Pensions, fuel, bonuses, restaurant tickets… everything that changes from September 1

Pensions, fuel, bonuses, restaurant tickets... everything that changes from September 1

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The cost of living has risen sharply for many French people in recent months. In this new school year 2022, the Government has decided to launch several grants to protect the purchasing power of households. the midi office takes stock of what will change on September 1.

It is a deadline expected by many French. Faced with the cost of inflation -in one year, prices have risen by 6.1% in France-, the Government has decided to deploy a series of aids to help the most disadvantaged households get through the start of the school year. the midi office takes stock of what is changing into 1Ahem September.

fuel discounts

The executive will perpetuate his impulse to motorists. For several months, pump prices were almost 18 euro cents less per liter. Of 1Ahem September, this discount will increase even more to 30 cents less per litre. This financial aid will be maintained until the end of October. The fuel discount will subsequently be revised downwards and will be reduced to 10 cents less per liter in November and December.

At the same time, several companies have announced additional pushes to help motorists. This is the case, among others, of Total, which will offer, from 1Ahem September to 1Ahem next November, another fuel discount of 20 cents per liter. It will be revised downwards (10 euro cents per litre) from 1Ahem November to December 31, 2022.

An exceptional back to school bonus

In the words of the Solidarity Minister, Jean-Christophe Combe, it is a “promise of solidarity and social justice for families and for those who are strongly affected by inflation.” Given the rise in prices, the Government has decided to grant financial aid to some 11 million low-income households in France. The latter will be able to benefit from a €100 check, to which €50 per dependent child will be added.

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This aid is mainly intended for recipients of social minimums such as the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), the subsidy for adults with disabilities (AAH) or the solidarity subsidy for the elderly (Aspa), recipients of housing aid (APL, ALF, ALS) but also to people who receive the activity bonus. You will be paid automatically from September 15 by CAF or Pôle emploi, if you are a job seeker.

The ceilings of the entrances of the restaurants are revised upwards

This is good news for the approximately 4.8 million employees and freelancers who currently benefit from restaurant vouchers. The emergency measures law for the protection of purchasing power and the tax reform law, approved by Parliament last week, raise the maximum daily limit of use and extend the use of meal vouchers from 1Ahem September .

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Therefore, the usage limit will drop from 19 euros to 25 euros. This law will also allow restaurant ticket holders to use their vouchers to buy any type of food product – even if they are not directly consumable – until December 31, 2023.

Pensions, minimums… Revalued allocations

Inflation forces, the benefits linked to the multiple social aids will be revised upwards from 1Ahem September. The Government thus foresees a 4% increase in retirement pensions, study aid, family allowances, active solidarity income (RSA), the allowance for adults with disabilities (AAH) and the solidarity allowance for people (Aspa ) and the activity bonus. For its part, personalized housing aid (APL) will also increase by 3.5%. In this specific case, it is about compensating for the increase in income.

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Be careful, yes, with the active solidarity income: not everyone will receive the subsidy at the same time in September. And it is not for less: the RSA income statement is quarterly, so the payment will depend on your last statement. It is likely that two months will elapse between the first payment and the last.

Establishment of a university scholarship.

“The university scholarship is assigned subject to means test for families whose income does not exceed a certain limit, defined according to the number of dependent children”, indicates the Public Service site. It is dedicated exclusively to “legal officers of a college student.” To qualify for this new help, subscriptions start from 1Ahem next september. This can be added to the Back to School Allowance (ARS). It allows modest families to receive between €105 and €459.

Borrower insurance that can be canceled at any time

This is also new: from 1Ahem next September, thanks to the Lemoine law, any borrower who has signed a loan contract before 1Ahem past June you can freely terminate it. You will only have to find an offer with at least equivalent guarantees. The Lemoine law also ends the medical questionnaire for financial loans of less than 200,000 euros (400,000 euros for a couple).

PMA: easier access to donor name

From September 1, children who have been conceived through medically assisted procreation (PMA) will be able to know the identity of the “donor” much more easily. The bioethics law, approved in 2018, will facilitate what is called “access to personal origins”. From now on, all donors will have to give their consent for their identity to be communicated to children who so wish, when the latter so wish.

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