PSG-Monaco: Galtier “surprised” by… the surprise of his players, Clement “satisfied” with his

PSG-Monaco: Galtier "surprised" by... the surprise of his players, Clement "satisfied" with his

The two coaches return to the draw between PSG and AS Monaco on Sunday at the Parc des Princes.

Christophe Galtier (PSG coach, after the 1-1 draw against Monaco) : “We were very much annoyed by a great team from Monaco, especially in the first 35 minutes, where ASM annoyed in our first outings and were very present on a sporting level to win balls, using their qualities in the transition to goal image. We had a great lack of mobility. We received the ball with our backs to the game, we didn’t insist enough in the first half hour. It was a little better at the end of the first period. Monaco came to prevent us from playing playing well, with a good organization. It was better in the second half when there was more mobility, availability, especially in the middle, fixing their defensive line with our attackers, who were much higher up. We found better relations and that allowed us to recover the ball quite high in the second half. As a result, we kept Monaco in a very low block. We create very good chances. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to score that second goal… It should teach us a lesson. (…)

It was our first big meeting in terms of pace and intensity. We were surprised. I dare to hope that it is the first and the last time.

Christophe Galtier

Hot, I feel that my team was surprised by what Monaco offered and that surprises me because we must be used to this type of match. (…) We must analyze and learn the lessons. We will have many games of this type in the season. We have to be able to modify on the pitch, when things don’t go as planned, through a variety of moves, moves and escape a bit of a defense that was imposed on us very quickly in the first half. It is a line of work and reflection to avoid falling into a defensive vice. (…) With the sequence of matches until September 18, there will automatically be a reflection on how to inject freshness. Some players suffered physically. They are also the first big team we faced and they gave us a great athletic and tactical challenge, without offending our previous rivals. It was our first big meeting in terms of pace and intensity. We were surprised. I dare to hope that it is the first and the last time. Give others ideas…»

Philippe Clement (AS Monaco manager) : “The plan would have been perfect if we had scored that second goal. We have the opportunity in the first half, it could have changed a lot of things… We can have all the plans we want in mind during the week, but it’s up to the players to do it on the pitch. They did very well today. I asked the players for a lot of solidarity but also a lot of personality, to play under a lot of pressure, often one-on-one against the three big stars (Mbappé, Neymar, Messi, editor’s note), with all their qualities. . The whole team did a great job on this. And we also need a great goalkeeper in these types of games. That’s how it was, Alex (Nubel) started the championship well. Results ? Satisfied is the correct word. I’m not very happy because it could have been better… but it could have been worse. PSG had good chances, but I’m happy with the discipline, commitment and physical condition of my players, their personality as well. When you can take points here, you can take points everywhere. And that is very important for the future, to have a reference game. We need to confirm against Troyes.

When you can take points here, you can take points everywhere.

Philip Clement

Muhammad Camara? I am satisfied. It’s not easy because he’s only been in the dressing room for two or three weeks, he hasn’t done a single minute of preparation and therefore he’s not at his best physically right now, but he has shown the qualities we were looking for. It is not easy to replace Aurélien Tchouaméni in the same way with the same style of play, but he ran as we knew he could, he evolved well with Youssouf (Fofana). It is very important because the environment is the engine of the team. The physical as key? If it were that simple, everyone could do it… Indeed, the physique is very important, winning duels too. But you also have to have good organization all the time, have a lot of pressure because they are strong in small spaces. You also have to make the right decisions with the ball. We need all that to score points here because it’s a great team that played well. (…) For us, the players, the coaching staff, all the people of Monaco, it was important to play a great game for Richard (Guerois, podiatrist of the AS Monaco professional group and Academy, recently deceased) and his family . He gave the players something extra..”

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