Phone: how to find mistakenly deleted phone numbers? Just press this button

Phone: how to find mistakenly deleted phone numbers?  Just press this button

Due to improper handling or error, it is possible to lose the contacts saved in the phone book or on the SIM card. If this happens to you, know that nothing is lost yet. You can recover your accidentally deleted contacts, on Android or IOS phones. Find out how to recover deleted numbers from your phone’s address book, WhatsApp and SIM card.

Thanks to the software and the synchronization system of the phone data with the Cloud or the Gmail account, it is possible to recover the lost data, in particular the phone numbers.

These tricks will allow you to easily recover your accidentally lost contacts.

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  • Recover deleted numbers from address book

Before restoring the phone contacts saved in the phonebook, first check if synchronization is enabled. To do this, go to “Settings”, then click on “Accounts” and search for “Google”. Make sure the “Contacts” box is checked. This syncs your contacts with your Gmail account, so you can restore your lost contacts easily.

If sync is enabled, open your browser and enter the following URL: You will be redirected to the contact page. Click on “More”, then from the drop-down menu, click on the “Restore Contacts” option and choose the numbers you want to restore. Note that this method works on Android phones and only affects contacts. that have been eliminated During the last 30 days.

In case the synchronization has not been activated, you can recover your lost contacts, which were saved in the phone or even in the SIM card, thanks to PhoneRescue software for Android. To do this, install the software on your computer and connect your phone to your PC, making sure to activate USB unlocking on your mobile first. After connecting the two devices, select “Contacts”, then click “Next”. You will then be able to choose between two analysis modes. Choose “deep scan” for greater efficiency. In the list of contacts that will be displayed, select the numbers you accidentally deleted and transfer them to your computer or phone.

To recover deleted numbers on iPhone, tap on your browser, then sign in to your Apple account. Then choose “Account Settings” and then “Restore Contacts”. Note that this method assumes that you have already synced your contacts on your device, otherwise you will not find the deleted numbers. As a reminder, iCloud is a storage service provided by Apple to store 5 GB of data for free.

If synchronization has not been activated, you can recover your contacts using PhoneRescue software for IOS. After downloading the software to your computer, connect your phone to your PC and from the menu that appears, choose the “Recover from IOS Device” option, then click “Continue”. A window appears giving you the right to choose the type of data you want to recover. In this case, check “Contacts” and then click “OK”. Then you will only have to select the contacts you want to recover and choose to transfer them to the computer or your mobile device.

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  • Recover deleted numbers on WhatsApp

Regarding the lost WhatsApp contacts, the help page of this instant messaging application specifies that this application automatically detect contacts saved in address book of the phone that have this application. That said, if you manage to recover your lost contacts from your phone, it will automatically find even your WhatsApp contacts.

  • Recover deleted numbers from SIM card

To recover deleted numbers on SIM card, you can use data recovery software like AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery software. After installing the software on your computer, choose “Android Data Recovery” mode. Then using a USB cable, connect your phone to the computer and enable debugging on your phone. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “Developer options” and turn on “USB debugging”. to connect the two devices. The software will then ask you for the type of data you want to recover. Select “Contacts”, then click “Next”. Then give the software permission to recover your deleted contacts. After this step, all the data about your contacts will be displayed in the software program, including contacts that have been saved on the SIM card. To make it easier to retrieve numbers, choose “Only show deleted items.” Next, you will only have to select the numbers to return and click on “Retrieve”.

With these tricks, you will easily recover accidentally lost contacts without much effort.

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