WhatsApp: The trick to hide your last connection time to the contact you choose

WhatsApp: The trick to hide your last connection time to the contact you choose

Thanks to the latest WhatsApp updates, it is possible to make our account more confidential and prevent intruders from accessing certain information that concerns us, such as our WhatsApp status or the last time we connected. With that said, learn how to hide your last login from a specific person on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp now offers us features that allow us to hide certain information from specific contacts. In fact, you can prevent people from knowing when was the last time you logged into WhatsApp, thanks to this option.

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WhatsApp has a function that allows you to prevent certain contacts to see our last connection time. To do this, open your WhatsApp app and click on “More options” represented by the 3 vertical dots at the top right. Then click “Settings” if you have an Android phone or “Settings” for iPhone owners. In the drop-down menu, tap on “Account”, then click on “Privacy”. In the menu that appears on your screen, click on the first option “Online” to choose who can see your last login time, then click on the third option “My contacts except…”. WhatsApp will then display your contact list, for you to choose the contact(s) you want to exclude. When you have finished your selection, validate your choice by clicking on the green validation button at the bottom right of the screen. Please note that you can no longer to see the last online time of the people you have excluded.

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You can also select the last option “Nobody”, which allows you to keep your privacy in the app, as no one will be able to see your last login time in the app. In the same “Privacy” menu, you can also choose for whom hide your profile picture, your status or your news, that is, the message that appears under your name. You can choose your news from the list that WhatsApp offers, such as “Available” or “Busy”, or add the message of your choice.

What are the other features that make our WhatsApp account more private?

For more privacy on WhatsApp, you can make your messages ephemeral, control who can add you to groups, or even disable read receipt.

  • Enable ephemeral messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers you the possibility of making your messages ephemeral, so that they disappear after the time you set. You have the possibility to activate this option for the contacts of your choice. To do this, open a WhatsApp chat and tap on the contact’s name. In the menu that will appear in front of you, tap “Ephemeral messages”, then choose the time after which your messages will disappear. Please note that messages sent before this option is enabled will not be affected.

  • Choose who can add you to a WhatsApp group

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To prevent being added to a WhatsApp group when you don’t want to, go to your app’s settings and click on “Privacy”. In the drop-down menu, click on “Groups” and check the option that suits you best. You can choose between “All”, “My contacts” and “My contacts except…” to further filter who can add you to a group.

  • Disable read receipt in WhatsApp

When you send a message to a contact, check marks appear next to the message. If both marks are grey, it means qthat the message has been received on your recipient’s phone, but you haven’t read it yet. If the check marks turn blue, your message has been read. Thanks to these same checkmarks, your contacts can also know that you have read their message. To read messages discreetly, you can disable read receipt. To do this, go to your app settings and click on “Privacy”, then disable “Read confirmation”. Note that by disabling this option, You will no longer be able to tell if your recipient has read your message.

With these features, you will be able to control what information should be available in the WhatsApp Messenger app and from whom to hide it.

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