Worlds 2022 ⎜ Men’s DH: A look back on a historic day – Vojo Magazine

Worlds 2022 ⎜ Men's DH: A look back on a historic day - Vojo Magazine

Last year’s bronze medalist, Troy Brosnan o mr consistent as he is sometimes called given his regularity in the top 5, he is getting back on form after his injury earlier in the season during the Australian Championships! He is allowed 1.5 seconds ahead of the first two intermissions and will keep all intermissions green until the end. Here is a driver who could well stay on the bench until the end….

Laurie Greenland, sick all week, appears to be in better health today. With her Santa Cruz in the image of Lightning McQueen, she slipped into second place after a solid run.

Last year, Greg Minnaar proved that he should never be forgotten when it comes to a world championship. The South African is capable of overcoming himself like few others for a one-day race but this time it will not be enough. At Les Gets, he couldn’t do better than 7th place.

There are 5 drivers who have yet to start, including 4 French. First in line: Loic Bruni, quadruple world champion, and determined despite his injury at Mont-Sainte-Anne to make the French public dream, present en masse at Les Gets.

The look is serene but the concentration can be read on his face at first and that state of mind will pay off: he goes fast, very fast and lights up all the intermediaries green one after another. More than 4 seconds ahead at the finish line for SuperBruni! The decibel level explodes as the raving crowd chants his name on the line to celebrate what is already a victory.

Instead, it is less convincing for Benoît Coulanges, last year’s silver medalist. Winner of the qualifications in 3’26, he failed to increase his pace enough and finished almost 5 seconds behind Loïc Bruni, which took him to 10th position overall.

Another Frenchman returning from injury after Loïc Bruni, Loris Vergier, Junior World Champion in 2014 and 3rd overall in the World Cup, set off in their turn under the Alpine sun. “Afraid” for speed and “suspiciouslyFearing that he would fall again at the start of the week, he managed to overcome his doubts in front of a riotous crowd and went on to unseat Troy Brosnan from 2nd place. The French are now 1 and 2!

Upon arrival, he is serene: “I am totally satisfied with this place, could not do better. I would have preferred to win but I couldn’t. I did my best and we are happy like this. And sharing that with others in France… It’s nonsense!”

Only one man can change everything and he is full of confidence since winning his first World Cup in Mont-Sainte-Anne 3 weeks ago. Finn Iles’ pace is feared by the public and we know he can be very fast on this track: he finished 6th in qualifying despite a crash.

We’re waiting, we’re waiting, we’re still waiting… but the Canadian’s time still isn’t showing on the finish line. A few minutes later, surprise! The screen jumps directly to Amaury Pierron. Finn Iles did not start! Laurent Delorme, team manager of the Specialized Gravity team, will explain to us later that Iles crashed in training in the morning and landed on his face, or almost.

Fortunately, no concussion according to early diagnoses, but the decision was made not to run it in the afternoon to preserve it. In fact, he is the only one who can still steal the World Cup general classification from Amaury Pierron, next week in Val di Sole.

Dress rehearsal of the Marseilles! Now it is certain, the world champion will be French! But rather Amaury Pierron or SuperBruni?

Absolute leader of the World Cup, Amaury Pierron is the last to leave. The gaps are narrow, but over the course of the track a slight lead seems to widen for Bruni. The Commencal pilot is not far behind and everyone holds their breath… The afternoon is already exceptional but it could become a historic day. What will the stopwatch say at the end of the track?

Red ! Amaury Pierron fails just over 2.5s behind Loïc Bruni and takes second place, between Bruni and Loris Vergier. For him, the disappointment is huge, but it’s a French hat-trick!

An audience on fire, an atmosphere of madness and world champion SuperBruni, tears in his eyes! Can we dream of something better for these world championships in Les Gets? A day that will remain engraved in the memory of many cyclists, French or not!

This is the 5th rainbow jersey in Elites for Loïc Bruni (6th overall), coming a little closer to legend Nicolas Vouilloz, and his 7 Elite world champion titles (10 overall).

The atmosphere on the track and in the town is indescribable. The finish racket is overrun in moments and the crowd goes wild. Never in the history of downhill mountain biking has a nation achieved the treble! So home…

Winner here in 2004, Fabien Barel also joins the party and falls into the arms of the heroes of the day. Impossible to hope for a better legacy!

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