Everywhere: NFT, Fortnite… What does the former GTA producer really want?

Everywhere: NFT, Fortnite... What does the former GTA producer really want?

game news Everywhere: NFT, Fortnite… What does the former GTA producer really want?

Yesterday, at the gamescom opening ceremony, the presentation of Everywhere brought more questions than answers.

Last night, Leslie Benzies got the ball rolling at gamescom’s Opening Night Live; The former Rockstar North president gave us a sneak peek at the first images of Everywhere, the very first game from his new studio Build a Rocket Boy. On the menu: artwork depicting humans in front of vast sci-fi settings, magical trees, or even flying jellyfish. Panoramas of barren deserts traversed by racing cars, lush forests and lava patches followed, ending with the astonished face of a male character who is also probably wondering what he just saw. The streamed footage was reminiscent of a certain Fortnite, which can make many gamers cringe. “The big ambition is to create this kind of open world that can be built in all directions.“, is launched at the same time. During the sequence, we even saw a change of artistic direction, the cartoon style changed to become realistic. In the end, the five-minute presentation brought no answers, but a multitude of questions. And a glance at the press release didn’t help answer the questions.

EVERYWHERE seamlessly blends play, adventure, creativity, and discovery into an entirely new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how gamers connect with each other and the digital world around them.

We are not trying to make a normal game.Adam Whiting, deputy game director, then said on stage at gamescom:I think the scope and ambitions of this project are unlike anything else. We want to build a whole new world for players. Not just a place to play, but also to watch, share, create, hang out with friends and more“. For Kotaku, the former GTA boss’s next open-world game seems ambitious, but “not very precises” before comparing it to a kind of metaverse, a creation platform similar to Roblox and then Fortnite.. Finally on the networks, some noted that Build a Rocket Boy offers various positions for a blockchain team, which sparked some fears about the game potentially containing NFTs.

Monstrous ambitions for the real-life Ready Player One

A few months ago an interesting document about Everywhere had been leaked on the web. Shared by Roberto Serrano, business analyst, this reveals the list of investments made by the company Galaxy Interactive (a venture capital firm focused on interactive content and technology companies) including the study by Leslie Benzies, but also some valuable data on your next game:

An open-world AAA game featuring a multiplayer experience with an epic multi-chapter narrative, user-generated content through a “virtual sandbox” where players can create their own worlds, and in-depth streaming and social integrations.

Everywhere would be thought of as the Ready Player One of “Real Life”, no more and no less, in which you can evolve in a gigantic open world focused on the multiplayer sandbox. In the latter, therefore, we could create our own universes and interact with other players. On the official Build a Rocket Boy website, Everywhere is also advertised as a game that brings together a community where anything is possible. A nebulous, utopian promise that also rests on an equally cryptic tone: “There is a war between good and evil in the hearts of men and women. Everything is changing. And there is no turning back. It’s a game. It’s a community. It is a new world. The storm is on the horizon. And that’s just the beginning of Everywhere.”. In any case, for the moment, there is no official mention of the possible presence of NFT.

Everywhere: NFT, Fortnite... What does the former GTA producer really want?

Theories have been floating around for a while.

Already in 2021, the hypotheses were quite numerous. Across networks and forums, gamers envisioned payment systems, possibly for real-world items, a battle royale tied to music tracks, or even a companion app that would bring all of the above together. Nestor, administrator of the Everywhere Discord, suggested for his part “a first world that will be something similar to GTA Online and a second world that will be like Ready Player One, where you can create worlds and games for the enjoyment of other players, and access them through doors or portalsIn a statement made to IGN, the Build a Rocket Boy studio later admitted that some of the theories raised by players “wouldn’t be too far off” from the final product : “Some of the stuff that they found, and that you covered in your article, isn’t really that far from what we’re looking at, but there’s a lot of context missing that will be very exciting for players to dive into once. will come out”. And to add:

We don’t like to think in terms of open world or closed world, but in terms of building new worlds and new ways to play.

It’s definitely hard to tell what Everywhere is about.

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