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Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model Y broke the internet this weekend. The Model 3 broke Le Bon Coin. Does this mean the end of the sedan speculation?

Elon Musk made the assembly laugh by announcing that the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling vehicle on the planet. According to his estimates, less simplistic than they seem, combining the market shares of SUVs and the evolution curve of the Tesla Model 3 would be enough to confirm that the Model Y can dethrone the Toyota RAV4. Tesla wants to reassure itself by relying on its production capabilities, but if the Model Y starts to gain ground, it is far from reality: the RAV4 is the world number 1 sold with more than 1.13 million copies in 2021! However, the craze around Tesla is not about to die down, as the appearance in Europe of the entry-level Tesla Model Y showed us.

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An attractive version, equipped with a single rear motor (284 hp according to our official sources), a smaller battery (with an estimated capacity of between 55 and 60 kWh), a WLTP autonomy of 455 km and, above all, a reduced price : €49,990. Or €15,000 less than the Grande Autonomie version, which promises 395 hp, all-wheel drive and 533 km of autonomy. Unless you prefer recoveries at all costs, make regular use of your off-roader in the mountains in winter, or want to reassure yourself with an additional autonomy that would probably be useless in the real world (it is above all the distance between stations that matters) , the propulsion of the Model Y weighs heavily in the balance when choosing.

Especially since it manages to be cheaper than the basic Tesla Model 3: the SUV is more affordable than the sedan by around €3,500! A good discount, when you get €2,500 more in the Long Autonomy version and €3,500 in the Performance version. In the world where the masses think in relative terms rather than absolute terms when it comes to the price of products, this makes “cheaper” seem “cheap”. Offering the entire Tesla universe in the form of an equally modern SUV, the Model Y has every chance of succeeding.

The Used Tesla Model 3 Overloaded Classifieds

And Friday was proof of that. Just after the announcement of the American brand broadcast in our columns, the little hedgehog that validates the orders on the Tesla site had to work hard in the face of the crazy influx of orders. Even drivers who obviously had no plans to drive an SUV, or even a Tesla, were seduced. Side effect? Classified ad sites have exploded with a massive influx of used Tesla Model 3s. In just 24 hours, 171 Model 3 ads were posted on the famous Le Bon Coin site. A 362% increase from the previous 24 hours (so Thursday to Friday morning), where only 37 new ads were posted. A real tidal wave in the second-hand market, then tense due to speculation and the recent rise in prices. Does this new, more generous offer allow you to do good business?

More than the law of supply and demand, it is the aggressive price of this new Model Y that could very well redistribute the cards. So buyers would be more tempted to opt for a new SUV than a used sedan overcharged by an owner thinking of ditching a Ferrari 250 GTO. In addition, the prospect that such a good deal may not hold for long has prompted other buyers, particularly Model 3 owners, to scramble as they resell their sedan at more consistent prices to speed up the sale.

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Lowest prices with the latest listings

From the first investigations, these theories are confirmed. And some, obviously, did not take long to part with their Model 3 since, of the more than 500 listings, almost 100 copies of 2022 have less than 20,000 km on the odometer. There are even almost new models with less than 5,000 km, with prices that gravitate around the new. With higher mileage, most prices eventually drop, if not remain less tied to the Tesla price grid.

But, in fact, it is the price differences that are surprising depending on the publication date. Example with this Model 3 SR+ from 2022 published a few weeks ago, with 10,000 km at a price of €54,000. They are almost €6,000 more than this other copy, Gris Nuit and also from 2022, with 9,000 km and started on Friday. At an equivalent price, it will also be possible to recover a 2022 sedan with 6,200 km on the clock, compared to a copy with 14,500 km that has not found a buyer for more than a month.

Of course, the differences are not always so marked and the valuation of the models is sometimes well maintained. The truth is that with the filter of the most recent ads, only two Model 3 come close to € 50,000 of the almost 40 ads on the first page. On the contrary, with the filter of the oldest ads, the SR+ models, even the oldest, exceed €50,000. This leads us to believe that the Tesla Model 3’s rating could slowly drop in the coming weeks.

Which one did Tesla Model 3 use to choose?

Autonomy Standard Plus, Long Autonomy or Performance, only you can define the version that best suits your needs and desires. Also attacking with an aggressive price (this has been less true since the beginning of the year), the Tesla Model 3 SR+ is the most widespread, and the least exclusive by definition. It is she who shows the most affordable prices for a recent model with a few kilometers: count €46,000 (average of the prices shown) for models between 20,000 and 25,000 km. But where the problem is that the higher-mileage copies are not necessarily more affordable with equivalent equipment: Model 3 SR+ with almost 50,000 km are displayed on average with €3,000 less.

The Long Autonomy version seems to be the most interesting. On the one hand with its data sheet (larger battery, higher load power, four-wheel drive). But on the other hand because of the price difference with the nine. Because with a higher asking price at the beginning, it was much safer from speculators, who instead rushed to SR+ with a max bonus on the line. On the Tesla site, this version is advertised at a new price of €62,490 with the preliminary releases for its debut in 2023. on average

Also, when researching, don’t be fooled by the community’s Unicorn name. Characterizes the transitional Tesla Model 3s, which have an LFP battery and a more powerful older-generation motor with greater responsiveness (0-100 km/h in 5.6 s vs. 6.1 s for subsequent models) . The best of both worlds, but the legend is a bit overpriced compared to the actual earnings.

Tesla Event pages are no longer very competitive

If your budget is tight, note that no Model 3 is listed below €40,000 at the moment. At this price, you can go with an SR+ version of 70,000 km on average, or with a Long Autonomy that has already exceeded the bar of 170,000 km. At the other end of the table are Model 3 Performances with thousands of kilometers on the clock at €70,000, or €3,000 more than new!

If good moves are to be made through classifieds sites for individuals or professionals, the Tesla Used offers still reflect the state of the market a few weeks ago, and are no longer really competitive. Because if the complete revision of the cars and the extension of the guarantee of an additional year or 20,000 km once the initial guarantee expired were serious advantages compared to the other announcements, the prices are now very high. Example with this SR+ from the end of 2021, with 13,000 km on the clock, offered at €56,900. It is very expensive to pay, even for a Unicorn, when recently published equivalent models are priced between €47 and €48,000.

Used Tesla Model 3: take it or leave it?

Just two days after its appearance, the Tesla Model Y RWD calms the game with respect to used Model 3s. Its price positioning thus makes it possible to lower the prices usually practiced until now. It is true that there are still some speculators in the market, but the trend is confirmed. And its deflation should continue in the coming weeks: because even if the Model 3 goes down on occasion, its prices are still close to those of a new SUV. And it must be said that the arguments of the latter are much more seductive, with a more generous habitability and, specifically, a quality finish that is also more rigorous leaving the factory in Berlin. In short, as long as the entry-level Tesla Model Y doesn’t suddenly ramp up (which isn’t absolutely impossible with Tesla), the Model 3 could be more and more interesting at times. Still a little patience to save a few thousand euros.

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