Blizzard Discusses Potential Changes Related to Ulduar and Citadel in Wrath Classic

Blizzard Discusses Potential Changes Related to Ulduar and Citadel in Wrath Classic

In an overnight post, Aggrend went over several items discussed with players during a chat on Thursday, including a potential item level reduction for Trial of the Crusader and Citadel of Icecrown. Please note that this is just an idea at this time.

Give Ulduar enough time

A Wrath of the Lich King, Ulduar filled an interesting design slot, as even many bosses’ normal mode was relatively above Naxxramas 10/25 in terms of difficulty. For many players who join world of warcraft at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, Naxx was potentially their first foray and since Naxx was so accessible, there was a lot of turnout. However, Ulduar had lower attendance and many groups that successfully completed Naxx and other tier 7 raids were suddenly having trouble.

A number of different things have been done, including some nerfs to Ulduar, as well as the addition of a new raid for players bridging the gap between Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel. This raid was released approximately 3.5 months after Ulduar and launched with gear equivalent to another level gain after level 8, with the addition of Heroic mode offering an even larger item level gap in normal mode than the previous ones. Rewards for defeating Ulduar in Hardmode encounters. . For raid level standards of world of warcraft At the time, Ulduar had a relatively short lifespan before being replaced and overtaken by significantly better rewards in the much more accessible raid that is Trial of the Crusader.

Over the years, developers feel that Ulduar can be considered one of the best and most unique raid experiences in WoW, and those who have enjoyed it no doubt feel that it hasn’t had enough time. The team wants to make sure Ulduar is the center of attention when it arrives. classic rageand have plenty of time before Trial of the Crusader arrives and, by extension, Arena Season 7 begins. This brings us to the next purpose of this change.

Don’t Shrink Arena Season 7

From the first discussions about Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the developers knew they wanted Ulduar to have enough time, and the first idea that was considered was simply to shorten the level of Trial of the Crusader (level 9), potentially down to half the duration of Ulduar (level 8). However, the main problem with this plan was that it would have had to start Arena Season 7 in the middle of level 8 and create a situation where PvP gear would be in many cases better for PvE players for several months, or start season 7. later and make it a very short season.

Arena Seasons also needs some time, and the idea of ​​a truncated season didn’t seem ideal. Releasing Trial of the Crusader at a time when the raid aligns with Arena Season 7 is better for PvP players.

In addition to the above goals, the developers also had three other secondary goals.

Encourage other raids to be interesting to do for alternates and groups.

One of the things developers like about classic Y the flaming crusade is that old raid levels continue to play even when that content is no longer current. That means there’s a wide variety of things to do for your alternates or non-raid nights, and due to the comprehensive nature of gear and item level progression in these versions of WoW, it makes those old raids more appealing. . By slightly lowering the item level of Trial of the Crusader, it makes Ulduar’s hard modes more engaging and interesting for longer than they otherwise would have been. As mentioned above, the normal crusader test gear was so much better than Ulduar’s hardmode gear, so much so that most guilds will probably abandon Ulduar altogether and it would become less appealing to supporting characters much quicker.

Allow for a slight increase in difficulty in later levels without changing bosses or mechanics

The developers have a lot of respect for quotes. Wrath of the Lich King Classic and you want to make as few adjustments as possible. Slightly lowering the player’s overall power in a raid like Icecrown Citadel gives classic players a bit more of a challenge in that raid without needing to make any risky changes to encounters. With the incremental raid upgrade system that comes with Icecrown Citadel, the developers believe that it will still be accessible to different level raid groups after a while.

Slightly limit the scaling that occurs with such item level gaps between levels

Kris Zierhut was one of the developers responsible for the breakdown during Wrath of the Lich King, and this one is now working on the classic version. This one often explains that the point of equipping and scaling on Wrath was to avoid the endgame situation. the flaming crusade where certain classes and roles scaled so well that the developers had to make major systemic adjustments to Sunwell Plateau to compensate for this issue. One of the most notable examples is ‘Sunwell Radiance’, which reduced the evasion of all tanks by a significant amount. While effective, this debuff never felt right, as it meant that your character’s progress didn’t matter much when going to Sunwell Plateau, as there was a general debuff that negated any buffs you had through his hard-earned team.

As mentioned above, the addition of Trial of the Crusader into the overall raid progression design of Wrath of the Lich King nullifies these purposes, and has led to the same kinds of problems as those at the end of the flaming crusade. The developers believe that a tweak could help with this when Icecrown Citadel arrives and lead to a more engaging experience overall.

The devs know that, at first glance, a gear nerf is a scary prospect, but the team is determined to be more careful and make sure that the classes and roles that excelled later in the expansion continue to be powerful throughout the progression.

Feel free to share your feedback with the developers on this topic.

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