Discover 12 apps to pay less for your purchases

Discover 12 apps to pay less for your purchases

For many, shopping is a real chore. What are we going to eat tonight? Won’t the little one scream if I don’t bring him his favorite cereal? And what do we miss at home, already? In addition to these concerns, inflation has brought an additional problem: that of the amount of the bill. and in 20 minutesWe want you to deprive yourself as little as possible.

In parallel with the measures to support purchasing power adopted by Parliament in August, here are 12 free apps that should allow you to save some money on your purchases. To your smartphones!

Apps that refund your purchases

No, we are not kidding. It is possible to get a refund for purchases. This is particularly what the Quoty app offers. Operating on a cash-back system, all you have to do is shop normally at the store, scan the receipt, and send a photo of it to the app. Then, part of your purchases, the products affected by the Quoty offer, will be refunded directly to your bank account within 48 hours. The Shopmium and iGraal Market applications work on the same principle, as does FidMarques, which has the particularity of rewarding consumer loyalty to certain brands. A concept that allows “getting out of the negotiations between distributors and brands” to offer consumers other promotions, according to Pascale Hébel, an economist specializing in consumer behavior and associate director of C-Ways, a marketing consultancy. “It also makes it possible to circumvent the Egalim law, which currently limits promotions on food products to 34%,” she adds.

Eco-responsible races are also entitled to their money-back system. If you are used to consuming locally in small shops and/or restaurants, Keetiz is the application that we recommend you download. Register your card, pay for your purchases and the reimbursement of the products in question will fall into a jackpot. From 10 euros, you can return the money to your bank account. On the other hand, if you prefer the consumption of organic products, we invite you to install Le Club Bio. The app can be used in both organic stores and supermarkets.

Apps that compare prices

Otherwise, there is always the help of price comparison sites. A tool that is not new, since it has developed strongly “since the economic crisis of 2008”, emphasizes Pascale Hébel. “One of the forerunners is the E. Leclerc brand with the creation -in 2006- of its price comparator among all supermarkets”, according to the economist.

And through an app, use is ultra-simplified. By scanning the barcode of a product, Prixing will tell you in which supermarket it is the cheapest. Flashcode also allows you to find the best price for your products.

anti-waste applications

On the anti-waste side, savings must also be made. Here, there is no refund, but simply products at unbeatable prices. The Too Good to Go app offers unsold baskets from bakeries, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets at a third of the original price. Phenix, focused on mass distribution, provides between 60 and 70% reduction. A lighter note and a significant gesture to fight against food waste.

“Anti-waste allows two phenomena to intersect: the fight against inflation and the fight against waste”, explains Pascale Hébel. The cashback effect, or seeking promotion at all costs, can lead to excessive consumption. With the antigaspi we do not buy shares”. In other words, we buy only what we really need. And it’s as good for the wallet as it is for the planet.

Apps to deliver the purchase at a reduced price

This time, don’t you have time to go shopping? Are you not physically able to go to the store, or are you just lazy? And all this in the midst of an inflationary context? 20 minutes has found for you two collaborative (peer-to-peer) delivery apps that will answer your prayers: Shopopop and Yper Shopper Whether you’re the delivery guy or the delivery guy, you’re a winner. The first benefits from a tip of 5 to 10 euros for each run made, transferable to your bank account. The latter benefits from cheaper shipping costs than a professional home delivery service.

Beyond embracing the concept of collaborative consumption, Pascale Hébel points out that it is usually accompanied by eco-gestures. “Delivery people will prefer to walk or bike than drive,” she says.

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