Rugby – ASM Clermont not really reassuring against UBB

L’ASM Clermont pas franchement rassurante face à l

Like last year against LOU (14-19), ASM ended its preparation phase badly by losing 14-17, this Friday night in Issoire, against Union Bordeaux-Bègles.
The week before, in Toulon (40-21 victory), the Clermontois copy had generated many promises. This Friday, on the other hand, the content of his performance raised many questions, if not concerns, a week before the opening of the Top 14 at the Stade Français (Saturday, September 3, 5pm).

Jono Gibbes’s players will have to show a different face in the capital so as not to expose themselves to initial disappointment.

No points scored by ASM Clermont in 15 against 13

At first too overpowered in conquest, the ASM was then too confused, too imprecise to hope to win in a crowded Mas stadium.

The Clermontois side also lacked realism and efficiency in their highlights, failing to score when they went 15-13 midway through the second half. The lack of two non-straight shots into touch, one after the other, by Beheregaray (63 and 67) and a broken arm conceded in a five-meter scrum (65). Those from Clermontois had just lost the opportunity to take advantage for the first time in a match where they did not control their game enough against a much tougher rival, it is true, than last week in the Var.

Dominators in the conquest against the RCT, the Auvergnats were, this Friday, deprived of ammunition for a long time by Aquitaine. For more than twenty minutes, the time to logically get a try from international scrum-half Lucu at the end of a long streak in front of his line.

It took half an hour of play to finally see the Clermontois enter the UBB twenty-two. But at the end of the first period, Clermont, who shared the ammunition, especially in the touch where Fourcade easily found Tixeront or Amatosero, wasted too much.

Issoire wins against Drancy. federal 1 In the background, Issoire confronted Drancy. For their first match of the pre-season, Christophe Rodier’s men gained confidence as they won a close game 13-3. USI made the difference after the break thanks to a try from Mathieu Amblard. Issoire will travel to Tulle next Saturday to continue his preparation.

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He did not manage to hold the ball enough to chain the game times. An ammunition out of place in a carried ball (29th), a sanctioned scrum (37th) and a ground penalty (39th) prevented him from concretizing in this already in itself frustrating end to the first period.

The second period, buoyed by strong training from both sides, was going to be downright irritating with a try conceded early on by Cros, where ASM was pierced too easily in midfield.

Clermont then had a healthy reaction. Raka, after a breakthrough in the open field by Australia’s Newsome, scored his third try in eight days. The Auvergne team, which seemed to have taken over, had even managed to equalize thanks to a penalty try (14-14, 49th).

ASM Clermont loses against Bordeaux-Bègles in their last preparation match (review the match)

But the rally was too short. Clermont quickly fell back on his approximations and inaccuracies.

At the end of the match, it was even the UBB, again in the 15th, who regained control of the operations. A save from Tiberghien (74th) and a missed penalty from Jalibert (75th) prevented the Bordeaux from giving more margin to the scoreboard.

didier cros

ASM Clermont 14 – UBB 17

ISSOIRE (Jacques-Lavédrine Stadium). Half time: 0-7. Referee Mr. Descottes. Mild climate, good grass; Approximately 4,500 spectators.

Points.ASM: 2 tries by Raka (45th), penalty (49th); 1 Plisson transformation (45º).

UBB: 2 tries from Lucu (23rd), Cros (42nd); 2 conversions from Holmes (24th) and Jalibert (43rd); 1 penalty from Jalibert (52nd).

Yellow cards.UBB: Cazeaux (37th), Marais (59th), Douglas (62nd).

Evolution of the score.0-7; 0-14; 7-14; 14-14; 14-17.

ASM.Newsome (Tiberghian, 59); Tiberghien (O’Connor, 41), Simone (Moala, 41, Darricarrère, 78), Ezeala (Mey, 41), Raka (Autumn, 58); (o) Belleau (Plisson, 41), (m) Bézy (Viallard, 41, Jauneau, 69); Tixeront (Sarrasin, 69), Godener (Dessaigne, 50), Cancoriet (Iturria, 41); Annandale (Jedrasiak, 48), Amatosero (Vahaamahina, 49); Ojovan (Slimani, 35, Dzmanashivili, 69), Fourcade (Beheregaray, 45, Pelissié, 71), Beria (Falgoux, 45);

UBB (1st period).Buros – Bielle-Biarrey, Moefana, Lamerat, Tambwe – (o) Holmes, (m) Lucu – Diaby, Miquel, Vergnes – Cazeaux, Jolmes – Falatea, Lamothe, Poirot.
2nd period:Ducuing – Cros, Uberti, Vili, Mori – (o) Jalibert, (m) Gimbert – Diaby, Timu, Vergnes – Marais, Douglas – Cobilas, Maynadier, Kaulashvili.

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