What not to do with the phone while it is charging: everyone makes this mistake

What not to do with the phone while it is charging: everyone makes this mistake

Alone in the midst of several people, the observation is always the same: the mobile phone or smartphone as it is commonly called today, captures all our attention. News feed, social networks, music, games… No one misses this little gadget that has revolutionized our lives. However, for the sake of performance, some bugs should be avoided, especially when the phone is charging.

Nobody wants to end up with a slow, stuck or broken smartphone. To avoid this, here are the 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make when your phone is charging.

What are the 5 mistakes you should avoid when your smartphone is charging?

Whether professional or personal, excessive use of your smartphone increases battery drain. An embarrassing situation that requires recharging as quickly as possible or risk missing important phone calls or messages. However, most of the users make certain mistakes while recharging their phone. So here’s what you should avoid doing while your phone is charging to avoid overheating which can damage your battery.

1- Make and receive calls while the smartphone is charging

Spending hours on the phone with your best friend or one of your family members can become a difficult habit to break in some cases. However, for your smartphone to function properly, it is strongly recommended that you avoid any outgoing or incoming calls, especially if the latter is not important.

However, in case of extreme emergency, it is advisable to disconnect the charger from the phone, to take or make the call in question.

2- Holding the smartphone in an inappropriate position during charging

In order for your mobile phone to charge as quickly and optimally as possible, make sure you place it in the best possible arrangement. If it is not placed correctly, your cell phone battery will have a hard time recharging, especially as it might damage the charging cable or even damage the charging connector.

If you find that the cable (USB-C, lightning, etc.) that is supposed to charge your cell phone is too short, please try to get a longer one, so that the cell phone can be placed horizontally and not vertically when charging. collect.

3- Check social networks while the smartphone is charging

You are subscribed to all social networks and you don’t miss a single bit of news. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your accounts are constantly on alert and you tend to check your notifications every 5 minutes. By keeping all these apps active, your smartphone will be in an overheating situation, leading to early battery drain.

To avoid reaching this critical point, you can always turn off mobile data, the connection to your Wi-Fi network, or put your phone in “Airplane” mode to avoid receiving notifications when your smartphone is charging.

social media notifications

Social media notifications – Source: spm

4- Use the smartphone to play the time it charges

As an experienced gamer, you have installed a lot of games on your smartphone. Whether on the way to work or during his daily breaks, he will never miss a moment to enjoy endless games, especially when it comes to multiplayer online games that consume a lot of power in terms of data and battery.

Therefore, consider taking a break for your sake and that of your mobile, especially while it is charging, this will prevent it from losing autonomy. And above all, remember to warn your friends that it would be best to resume your game, once your phone is sufficiently charged.

play online smartphone

Play online on smartphone – Source: spm

5- Letting the smartphone charge too long

At the least percentage less, you rush to recharge your phone. You want your phone to be constantly at 100% for fear of missing a call, message or alert. In the long term, when overcharging your smartphone, especially overnight, you may experience high voltage. Also, overcharging can heat up the battery and damage it.

So remember to charge your mobile at intervals or even in cycles throughout the day to maintain its proper functioning as well as that of its battery.

Some habits are hard to break, but understand that your phone also needs rest and quiet to rejuvenate itself.

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