Macron bonus, fuel discount… here is the date on which you will receive all the aid!

Prime Macron

Initially called the “Macron bond” or Exceptional Purchasing Power Bond (PEPA), the government renamed it the “shared value bond.” To support the purchasing power of the French. It was renewed by the law of August 16, 2022.

Enacted on August 16 and published in the Official Gazette on August 18, the purchasing power law includes, in addition to the Macron bonus, numerous economic aid measures to boost the purchasing power of the French. explanations.

Macron’s bonus

Call it what you want: Prime Macron, exceptional purchasing power bond (PEPA), shared value premium (PPV), or former “covid premium. One thing is for sure, she was renewed for 2022, 2023 and even 2024 (but with other conditions).

In fact, Emmanuel Macron had promised it during his presidential campaign: the Government proposed on July 7 triple the roof of this premium under the purchasing power bill. After the National Assembly, the Senate validated its renewal on July 28. The text of the law was finally published on August 16, 2022.

The new Macron bonus is paid by companies to their employees on a voluntary basis, to take into account their economic health and not force companies in difficulty to risk bankruptcy. Thus, all entrepreneurs have the possibility of give up to 1,000 euros net per employee (or even 2,000 euros in certain cases).

Voluntary companies then benefit from a tax exemption and the premium is not subject to tax for employees. The Macron bonus is intended for employees who earn up to 3,774 euros net per month, with tax exemption until the end of 2023 when it is paid to employees whose remuneration is less than 3 SMIC.

On what date?


Macron’s new bonus may be paid retroactively from July 1, 2022. All employees may be paid in one or more installments, during the calendar year. Payment of this premium must must appear on one line, if possible specific due to associated exemptions, the payroll of the month or months of the payment.

In the last three years, almost 5 million French people per year, on average, have benefited from the payment of a Macron bonus, the government recalls, for an average amount of 500 euros

Contrary to what many people think, the amount of the Macron bonus for 2022 and 2023 has not tripled. Are the ceilings that have tripled from 1,000 to 3,000 euros for all companies. And from 2,000 to 6,000 euros for companies with less than 50 workers that have signed a profit-sharing or profit-sharing agreement and in companies with more than 50 workers, already subject to profit-sharing, that have signed a profit-sharing agreement.

The limits and conditions of the shared value bond

  • €3,000 in all companies, including those in the public sector when they employ workers under private law.
  • €6,000 in companies with fewer than 50 workers that have signed a profit-sharing or profit-sharing agreement and in companies with more than 50 workers, already subject to profit sharing, that have signed a profit-sharing agreement.

The payment of the new Macron bond according to the will of the company.

She goes to employees with an employment contracta temporary workers made available to the user company, public workers belonging to the public establishment or disabled workers linked to a work assistance establishment or service through a work support and assistance contract.

After the Macron bonus, a 4% increase in pensions

Macron’s bonus is not the only measure aimed at boosting the purchasing power of the French. The date of payment of the retirement pension, which the Government has increased by 4%, will be September 9, 2022 for the August retreat. The lengthening of the parliamentary calendar delayed this payment for a month.

30 cents off fuel

Until then it was a discount of 18 euro cents. As of September 1, place for the 30-cent discount, promised by the government. It will therefore be effective directly at the pump at all service stations in France. It will run until October 31. From the beginning of November it will drop to 10 euro cents until December 31. It is rumored that it should disappear at the end of the year. Which is not the case with the Macron bond.

Abolition of the TV license fee

One less tax to pay for the year 2022! In fact, within the framework of the measures in favor of the purchasing power of French households, the government has opted for the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting (CAP). This measure is part of the Finance Amendment Law No. 2022-1157 of August 16, 2022. Early September, 6.2 million households will receive a tax transfer thanks to the abolition of the television license canon. Remember that this tax was with the housing tax. Therefore, theTherefore, the French will no longer have to pay this fee. It was 138 euros in mainland France and 88 euros in the overseas departments.

Inflation bonus worth 100 euros, after the Macron bonus

In addition to the Macron bonus, to support the purchasing power of the French in the face of rising inflation, the government has decided to once again grant an inflation bonus, an “exceptional back-to-school bonus”, of a amount of 100 euros. For each additional dependent child, the household will receive 50 euros. Therefore, it will refer 10.8 million households the most modest in France. In particular, RSA beneficiaries or APL and AAH beneficiaries. The payment date will be September 15, 2022.

Second payment of the back to school allowance

The first Back-to-School Grant payment was made on August 16th latest. This year a second installment will be paid during the month of september. This bonus of 4% corresponds to the increase in social minimums. So the amount will be between fifteen Y €16.50 depending on the family situation.

Unlock employee savings

In addition to Macron’s bonus, for December 31, 2022, an employee will be able to unlock their employee savings, tax-free. But be careful! The total amount that the employee wishes to release must not exceed €10,000.

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