bloodborne? We play it!

Lies of P est-il le digne héritier de Bloodborne ? On y a joué !

Advance Is Lies of P the worthy heir to Bloodborne? We play it!

Surprise game of the summer of 2022, Lies of P has recently benefited from an unexpected spotlight. This action RPG developed in South Korea does not hide these inspirations: more than a “Souls Like”, we are definitely facing a “Bloodborne Like”. We got to test it out during Gamescom.

If many fans are desperately (in vain?) waiting for a Bloodborne 2 or even a remake, a very good stopgap could come from a country neighboring From Software’s homeland. Developed by the South Korean studio Neowiz, Lies of P doesn’t hide its inspirations: as soon as we take the controller in hand, we’re home and the impression of playing a “clone” of Bloodborne won’t let us go. But beware, that’s not a bad thing: if you’re a bit used to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s productions, you’ll immediately feel at ease, however, with some interesting little innovations.

The Pinocchio of your worst nightmares

Lies of P thus makes us embody a somewhat “bad” Pinocchio whose fighting style we choose from the start of the game. You can go for a “balanced” style, with a medium speed bladed weapon in your right hand and a multi-purpose whip in your left hand. This is what we have chosen for this demo, but it is very possible to go for a faster game with a thrust weapon and more dodge based.

On the grappling side, there’s no need to draw a picture: fast and weaker hit with RB, more powerful attack with RT. Parrying is done with LB while LT allows you to use your whip. Using the latter, however, consumes “charges”, which you can recover by resting near a magical mortar (called a “Stargazer”), equivalent to campfires in Souls. Unsurprisingly, the latter also allows you to spend experience points to improve your stats, fill up your healing vials, but it also makes all enemies in the area respawn.

A “magic” whip that energizes fights

Using the whip, however, allows for slightly more dynamic and fast-paced gameplay than in Bloodborne, and is certainly one of the game’s cool ideas: quickly pressing LT allows you to grab an opponent from a distance and bring them back. us to better kill him with a sword. With a long press, this time it is Pinocchio who rushes towards the enemy to land a blow, launching himself into the air and falling backwards with a crash. The result is a very satisfying sensation of power and dynamism, which has nothing to envy to the best productions of “From”.

Is Lies of P the worthy heir to Bloodborne?  We play it!

Another interesting addition compared to Bloodborne: in addition to the classic life and stamina bar, there is a “special” bar, which goes up as you type. Once filled, it allows you to unleash at specific times during a fight (when a yellow aura appears around an enemy) a new devastating, often fatal attack. Once again, this brings a certain pizzazz and welcome variety, which are particularly nice.

Is Lies of P the worthy heir to Bloodborne?  We play it!

In general, P. moves fast and well, and responds perfectly to the demands of the player. But do not think that the game is easier than its model, because the opponents are just as formidable. As a good student, Neowiz knows how to create interesting patterns that require great reactivity, whether it’s to dodge or parry. This one also requires excellent timing to be considered “perfect”, allowing it to collect without any damage, plus the chance for a powerful counter.

More Steampunk than Lovecraft

Is Lies of P the worthy heir to Bloodborne?  We play it!

All in all, in terms of gameplay, Lies of P seems to be an even more nervous and technical Bloodborne, which will require maximum concentration. On the artistic direction side, we swim in the Gothic but with a much less “Lovecraftian” side than in Bloodborne. Here, we can describe the atmosphere as “dark steampunk”, with factory chimneys in the distance and clearly 19th century buildings. A framework that convinced us, even if it seems like a too “clean” universe. However, the tested demo was very short (about 20 minutes) and we feel like we only scratched the surface of this universe. Same feeling regarding the level design: labyrinthine, but not too much, with its shortcuts based on ladders or doors to unlock, it seems a bit successful at the moment. It is not enough to cool the enthusiasm, far from it, and it is above all the desire to see much more that dominates.

our impressions

Yes, Lies of P screams its love of From Software games, and more specifically Bloodborne, at every turn. But can we complain when the sensations are there and the universe seems interesting and elaborate? And under its clone environment it could well offer a complete and complex combat system, as well as good replayability thanks to different very different styles. The few innovations that did catch a glimpse of us during this short test felt consistent and effective to us, making the game particularly edgy and enjoyable. So mourn Bloodborne 2 and take comfort in this exercise in style that could very well create a surprise. As a reminder, Lies of P is due out in 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It will also be included in the Game Pass from day one.

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