Pogba and Mbappé attacked, a video shakes France

Pogba and Mbappé attacked, a video shakes France

Professional footballer, currently without a club, but also older brother of Paul Pogba; Mathias Pogba has released a video in which he swears to keep unflattering secrets about his brother, about Rafaela Pimenta, the latter’s lawyer, but also about Kylian Mbappé.

It is a drama in various versions (French, Italian, English and Spanish) that Mathias Pogba, one of Paul Pogba’s brothers, launched through the TikTok platform. In a long text read in front of the camera, the one who notably wore the shirt of several European clubs, but was also a Guinean international, obviously has scores to settle with the 2018 world champion. And Kylian Mbappé, who is not from the Pogba family , is also in the sights of the older brother of the current Juventus player, injured during the preparation phase with his new club. If he does not give the details of what he blames, Paul Pogba, his lawyer, Rafaela Pimenta, who took over the group of players led by Mino Raiola before the latter’s death, and Kylian Mbappé, obviously it is dirty laundry which is going to be washed. .

Mathias Pogba worries French football three months before the World Cup

Because Mathias Pogba was clear about it, he is not here to make poetry and in a trailer worthy of Netflix he promised to shake Paul Pogba, his representative, but also Kylian Mbappé, of whom we wonder what he is doing there. ” I announce to you that I will make great revelations about my brother Paul Pogba and about Rafaela Pimenta, his lawyer, his friend, his confidante. The one who is now called the most powerful woman in football and who my brother calls his second mother. As if a mother was not enough (…) I am the older brother of Paul Pogba, a Juventus player after a disappointing period at Manchester United, I think you did not miss it after the commotion that surrounded his signing and his setbacks due to his injury . , not to mention the catastrophic documentary of him rated 1 out of 10 “, brother Pogba turned first, just to show that he was very upset against the Blues and Juventus midfielder. The rest of this monologue would confirm it.

Mathias Pogba did not stop there and hit even harder. ” If I make this video it is because I believe that the French public, but also the whole world, as well as my brother’s fans, the French national team and Juventus, my brother’s teammates and their sponsors deserve to know certain things to know knowing if he deserves the admiration, respect and love of the public. But also if he deserves his place in the France team, but also the honor of playing in the World Cup, if he deserves to be a starter at Juventus, to be trusted and that anyone would like to have by his side. And finally, if it is worthy of being taken as a model for the youth of the world, the popular neighborhoods and of course the big brands (….) I think that what I have to say may interest many people, and I will also talk about very matters that concern Kylian Mbappé, the world soccer star. And there will be elements and many testimonies to confirm my words. All of this is likely to be explosive and will be revealed in due time. “Paul Pogba’s older brother promised through a video of almost 3 minutes.

Of course, everyone is wondering what fly has bitten Mathias Pogba, whom we have seen many times near his brother in recent years, and who a few months ago congratulated Kylian Mbappé’s father for the way he managed his brother’s career. son. There are many theories about a possible family dispute linked to the changes that have occurred after the death of Mino Raiola, who took over the career of Paul Pogba, while others believe that everything could end up being a marketing maneuver taken to the extreme . . Either way, the questions generated by this video now demand answers from Mathias Pogba.

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