Reims-OL: Lyonnais snatches a draw 11 against 10… The match to relive it live

Reims-OL: Lyonnais snatches a draw 11 against 10... The match to relive it live

7:04 p.m.: Come on, let’s get out of there, thank you all for following these two games with us. I give you an appointment tonight with the excellent William Pereira, who will deliver PSG-Monaco to you from the Parc des Princes. Happy weekend everyone, kisses.

19:03 : Rémy Riou’s reaction > “The match was within our grasp. We still got a point… There’s a lot of work, perhaps, but we found ourselves with a well-grouped team that defended well. We will have to try harder in the next games. »

90+4: COMPLETED IN REIMS! The OL is doing well with this tie, snatched in the last minutes in the 11 against 10. The Rémois may have regrets, there are some facts of the match that did not work out for them.

90+3: Last chance for Lacazette! He walks past Gravillon to step but goes over it.

90º+2 : Oh Dembélé who could have fulfilled the prophecy but can’t box with his head. We’ll stop there, it seems.

90: Tokoooo cloud mines is not possible! He goes to 10 in the Reims area, it’s up to you, no one wants to hit, so Toko goes there but ends up on the roof of the Cathedral.

87 : They will go for the win in ’92 now, so it is written.

85: GOAL BY MOUSSA DEMBELE!! Triple count announced haha. Almost the first ball, headed a good cross from Cherki. It was OL time!

82nd: Lacazette who manages to get into position for once but his shot misses completely. The light is not yet for this time.

80 : And Barcola who enters now, instead of Thiago Mendes. A forward 28 on the grass, let’s see if it goes better that way.

79 : My God this “strike” of Gusto. The more crushed you die. Lyonnais would go on to Reims (9 goals conceded in the first 3 games) for Sacchi’s Milan.

77 : There is still no ball to put in Dembélé’s mouth. Not very reassuring for OL, desperately helpless.

75 : No, on the other hand, this (very bad) free kick hit directly is not possible Rayan. What did you expect from that corner of the surface, when all the heavyweights are up?

73 : Cherki tries to set fire but is still very shy at the moment on the OL side. Tick ​​tock tick tock (as Pedrerol would say).

71 : Yellow now for the Reims coach, who with his bench defies everything that moves. We too would have been frustrated in his place, it must be said, when we remembered Caqueret’s possible second yellow a little earlier.

68 : Oscar García takes Ito out to add a midfielder. Logic. These last 20-25 minutes will be long for Reims.

66 : Immediate reaction from Bosz, who introduces Dembélé and Cherki (instead of Tolisso and Tetê). First minutes of play this season for Moussa, it will shock you, you can fav.

64 : It is serious, because it is not if he was 10 meters from the ball and more. In short… I could change everything in this match anyway!

63: RED FOR LOPY!?? Seriously ? There is commitment but it should hardly touch Lacazette, who also got up right away.

60 : Balogun giving way to van Bergen on the Reims side. Good little game again from the rookie, who annoyed the OL’s defense for an hour.

58: The Tete Missile! He’s boxed in by Pentz, but FINALLY a shot at Lyon in this match.

56 : The number of reminders written by the Lyon defense is incredible. They absolutely want to concede a second goal that they wouldn’t do otherwise.

55 : Rho Caqueret very close to the red one, he is doing VERY well in the middle of the OL because Ito’s sweep earned him a second yellow card (he got the first one three minutes ago).

53 : Captain Lacaz who gets a little angry. I think she would like to see his team play a little football.

51 : Dembélé and Faivre warm up. Yes, it would be good for the people of Lyon, because here we start with the same foundations as in the first. And that is not good news.

49 : Ouuuh this free kick from Gravillon, it really doesn’t go very far from Riou’s goal. I had seen it in I think the Rémois.

48 : Change on the side of OL, with the departure of Reine-Adelaïde, who had a first period that we will describe as complicated. Maxence Caqueret in.

46: Tut tut, back to Auguste-Delaune.

45º+4: HALF TIME. Reims leads on the scoreboard, and they deserve it. The Rémois don’t have much of the ball but they know what to do with it when they get it back, unlike Lyonnais, almost nothing under construction. See you soon for the future.

