This new state aid can reach up to €4,000, how can you benefit from it?

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Since the beginning of the year, France has been trying to implement measures to encourage its inhabitants to pollute less. In fact, many measures have been implemented on French territory to reduce pollution. As a result, it remains obvious that an electric bicycle constitutes a much less polluting means of transport than a car So if you drop your old polluting car, the state is offering you help. This subsidy can reach up to €4,000 for the purchase of an electric bicycle. We tell you everything!

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Global warming worries the French more and more. Therefore, the French government is doing everything possible to convince France and its inhabitants to switch to electric bicycles. And this, instead of an old polluting car. In order to minimize its CO2 emissions. Just a few weeks ago we discovered that the voucher for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) was going to experience an increase. In fact, state aid will double.

The British newspaper The Times has chosen to point out good news for future owners of an e-bike. In fact, if you decide to scrap your old car. then you can buy an electric bike at the beginning of the school year. While receiving state aid. You can receive up to 4000 euros!

State aid for the conversion of electric bicycles

If the ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric bicycle has become more substantial for a week, the conversion bonus is still just as affected. And this, until December 31, 2022. This is very good news. If you make the decision to permanently get rid of your old car, either gasoline or diesel, to opt for an electric bicycle, perfect for the city, perfect! In fact, state aid allows you to receive up to 4,000 euros. A good sum for those who want to make an effort for the good of the planet… And even, it also has the advantage of spending less time in traffic jams. morning before work. This sport in the morning can also trigger endorphins that will allow you to arrive in a better mood.

In order to receive the largest amount of this state aid, the recycling bonus, there are obviously conditions that must be met. These are low-income or disabled people. Thus, it becomes possible to receive up to 40% of the acquisition cost. And this, within the limit of 3000 euros. If you work or live in a low-emission urban area (ZFE), you can also benefit from an additional aid of 1,000 euros. In total, you can receive a conversion bonus of 4,000 euros. The condition: give up your diesel or gasoline vehicle.

A bonus for all?

Also, if you enjoy a more comfortable income, the conversion bonus is not bad at all. In fact, you can receive up to 40% of the purchase cost. But this time, in the limit of 1500 euros. With the same possibility of recovering 1,000 euros by working or living in an EPZ. In the end everyone canexpensive 2500 euros if you say goodbye to your polluting car. However, your vehicle must also meet some conditions. It must be an old car. Yes, your car must have a first registration before January 2006. It must have belonged to you for at least one year, not be pawned and be considered as “damaged” by an expert. In short, a good car made for scrapping.

Likewise, your next purchase must also meet some conditions. Your e-bike can be new or used, it doesn’t matter. Purchased or rented, under a contract of two years or more. But in any case, you must have a unique identifier written to the frame. And above all, do not use lead acid batteries. Now is the perfect time to buy an electric bike. But above all to say goodbye to your old polluting car. After buying your VAE, you have six months to apply for this state aid. Finally, you should know that you have the possibility of accumulating this bonus conversion with the ecological bonus.

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