I even got lost with Google Maps! And then they added this feature

Je me perdais même avec Google Maps ! Et puis, ils ont ajouté cette fonctionnalité

news hardware I even got lost with Google Maps! And then they added this feature

If we rightly praise GPS guidance applications such as Apple Plans, Waze or Google Maps to name only the best known, these are still not capable of making us turn the wheel and it is not uncommon to find ourselves lost in the middle of the road. pampas after a bad choice… Fortunately, the latest updates allow us to orient ourselves better!

Before Google Maps, the good old road map

This summer, after wandering between Paris and Brittany to get to calves, cows and pigs, I was talking to my 17-year-old nephew when he suddenly asked me a very simple question that I couldn’t answer: “But, how did we go from point A to point B before without the GPS of our smartphones?”.

I tried to make him understand somehow thatthen we had maps, real paper maps, for each country, then for the different regions where you go. Then he left in his grandfather’s old car, opened the glove compartment and brought me an old book “Atlas Routier Michelin” Edition 1988 as well as a map of France and one of Loir-et-Cher, the region of his grandparents. .

So we leafed through these remnants of the past together, yellowed by sun and cigarette smoke, and immediately I was plunged back into childhood, the endless trips in the Citroën BX and then in the Renault Espace, the stops on the motorways to check the correct exit and not find yourself going straight to Spain or even the endless fights between my parentsmy father driving and my mother trying to decipher the map in a car at 160 km/h…

I even got lost with Google Maps!  And then they added this feature

And if finally it seemed quite easy to us to go from one big city to another with these ancient relics, finding a precise address, the famous 12 rue de la Liberation in Melun, seemed really problematic or even impossible. But how did they manage without GPS or smartphone? A form of respect for our ancestors then appeared in their eyes lulled by smartphone screens since birth.

In 100 meters turn right and stay in the left lane.

We are not going to lie to each other, nor spit in the soup, GPS guidance applications, whether in the car or on a smartphone, have greatly simplified the face of travel and car travel. (or even on foot or by bike).

We enter the destination, connect our smartphone to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for the latest cars, and our dashboard becomes a state-of-the-art navigation assistant. Except, despite that, until the latest Google Maps update, some still manage to get lost, lose the right way and sometimes find themselves stuck on a stretch of motorway where the next exit is more than 30 kilometers away…

I even got lost with Google Maps!  And then they added this feature

Well, on the highway, it’s hard to go wrong anyway, the app tells you several times when to exit, and the signs are present several tens of kilometers in advance. Unless you turn your head at the wrong time to check for child damage to your back, there’s little chance of going wrong.

On the other hand, in the city or in the country, it is a completely different story. When your assistant tells you “In 100 meters, turn right and stay in the left lane” and there are 5 streets that turn right in a few tens of meters, plus the car behind you is glued to the buttocks ready to honking the horn at the slightest hesitation, not counting possible natural software latency, half the time, we are in a position to take the wrong lane and turn too late. And then there, very often, is the adventure…

GPS in PLS, Google adds STOP signs and traffic lights in the application

Soon, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself doing a free block tour for having skipped a junction and getting angry when I see that the GPS goes from 2 to 6 minutes to be able to get around the Seine…

To help us orient ourselves and locate ourselves better, Google has finally decided to integrate a function that has already been present for several years in iPhone and Apple Maps, namely the signaling of traffic lights and “STOP” signs.

I even got lost with Google Maps!  And then they added this feature

If at first glance we do not see what this changes, it is actually a much more powerful tool than we think. Because if, identifying a traffic light or a STOP sign from the application is much easier than counting the meters or the number of streets before turning. There, with a simple glance, you can see if it is the first or the second street to take, and coincidentally it changes a lot of things.

We thus spend less time thinking, counting the streets, doubting what and suddenly, we pay more attention to what we do and we are more attentive to our behavior.

I even got lost with Google Maps!  And then they added this feature

Therefore, it is certainly a small step for applications, but a big step for the distracted and dreamers, waiting for the democratization of head-up augmented reality, capable of showing your trajectory directly on the windshield at the height of the eyes, or even one night. Road projection as the manufacturer Ford is testing.

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