This couple of RSA recipients had €500,000 in 11 different accounts.


A couple from the RSA, who appeared before the Lorient court, had to explain the existence of eleven accounts in their name.

The tax collector has discovered that the couplewhose father is from Turkey, I had eleven bank accounts. Before the court, the man did not deny its existence but claimed that his brother had asked him to open them to sell public works equipment because he was a businessman in germany.

When the president asked him where all the corresponding invoices were, the man was incredulous: He did not know that it was necessary to ask them. But today, As for the illegal work I may have doneI know it’s forbidden. So be it.

Couple in RSA! they have nothing

Because if the sums received sometimes had unknown destinationsthe president recalls that the couple has never stopped make quarterly statements that allow them to benefit aid reserved for the most disadvantaged. With 500,000 euros to his credit at that timetoday they have nothing because they will have to return the 45,000 euros to the Caf and taxes could claim more than 400,000 euros.

Your attorney has asked the president of the court to show compassion as the couple will drag this ball and chain for a long time, and recognized that they had understood and that they had nothing more. The father of the family was finally sentenced to 18 months suspended prison, and his wife after 6 months.

RSA: the number of beneficiaries explodes!

More and more people benefit from active solidarity income since the start of the coronavirus crisis. A health crisis that little by little is turning into a real social crisis.

The French government does not hide it : France still has many months of economic crisis ahead of it, which will translate into numerous job losses and bankruptcies. The risk of a true social crisis is real and begins already to be felt by the French population.

In witnesses the worrying increase in the number of RSA beneficiariesactive solidarity income, of which over 25 years of age who are not entitled to unemployment benefit. The president of social affairs of the Assembly of French departments (ADF), Frédéric Bierry, has The alarm rang in the columns of the Parisian.

The number of RSA recipients it is on the rise throughout the territory, he says, and has been since the start of the containment measures put in place on March 17 by Emmanuel Macron.

L’automatic document feeder estimates the increase in the number of beneficiaries at 2.4% in Eure, 10% in Seine-Saint-Denis and 5% in Bas-Rhin. The State has lifted some controls to entrants to the RSA during lockdown. Therefore, it could be that there were more beneficiaries during this period given the contextexplains to the newspaper Pierre Monzani, director general of the ADF.

New RSA Beneficiary Profiles

he does not hide his pessimism and evokes an unprecedented social crisis for a century. We see people showing up in social distress who weren’t doing it is not part of the profiles observed so farlike the small self-entrepreneurs who had just created their business, explains the socialist president of the departmental council of the Gironde. Temporary workers, fixed-term employees, the profiles are broader and reflect a growing malaise within society

Stephane Troussel, the president of the departmental council of Seine-Saint-Denis has already alerted the President of the Republic the situation in your department, which is likely to multiply throughout the country. He says to face a much more alarming financial situation than planned for 2021. We have already paid 7.5 million euros more than planned for the RSA this year. If this continues, we will reach 45 to 50 million additional euros next December.

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