I didn’t think having a smart home was so cheap on Amazon

Je ne pensais pas qu'avoir une maison connectée coûtait si peu cher sur Amazon

news good deal I didn’t think having a smart home was so cheap on Amazon

There are many fantasies surrounding connected homes. Actually, taking your first steps in home automation is very simple. For a more than reasonable price, you will really simplify your life. At the moment, there is even a monstrous promotion on Amazon.

Amazon sells its Echo Dot connected speaker accompanied by Philips Hue connected bulbs at an insane price

First of all, let’s say it right away, the presence of affiliate links does not mean at all that we are sponsored by Amazon or Philips to write this article. We are completely free of our comments and this editorial choice.

So, let’s start by introducing the big promotion that gave me the idea for the newspaper.

Right now, Amazon is selling a bundle containing its Echo Dot gen 4 connected speaker and 2 Philips Hue connected light bulbs for just €36. We have a 50% gross discount. We assure you that it is really worth it, especially at this time.

As a reminder, a single Echo Dot gen 4 typically costs €59.99. The speaker is, in addition to being extremely practical (we’ll come back to this later), more than adequate for listening to music.

As for Philips Hue, it is queens of connected light bulbs, maximum references in this small environment. Low consumption, ultra-reliable, with a super ergonomic app, a huge range of products… in short, the best of the best. The only drawback of the Hue is its price, higher than the competition. But hey, with the current promotion on Amazon, this brake is no longer one.

Buy the Echo Dot gen 4 + Philips Hue pack for €36 on Amazon

The basics of a connected home: yes, it changes from day to day and for little money

The Echo Dot gen 4: what’s the point of a connected speaker?

Let’s start by talking about the fourth generation Echo Points. The core element around which you will begin to build your affordable smart home.

When not being used as a home theater, Echo Dots serve a myriad of purposes. no panic, they are not petty spies whose secret goal would be to reveal your privacy to American multinationals. The principle of a connected speaker is simply to simplify your daily life. This is THE gateway to the wonderful world of home automation.

One can easily imagine many uses. These are the ones I personally use:

  • In the kitchen, I use my connected speakers to dictate the recipe to me, spit out music during time-consuming tasks, and manage the timer for me. For all these tasks, all you need is a command to the voice assistant (here, Alexa) and you’re good to go.
  • In my room, my connected speaker wakes me up and then helps me get dressed by giving me the exact weather forecast for the day. It also serves as a relay to turn on my light bulbs, which are also connected.
  • In the bathroom, the Echo Dot can remind you to hurry up if it detects you’re lounging too long in the shower. Of course, it can also be used as a timer when brushing teeth, as a radio set…

If the Echo Dot gen 4 is so popular, it is mainly thanks to a simple quality: the value for money. In an ultra-compact format and at an incredible promotional price, the speaker is powerful and offers amazing sound.

Philips Hue: the best smart light bulbs at a very attractive price

We said it above. From the finish to the Hue range to the reviews, everything indicates that Philips is the benchmark in the smart light bulb market. There, we know that many people lose: What’s the point of talking to your blisters?

Most people don’t realize how much light adorns an interior. a simple variation in intensity (or color when the bulbs are compatible. Not here, be careful. A bulb of a single color costs around the price of the complete pack) upsets the atmosphere of a room.

Beyond changing the atmosphere of your home, home automation simply makes your life easier. Philips Hue installation takes only 5 minutes. Then you never have to get up to flip a switch, or even think about it. A swipe on the phone or a command to a voice assistant and everything turns on, off, adjusts.

A lazy thing? Yes and no. Nowadays, does a television without a remote control seem outrageous to you? In the future, we bet it will be the same for light.

If smart light bulbs are just things to you, you should consider all the technology in your home, from the coffee maker to the vacuum cleaner, as things to you.

Small significant advantage at a time when energy prices are through the roof: LED bulbs consume much less than conventional bulbs.

Buy the Echo Dot gen 4 + Philips Hue pack for €36 on Amazon

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