Xbox Series: Is Backward Compatibility Resuming Thanks to Activision Acquisition?

Xbox Series: Is Backward Compatibility Resuming Thanks to Activision Acquisition?

game news Xbox Series: Is Backward Compatibility Resuming Thanks to Activision Acquisition?

We thought backwards compatibility was over… we might have been wrong! In fact, Activision games released on the Xbox 360 could soon be played on the Xbox Series.

Within the xbox era podcastthe inside Nick Backer announces the return of the backwards compatibility program on the Xbox Series, for Activision Games – Blizzard released on Xbox 360.

Backward compatibility for some games?

Backward compatibility is a popular feature for gamers as it allows them to continue playing old games in the best condition on modern consoles. Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, Xbox last year announced the end of the backwards compatibility program on its consoles. Only, it seems that Microsoft is reconsidering its decision thanks to its future acquisition of publisher Activision – Blizzard.

Forget Marvel games, Transformers…

In the podcast, Nick Backer explains in addition to the after Microsoft’s long-awaited acquisition of Activision – Blizzardsince publisher’s Xbox 360 games will be available in backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series. Speaking with @SoulBlazerz and @DigitalScientist, Nick says that he was informed by their sources of the arrival of games published by Activision – Blizzard in the Xbox Series Backward Compatibility Catalog.

– Quite a while ago, I think it was in January of last year, I posted a tweet saying “Hey guys, good news, backwards compatibility is not over! There will be one last batch”, which actually happened, it was released afternoon. last year. Maintenant, beaucoup d’entre nous ont spéculé, et se disaient : “Sûrement, une fois que le rachat d’ABK (Activision – Blizzard – King, ndlr) passera, il y aura une opportunité pour plus de jeux rétrocompatibles. C’est on !” Because at that point, some of those games that might have been related to licensing issues should theoretically no longer have those licensing issues. Since Microsoft would own ABK. Turns out it could be!

– Oh yeah ?

– That’s what they told me. I heard a rumor that we might have one last small group of backward compatible games. Once the ABK acquisition passes. There will be games that were maybe just related to licensing issues, that maybe aren’t anymore. I can’t go into the details of the titles in question, at least not yet…

– Did they give you titles?

– I’ve had a few. That’s why I’m a little excited.

– ABK titles…?

– Yeah, there’s a chance we’ll have another last batch of… Maybe “a lot” isn’t the right word, because it makes it sound like there’s a lot, “a lot” sounds like there’s going to be a ton, I don’t think so! there will be a ton! But there may still be some games we can get as a result of the ABK acquisition.

– It would be nice to have the Cybertron games, for example.

– Well, I mean… The Transformers games are a bit like licenses on licenses. It’s also Hasbro’s Transformers license!

– (Laughs) Oh yeah…

– Then listen. For those of you who are now running around in your head looking for different options, I would probably remove your games from Marvel Activision. Because trust me, no one would want X-Men Origins Wolverine more than I do. But I wouldn’t hold out hope for the Marvel games. (…) But there are some games, two or three games that should be pretty obvious and immediately come to mind. If you think hard enough. If you think about ABK and what Activision was putting out back then.

Shortly after, Nick Backer responds to a Wolfenstein game podcast chat commentary released in 2009.

“Infuse me with Wolfenstein 09 finally back on sale in digital stores! It’s the only Wolfenstein game I’ve ever been able to play.”

– Was it Activision?

– Yes it was. (Developed by Raven Soft and published by Activision). It was fantastic and is more or less the basis of the new trilogy.

– They told me about two games. Apparently the list is longer than that, but I was told about two games, which I won’t mention. But I will still say that Wolfenstein 2009 was not one of those games. But if it’s an ABK game, hopefully this could be one of them. It’s the correct train of thought, anyway.

Then from Wolfenstein 2009 to Quake 4, passing through Enemy Territory: Quake WarsMany Activision games from the 360 ​​era have made their mark on gamers, on various scales. Either Call of Duty games are now backwards compatibleActivision’s flagship saga does not summarize everything that the publisher has offered us about this generation.

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Therefore, we will have to wait for the validation of the Activision – Blizzard – King takeover bid to be sure of the titles in question. And you, what titles from the publisher released on Xbox 360 could interest you on your Xbox Series?

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