45º+2 : Rho Munetsi the greedy, does a great job of getting the ball back from Lukeba’s feet but then tries an impossible outside lob from 30m while Balogun was alone on the left. Not happy with the striker on loan from Arsenal, and we understand that.

Four. Five : “Samurai”…

43 : Really not bad this Ito, he landed from Genk this summer. Fast, technical, he did a lot of damage to the OL’s defense in this first half (beyond his goal).

41 : The front combinations between Lacazette and Toko are so weak. Everything lacks fluidity, and we are not talking about Tetê, transparent at the moment.

38 : Highlights the head-to-head confrontation between Gravillon and Tolisso. They both don’t look good… Don’t forget the concussion protocol guys if you have to.

36 : Anyway, sacred warning to the Lyonnais, who will have to move their butts if they want to get back into this game because there is nothing in the game.

33 : Yes, it’s still difficult not to whistle, in my opinion…

32: BALOGUN THAT WILL LOOK FOR THE PENIS!! But the referee doesn’t say anything!! So I don’t understand much there, Rémois certainly drags his foot so that Riou touches him but he wouldn’t be the first huh. Everyone protests among the locals but Mr. Stinat remains adamant.

30 : The Rémois follow who pass by the sides to approach Riou’s goal. They don’t know where to go for 10 minutes, the Lyonnais are crazy.

27: Riou’s departure to save the house!! That’s where the Lyons take the water, a nice pass from Ito in depth for Balogun, luckily the Lyon goalkeeper was attentive.

25 : We see the goal in slow motion again, frankly this head is magnificent. And the center of Busi too, of course, otherwise the head would not have existed.

24: ITO GOAL FOR REIMS!! Magnificent relaxation to hit this head, Riou could not do anything. How do you say helicopter in Japanese?

22 : Lopy who put three Lyonnais in the wind in his own control. That’s what we like.

twenty : The game is turning a bit there. There are three situations for the Rémois in five minutes, OL loses the thread.

17: Popopo the big chance there for Reims, Lubeka comes back at the last moment to prevent Doumbia from hitting it was hot!

fifteen : The Rémois are beginning to come out a bit, there is Ito who has a good ball to play down the right wing. Rejected by the Lyon defense.

13 : And he even tries shots from 30 meters Lepenant… At this rate Caqueret will have problems to recover his place, right?

10 : Small market point, Moussa Dembélé rejected all the offers that came to him, according to Canal. He decided to stay for the last year of his contract. At the same time, OL may well need it if Lacaz has a bit of slack.

8 : Be careful not to fall on the easy path, the rise of Lukeba there was very moldy and in front you can go very fast forward.

7th : The gegen pressing Lyonnais the little friends, it’s something. El Rémois in a respirator at the start of the match.

4th : Ok so OL has decided to play on his own. We should be 99-1 with possession in these first few minutes. And little Lepenant is already leading the charge.

2nd : OL already on the offensive, with Gusto overflowing and centering hard in front of the goal. He is repelled by the defense of Reims.

1st: GOOOOO for the game!

5:00 pm. : OL would do well to string together a third victory this afternoon, because in front of her, things slip away. Lens and OM, who have just slapped Nice (0-3), are already within 10 points, and PSG plays tonight. Do not delay on the way.

16:58 : And for the Rémois, the revelation of Balogun is there, of course.

16:56 : Without further ado, the compositions of the two teams. No surprises from the OL side with the Toko-Lacaz-Tetê trio in front.

16:52 : Finished in Nice, I’ll be right back!

4:39 p.m.: Everyone! A short passage here to tell you that I arrive just after the end of the match between Nice and OM. We are entering the last 10 minutes.

10:30 a.m.: The challenges

Even without Lucas Paquetá, who left for England this week, OL can’t hope for anything other than getting back on the podium this season. Lacazette and Tolisso did not see the others play the European Cup on television indefinitely. With two wins from two matches and a late game to play in Lorient, Peter Bosz’s men are off to a good start this season. This trip to Reims is one not to be missed to stay in the right car. But the Rémois will not let it go, they are still looking for their first victory of the season and for whom OL has done quite well in recent years.

>> See you at the final whistle of Nice-OM (3:00 p.m.) to continue this match together…

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