Steam offers: 6 video games to discover for less than 10 euros

Steam offers: 6 video games to discover for less than 10 euros

game news Steam offers: 6 video games to discover for less than 10 euros

The famous platform Steam regularly carries out sales in order to offer games at reduced prices to users who love bargains. If you want to play good titles this weekend without breaking the bank, we offer you a selection of some apps available on Steam that cost less than 10 euros thanks to promotions. As you will see, it ranges from small independents to big names in video games.

Murderous instinct

Microsoft made the gamble to bring back Fulgore and his entire cabal to inflict slaps. This reboot of the Rareware title started by Double Helix and then ended by Iron Galaxy chained together almost as many developers as seasons. Now that all the content is live and available in this Steam version that is for sale, we can say it: yes, this KI has something to knock out With colorful graphics, flawless fluidity, a ton of game modes and an explosive soundtrack of Mick. Gordon, Killer Instinct packs a punch and has gotten better throughout its seasons. With its low-key but present fanservice to reward the curious, its devilishly dynamic fights, and its spot-on wardrobe, this revival of Killer Instinct is a hit, as long as we stick to the unique art direction.

  • Reward : 9.24 euros until August 29 (instead of 36.99 euros)


Doom’s resurrection in 2016 came as a very nice surprise thanks to a particularly relaxing single player mode built on the solid foundations of Fast-FPS. Despite its somewhat weak scenario (is it really important in a Doom?), the adventure is traveled with great pleasure, knife between teeth. Doom remains this uninhibited FPS that brings a breath of old-school freshness to the shooter landscape, served up by some excellent compositions from Mick Gordon. Classic but brutal, this id Software app will make you have a good time of pure violence. It should be noted that Doom (the original), Doom 2, Doom 64 and Doom 3 are also on sale for a few euros, in case you want to fully immerse yourself in the journey once in a while.

  • Reward : 4.99 euros until August 30 (instead of 19.99 euros)

Alan Wake

On May 14, 2010, the cursed writer Alan Wake emerged from the dark woods of Bright Falls. Today, his best-selling novel is on sale. If Alan Wake made a strong impression with its particularly coveted setting that need not be ashamed compared to Silent Hill 2’s, it didn’t necessarily mark his game as repetitive. This title is actually a true third-person action game set in a terrifying universe where light plays an important role in the game mechanics. Known for its lake and large park, the town of Bright Falls is “a fabulous setting for the action of a novel” according to the novelist. It finally became the epicenter of paranormal phenomena in an excellent video game whose sequel was (finally) announced by Remedy.

  • Reward : 3.74 euros until August 29 (instead of 12.49 euros)

dishonored 2

Quakecon Sale obliges, Bethesda games are honored in this selection. Dishonored 2 is, like its predecessor, a first person game that mixes elements of action, infiltration and RPG, within a ucronic steampunk universe with an exemplary artistic direction. Directed by Arkane Lyon, the game is so rich in possibilities that we gave it a score of 19/20 when it launched. Its sprawling level design offers the player a field of choice to unleash their creativity. Whether you choose the stealth approach or sustained action, the two heroes offer immediate grip. Beautiful, full of details and full of secrets to discover, Dishonored 2 is a real gem created by the French studio, at the price of a McDo thanks to the promotion. The first Dishonored also sees its price drop until August 30.

  • Reward : 5.99 euros until August 30 (instead of 29.99 euros)

super hot

Super hot is not super. He is great. The Superhot Team title is based on a concept with enormous potential, that of playing with time according to the user’s movements. In this first person game, time moves to the rhythm of our steps, like some levels of Braid. This means that enemies move more or less quickly depending on the actions they take: turning around, reloading a weapon, running, etc. Throughout the levels, the challenge becomes more complicated and the messages directed directly at the player become increasingly violent. This catchy game that draws from both FPS and puzzle game, even rhythm game, makes Superhot a unique experience that deserves your full attention. Trying it is adopting it. Excellent. Hot.

  • Reward : 6.89 euros until August 29 (instead of 22.99 euros)

Dungeons III

While development on Dungeons 4 has just been formalized, its predecessor, Dungeons 3, is currently available for the price of a tube of sunscreen. Dungeons III manages to offer its share of new features to deliver a gaming experience capable of bringing back fond memories of Dungeon Keeper. It is true that its management part remains simple, while its STR proposal is quite conventional. However, the Realmforge Studios title has a friendly, fun campaign full of references. Enough to have a good time in the field of Evil, which is rare enough to underline.

  • Reward : 7.49 euros until August 29 (instead of 29.99 euros)

But also…

  • Naraka: Sword Tip at 9.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros
  • Amnesia: Rebirth at 7.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros
  • the evil within 2 at 5.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros
  • The Evil Within Pack at 7.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros
  • trinity 4 at 7.49 euros instead of 29.99 euros
  • project cars at 4.49 euros instead of 14.99 euros

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