Game Review Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed

Game Review Destroy All Humans!  2 - Failed

Two years ago we were entitled to the return of Destroy All Humans, a well-known saga from the 2000s with devastating humor and effective action: it is logical, then, that THQ Nordic continues its redesign work with the remake of the second work, called Reproved. And yes, the annihilation is much better controlled.

Let’s face it: remasters, remakes, reimaginings, or reboots aren’t really what’s missing in the video game industry. However, if politics can legitimately tire more than one player, it is frankly appreciable to revive dormant franchises and, based on success, set a new episode: it is perhaps in this logic that THQ Nordic has decided to remake the episodes of Destroy All Humans!, an iconic saga from two decades ago that landed in 2005.

After a remake published two years ago -effective, but also very perfectible-, it is its sequel that now deserves the same treatment. Already at that time, this second work proved to be better organized, more ambitious and, in general, more solid. But because a good game in 2006 isn’t necessarily good in 2022, it’s with some curiosity that we find Crypto on his genocidal quest, updated.

Big brains, big guns

The first game was already meant to be an adept parody takeover, gleefully poking fun at America and 1950s sci-fi movies: in other words, Destroy All Humans 2 takes the formula to another level. Here we are now in the late 1960s, in the midst of the hippie revolution: Crypto-138, an alien from the Furon people, has taken control of the White House by posing as the president. A secret detected by the KGB that will hunt down the alien.

So yeah, we don’t really know if we’re playing Destroy All Humans 2 for the story, but it’s clearly taken a nice leap forward from the previous part. Without breaking three legs of a Martian, the narrative is much more controlled and, above all, more present and more developed; there are many dialogue options and the parodic aspect of period cinema -SF and James Bond in the lead- is frankly appreciable.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!

Crypto himself is more developed, and he does it even more in irreverence: he deeply hates humans, but he also falls in love with an ultra-cliché Russian secret agent, whom he will not hesitate to flirt with all the gravel of humor in the world. . Destroy All Humans 2 is made with wacky humor, sometimes collegiate, often very stereotypical, and constantly to be taken in second grade. : the sentences often make you smile, sometimes really laugh, as long as you stick to the very quirky, but fully assumed style.

Be careful, surely you will not fall off the chair, but there is a clear improvement over the previous remake., bringing a general good mood; We also highlight the work of the developers (it is still Black Forest Studios) who have enriched the staging with some new shots and, of course, a completely renewed technique.

More ambitions, more murders

Destroy All Humans, first of the name, suffered from an ultimately very outdated structure: we were content to chain missions in various places in the United States, without a really supporting story, or great freedom. Number two is allowed to correct the shot with a less linear structure: there are five maps, in San Francisco, London, Japan, Russia, and on the Moon, which are unlocked over the course of the main missions.

Each can be freely explored and offers many side quests, collectibles, and challenges; the main quests also rely on further crafting and staging. We stayed in a very basic progression in the GTA of the time (there are four small open worlds united by load times) and Quite a few side quests are repeated, but there was a lot of effort put into it in 2006 that is felt today, especially after doing the previous remake.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!

This allows, in particular, to increase the service life: in “Normal” mode, it took us a dozen hours to complete the single-player campaign, without wasting too much time on the many side quests. For a game of the time, it’s not too bad and finalists will find their account, with plenty of skins to obtain as well. another very good point : It is possible to do the whole adventure for two in cooperative and local mode, in split screen. A blessing these days, especially since there’s competitive multiplayer and another minigame. He is clearly not stingy and especially at €39.99!

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!


In terms of gameplay, Destroy All Humans 2 has also improved its recipe. As usual, Crypto is trigger-happy and a big part of the concept is taking out humans (it’s in the title) by randomly roasting them. Without forgetting that famous need and that visceral pleasure of extracting the brains of our enemies, that is evident. There is also infiltration. thanks to the ability to assume the appearance of passers-by and read minds, however here fluid and much less boring than in the previous game.

This is also a bit of resentment that arises: everything is less archaic and much more edgy, easy to handle and therefore just more fun. The arsenal has grown even more and all weapons have a specific ability; its customization has also gained a bit of depth, leaving the choice to the player to optimize one function over another on this or that blaster (as well as certain Crypto-related abilities). Truth be told, between the variety of weapons and the very usefulness of each, we must admit to having felt some Ratchet & Clank vibes, which is clearly nothing to dislike.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!

Even if repeatability is not totally excluded – some tools are much more effective than others and are therefore mostly used – the action is better oiled, it’s a fact. The bestiary is also more extensive with the arrival of monsters, several bosses and a bit of technique to overcome them: it’s quite simple, but the experience is therefore more modern (especially in 2006).

Finally, the flying saucer also gets some improvements with new features and weapons, as well as its more impactful feel. Its handling isn’t necessarily the most practical or intuitive, and the action is sometimes overloaded and cluttered, but the machine is easy to tackle…and the action is airy.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!


But since we are talking about a remake, what about the technical aspect? First of all, a rather surprising decision, Destroy all humans! 2 skips PS4 and Xbox to focus exclusively on PC and the next generation. If the game is still far from giving us a next-gen slap in the face, we easily understand the choice as much of the game’s concept is based on large-scale destruction.

We can knock down almost every building which then collapses into a plethora of particles and new effects – the problem is that we remember bad optimization from previous consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series, therefore, make it possible to offer a more stable and solid experience, without being irreproachable.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed - The best episode of the series is on PS5 and Xbox Series!

Nevertheless, on home consoles (we tested the game on PlayStation 5), many bugs and small issues persist. Clipping (i.e. delayed appearance of textures and 3D elements) is quite present, we encountered some crashes and had several scripting issues, forcing us to restart entire missions.

The frame rate is also not constant with minor dips. ; We also had a lot of issues with sound effects during cutscenes, either being completely missing or set at the wrong time. Very bad, really.

If everything is perfectible, Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed continues to do so with honors. The reconstruction work is real and compared to the original game, the differences are uplifting: the environments are very, very dense, while the light, the colorimetry and the different effects allow for some impressive panoramas. Day and night with the old version.

A new iteration that totally magnifies the one it started from and that’s necessarily a good point; however, if we were to compare to games from 2022, the final rendering isn’t outrageous either. whatever, Destroy All Humans 2 remake is more polished than the previous one, more modern and simply more enjoyable, despite some pitfalls that are far from dramatic.



  • A more modern experience, more pleasant than the previous one
  • A freer and denser open world
  • A gameplay that gains a bit of nervousness and depth
  • Parodic, collegiate humor that can really fly.
  • An artistic direction that sublimates the original
  • Two-player split-screen co-op

Weak points

  • Many technical bugs to report yet
  • It’s also not a graphical killer for a next-gen game.

  • Despite the makeover, the set still smells strongly of 2006.

Those who have tried the previous remake will be pleased to know that Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed fixes many shots: the experience is based on a more fun and denser storytelling, rich gameplay and an overall smoother, more modern feel. Obviously, this is due to the original game which, at the time in 2006, had been able to level up, but the redesign work is also appreciable: the graphic aspect sometimes offers some pleasant surprises, despite the bugs and technical problems for stand out. We had a frankly pleasant moment and at its end, this second adventure testifies to a very good mood to devour without moderation.

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