Girl or boy? Unmistakable signs during pregnancy

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Are you waiting for a happy event and can’t wait to find out if you are going to receive a boy or a girl? It is possible to know the sex of the future baby before the second trimester ultrasound by knowing how to interpret the signals.

When the result confirming that you are pregnant in the pregnancy test appears, is the explosion of emotions. Boy or girl ? You are already making plans on the comet regarding the decoration of the baby’s room, the clothes to buy, the name you are going to choose… future parents I can’t wait to find out what baby’s sex. Unfortunately, for there to be confirmation, we will have to wait for the second trimester ultrasound. In other words… a long time. However, for the most impatient, certain signs allow you to guess the sex of the baby. A brief summary of all the tips to be unbeatable.

How to know the sex of a baby?

Most couples who want to be parents do not hesitate to follow tips for having a boy or a girl. In fact, some sexual positions allow, according to specialists, to have a boy instead of a girl or vice versa. Making love on nights with a full moon, for example, would allow giving birth to a child and so on… Thus, after having followed the tips to get pregnant fastit is time to consider the sex of the baby to come.

When a woman is pregnant and the pregnancy is going well, there are three appointments ultrasound Act. The first during the first trimester, the second during the second trimester, between weeks 18 and 22 of pregnancy and the last between 28me and the 30me week. it is at the time of second echo that the sex of the baby can be revealed, at the request of the parents. Fortunately, daily signs give you an idea of ​​the gender of the baby to come. Here are some.

morning sickness

It is often mistakenly thought that all women are prone to morning sickness during pregnancy. In reality, some are totally saved and live their pregnancy as if nothing had happened. Thus it would seem that when morning sickness is particularly violent, the mother is pregnant with a girl. When, on the contrary, she does not feel no discomfort in the morningI would be a little boy.

the shape of the belly

During a pregnancy, the belly becomes rounded and for most people it is not really an unusual shape. However, if you pay close attention, the belly can develop differently depending on whether you are expecting a little boy or a daughter. Therefore, if the belly is carried high and pointed, then you are expecting a boy. If, on the other hand, it is short and round, then it is most likely that you are expecting a girl.

food cravings

During pregnancy, the diet of the pregnant woman undergoes a change. For the sake of fetus, but also of the future mother, certain foods should be reduced or even prohibited. In fact, there is a list of prohibited foods that allow you to have a peaceful pregnancy from conception to delivery.

However, despite the prohibitions, the desire to eat is a cruel reality. There are even some of the most amazing and inexplicable. To confirm that you are pregnant with a boy or a girl, it will be necessary to pay attention to it. Usually if you have strong sugar cravings, prepare to receive a young lady. If, on the other hand, your cravings are more of the salty type or oriented dairy productsit is to be predicted that it is a good man who will make his appearance.

the shape of the breasts

During pregnancy, the shape of the mother’s breasts is also an indicator of the sex of the fetus. Usually the breast size of the woman increases about 8 cm when it comes to a girl. For children, the mother will take 5-5 cm only. However, another sign related to the chest allows determine the sex of the baby in advance. In fact, if the left breast is more rounded and voluminous than the right, then it is the announcement of a girl’s pregnancy. Otherwise, it is a child who is announced. the nipples they are also darker when a child is grooming.

The signs in the dad

It can often happen that during their partner’s pregnancy, men also have pregnancy symptoms. This is called the breeding. It is a phenomenon still little known, but nonetheless very real. The expectant father experiences morning sickness, weight gain in the stomach, lower back pain, mood swings, and even food cravings.

covada is a psychosomatic and hormonal reaction manifested by a testosterone drop. When a man gains a lot of weight during pregnancy, this is a sign that his wife is expecting a girl. Otherwise, he appears to be a kid getting ready backstage.

The quality of facial skin

facial skin quality

Girls are much less forgiving of their mothers than boys. In fact, when a pregnant woman is expecting a girl, the texture of her skin will be greatly modified. It can happen that acne appears, but what is most noticeable are frankly the signs of tiredness. It is often said that girls capture the beauty of the mother, while boys make the mother-to-be shine.

