Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can’t miss on Nintendo Switch?

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

Five years after the release of the second episode, the Splatoon saga offers a third episode for the start of the school year and the least we can say is that it looks more ambitious than ever. Solo, co-op, multiplayer, tons of customization possibilities, a card game… Splatoon 3 seems to be the culmination of the formula set in motion by the first work released on Wii U in 2015. But before the official release of the title, On September 9, we were able to test various game modes in advance and we give you our first impressions.


  • By the way, what is Splatoon?
  • A campaign similar to Octo Expansion
  • Some news for multiplayer
  • Lack of new content for Salmon Run
  • conclusion


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By the way, what is Splatoon?

For those who have never played Splatoon before, this is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the gameplay of this relatively recent franchise from Nintendo. Splatoon is a third person shooter where you play Inklings, half-human, half-cephalopod children who have tentacles for hair and who can transform into squids at will. Designed primarily for multiplayer, players compete in arenas where they shoot paint at each other and the goal is to cover more of the map with their colors than the opposing team.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

To report the victory, on dispose of a great name of arms with different uses more than one for the particularity of the consumer of the encre who recharges the lorsqu’on transforms into a squid, forms dans laquelle on it moves more quickly in plongeant on the floor. Beyond that, clothing plays an important role as, in addition to its aesthetic aspect, it allows you to benefit from very practical passive bonuses such as consuming less ink or moving faster. Splatoons are, therefore, shooting games that offer fast-paced gameplay and have managed to carve out a solid niche for themselves among Nintendo’s licenses. thanks to its urban and trendy aesthetic.

A campaign similar to Octo Expansion

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

As in previous episodes, Splatoon 3 offers a single player mode which is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with weapons before embarking on multiplayer. In the campaign titled The Return of the Mammalians, we play as Number 3 who fights against the Octarian army with the new swordfish squad.still made up of familiar faces such as Admiral Macalamar, but also Ayo and Oly, the presenters of the first game, we then find ourselves in an icy region called Alterna where we will have to fight against the hairy mush, a surface covered with hair that we can destroy thanks to the Salmioches, small fish that accompany us.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

As far as the development of this campaign is concerned, we are therefore in a kind of ice floe that acts as a hub and that allows us to access the different levels of the game, at each stage we collect salmon roe that we can then spend to allow the Salmioches to destroy the furry porridge and thus unlock new access and therefore new levels. As stated above, these levels are the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, both the weapons and certain elements of the scene with which you can interact. In detail, the levels offer different approaches to showcasing all aspects of the Splatoon experience.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

If some levels are pure shooting game sequences in which you just have to defeat all the enemies to advance, sometimes we are entitled to think of sequences that require you to correctly interact with the environment to collect keys and reach the end of practices. . Thus, this campaign seems to bring a real variety of levels that is enjoyable enough to take control of the game and constantly renew the player’s interest.. Well, we must admit that it is not always clear to know what to do at a level due to elements of the scenery whose use is not obvious, but precisely, the campaign is there to know everything. Basically, this story mode is very reminiscent of the Octo Expansion that was released after the release of Splatoon 2, except here the approach is more approachable.

Some news for multiplayer

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

After having dabbled in the single player mode, we were able to launch into the multiplayer for confrontations in four against four and on this side we stayed in the very classic. If there are multiple Splatoon 2 cards, we were able to test especially new maps like the Canyon aux Colonnes and the Banlieue Balibot. On their own, these maps are quite nice, with level design that’s still just as effective, but you’ll obviously have to play a few games to get used to them and master them properly.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

Compared to the previous episode, Splatoon 3 also introduces new moves that should especially please hardcore gamers of the series.. First up is the spinning squid which allows you to jump in squid form to shield yourself from enemy fire ink and jump in the opposite direction for a quick escape. Then there’s also the squid wave which allows you to charge a squid-shaped jump onto a wall to suddenly launch yourself into the air. Quite subtle movements therefore but that can play a decisive role in the hands of expert players.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

Beyond that, these games were primarily a chance to get acquainted with the new weapons we had seen on the Splatoon Direct stream earlier in the month.. The first novelty that we were able to test was the perforator, which resembles a bow and is somewhat the iconic weapon of this episode since it is in particular on the cover of the game, so the bow allows you to shoot in two. in different ways, either horizontally when on the ground or vertically when jumping. In both situations, the basic fire fires three paint projectiles that can be charged up to create charges that explode after a few seconds. Therefore, if the bow has a rather particular function, it is downright pleasant to hold in your hand. once you get used to it and it gives good game sensations.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, We were a little more disappointed by the second weapon, the splinter, a kind of katana but with Splatoon sauce. The latter projects small waves of paint in front of him and can also charge up for a more powerful attack that even allows you to do a short dash to get closer to your target. In the middle of the game, the latter does both melee and ranged damage and his charged attack is pretty hard to stop, meaning it takes some time to get used to making it really enjoyable to play. . Subsequently, once again, we only got to play a few games with the splinter, which obviously doesn’t necessarily reveal its true potential, so it remains to be seen what happens in the final experience.

Lack of new content for Salmon Run

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

After the multiplayer showdown, we were able to test the multiplayer in cooperation with the Salmon Run mode, which is making a comeback after being acclaimed in Splatoon 2. As a reminder, this is a four-player mode where players cooperate to survive waves of salmonid invasions on small maps. To go from one wave to another, you must collect golden eggs that you recover by defeating Salmonoboss and that you must then place in a basket enabled for this purpose. Finally, at each wave start, weapons are loaded, which introduces a constant element of randomness.

Splatoon 3: The new multiplayer experience you can't miss on Nintendo Switch?

If the mode remains basically the same as it was in Splatoon 2, it obviously introduces some new features. First of all, we are entitled to several new Salmonoboss and Salmonarques such as the Couverclard, the Gros boulet or the Salmotori. Anyway, it’s a detail, but now we can throw the golden eggs to throw them in the basket or pass them to our partners to move forward, which makes the operation more practical and further encourages cooperation. Okay, If Salmon Run is one of the most fun game modes in the series, it must be recognized that the latter does not seem to have been the subject of great news in Splatoon 3which may disappoint hardcore fans of the franchise a bit.


In line with Splatoon 2, Splatoon 3 offers an experience that’s always efficient and fun to learn. With a campaign inspired by the Octo Expansion, its single player mode promises to be a good way to get acquainted with the weapons and the different mechanics of the game. As for multiplayer, the latter takes up the formula established by the first game released in 2015, with new weapons with original operation that promise great things in the future. And on the Salmon Run side, the cooperative mode, the latter offers some new features such as new enemies and movements, but fundamentally, it is still quite identical to what we had known in the previous episode. Therefore, Splatoon 3 promises to be the culmination of the Splatoon formula started in 2015, although its lack of important news could displease the most hardcore fans in the long run.

In any case, see you on September 9 to hear our verdict on the final game that promises to be exciting and, in the meantime, you can still participate in the free online test of the Splatfest World Premiere that will take place this Saturday, August 27 between 10 a.m. and 10pm, the demo is already available in the eShop.

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