Child’s heartbeat

During pregnancy, the baby’s heart rate is an indicator of the sex of the future child. when it exceeds 140 beats per minute, you’re dealing with a small guy. On the contrary, when the fetal heart beats more slowly, it is a girl who will be born.

the black line

This line from the pubis to the sternum is one of the signs that can determine the sex of a child without ultrasound. It is produced by the increase in the percentage of a hormone contained in the placenta, the melanotropic. Thus, if the line is very marked, darkens and goes beyond the navel, it is a sign that the woman is pregnant with a girl. When the black line stops just before, then it is a child in the womb.

Moods of the pregnant woman

We often hear that pregnant women have humor changes. This is explained by the hormone which are in effusion throughout the pregnancy. However, it can also indicate whether the woman is pregnant with a boy or a girl. When a woman is pregnant with a girl, it will be To flower of skin and very irritable. On the contrary, when she is expecting a little man, she is much more jubilant Y nice.

Villus and hair

Hormones make life difficult for women during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for a Hair loss occur. This is also a sign that lets you know if you are expecting a boy or a girl. In fact, it would seem that when there is a volume loss or a hair bleaching, then a girl is responsible. Likewise when the hairs are growing at a speed you never imagined, look forward to welcoming a boy!

Fetal movements

In their mother’s womb, it seems that babies already have their little one temper. According to various testimonies and findings, when the fetus is calm and wise as a picture, then it is a girl. On the other hand, when the unborn child kicks in all directions and is constantly agitated, then it is a sign that it is a boy.

The libido of the future mother

First of all, it should be noted that the sexuality during pregnancy It does not represent any danger to the fetus or the mother. Except it has contraindications of the doctor, so there is no risk, adopting the correct positions. To determine the sex of the baby, we can rely on the wishes of the expectant mother. If the libido is increased and at its climax, then it’s a girl. However, most of the time when libido is flush with daisiesit is a child who is responsible for it.

the color of urine

When a woman is pregnant with a boy, it would appear that the color of her urine is light yellow. So all she has to do is check this in the morning when she wakes up.

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Grandma’s recipes to guess the sex of the baby.

In addition to the signs that allow you to guess the sex of the baby beforeSecond Trimester Ultrasound, exist grandma tricks. In fact, it is possible to carry out certain tests to find out the sex of the unborn baby.

The pendulum method

With this method to find out the gender of the baby, all you need is a pendulum and place it on your hand. If it moves clockwise, it heralds the arrival of a girl. If, on the contrary, the movements are linear, this indicates the birth of a boy.

children’s instincts

children's intuition

“The truth comes out of the mouths of children” we hear often. According to a legend dating back centuries, when a child lays his hands on the belly of a pregnant woman, he could tell if she is expecting a boy or a girl. All that remains is to ask the question.

The calculation method

To find out if you are expecting a boy or a girl, you can rely on the calculation method. To do this, it will take your age at the time of design and add the number corresponding to the year of conception. If the result obtained is weird then it’s a boy. In case the result is pair, then it is a girl who will point with the tip of her nose. Congratulations!

the urine test

To find out the sex of the future baby, the mother only has to lean on the first morning urine. You have to collect them in a cup and pour a good dose of sodium bicarbonate. If there is a reaction, then you will welcome a girl. Otherwise, you are expecting a boy.

The pregnancy mask

One of the last signs that can indicate what gender the unborn baby will be is the test of the face. You have to pay attention to how the pregnancy progresses and how the mother’s face changes. In fact, when the latter is expecting a girl, most of the time there will be no big changes. On the other hand, when he is a boy, the features of the face will thicken, in particular the nose and the skin will become drier.

You already know how to do tricks to find out the sex of your future baby. It’s time to make your preparations and announce the good news to your loved ones… Unless you prefer to wait a confirmation by your doctor. In any case, fantasizing about the sex of your future child is a privileged moment to experience during pregnancy. You will have hundreds of ideas to welcome this child and live your maternity with intensity. These telltale signs, even without being scientific truths, are often effective. Myth or Reality? Try and make your own decisions.

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Gender of the baby: Girl or boy according to beliefs? Take the video test!

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