Caen remains leader, Bordeaux develops, Saint-Étienne finally wins

Caen remains leader, Bordeaux develops, Saint-Étienne finally wins

Controlled by Pau, Caen still retains its first place at the end of this sixth day of Ligue 2. Their runner-up is now called Bordeaux, in demonstration against Bastia, just like Metz in Rodez. Dijon and Amiens stalemated when Sochaux overthrew Guingamp. At the bottom of the table, Krasso signed a recital to offer a first victory to Saint-Étienne.

Kept under control by Pablo, fall still retains its first place. Malherbe even conceded the first goal of the night: a sublime direct free kick from Saivet’s return. D’Almeida is then close to second with a long shot, before Caen wakes up. Abdi closely equals for a 100% goal from Norman Pistons. Clearly dominating, Stéphane Moulin’s men dominated throughout the second half, but could never take advantage. Essende is even excluded in additional time for the dispute.

Bordeaux looks up, Mikautadze rules Rodez

high up on the table, Bordeaux never trembled before Quevilly-Rouen. Quickly in front thanks to a penalty conceded by Thill and converted by Maja, the Girondins then launched themselves against the Normans at ten o’clock after Sissoko was sent off for a high foot on Ekomié. With a cross shot, Bokele increases his team’s lead, before Bakwa breaks the case even before halftime. Bordeaux continues to develop in the second half, Bakwa hits the post and Delaurier-Chaubet continues their strong start to the season by closing the scoring.

Travelling to Rodez, Metz returned to winning ways after two unsuccessful games. The Grenats relied on a strong performance from Mikautadze, a close scorer after a quickly executed free-kick, and then after a turnover from a Ruthenian defense soon to be bolstered by one Aymen Abdennour. The Georgian offers the third goal to Udol, not without having taken advantage of his time to visit the opposite surface. Despite Depres’s header knocking it down, Rodez couldn’t do it as Maziz took advantage of a counterattack to deliver the final blow.

In the fright of the afternoon, Sochaux managed to overthrow a team of Guingamp but well launched by a header from Lemonnier on a free kick. The Cubs respond the same way, with Ndour in the scoring role. And it was Doumbia who capsized Sochaux, served perfectly by a superb heel from Kalulu. in Picardy, amiens and the Paris F.C. He waited until the second half to start hostilities. After Hamel’s big missed opportunity, Arokodare freezes the residents of Ile-de-France by cutting into the nearby pole. Not to the liking of Iglesias, who offered a very nice draw after a devastating hook.

Krasso wears Saint-Étienne, also a novelty for Annecy

Unable to win since the beginning of the season, the Vegetables he amused himself in front of poor Bastiais. In a state of grace, Krasso first put Mason into orbit, before offering himself a magnificent quadruple. Low cross shot to the ground, conclusion with all serenity after a brace with Palencia, a penalty that he himself had achieved and the best for last: unstoppable shot on pivot under the crossbar. A recital that allows Foréziens to leave his place as red lantern. At the same time, Grenoble Came to the end of very sad Crocos Nîmes. Sanyang first offered himself an individual feat to launch his own, imitated after the break by Correa, at the conclusion of a counterattack. Tchokounté can revive the suspense twice, Ba is in charge of securing the three points for his team.

In a duel in the west, Le Havre went to prevail on the lawn of Laval. Dominating, the Hacmens touch the crossbar on a Cornette foul in the heart of the first act, before being blindsided by a Diaw helmet. Normans who pick up right after the break by Kitala, at the conclusion of a great collective action. Thiaré and Richardson are finally in charge of offering victory to the visitors. Finally, Valenciennes toggles in the first half of the table overriding the smaller of the margins in Niort thanks to Hammache, while the promoted annecy He also won his first match of the season from a Bosetti penalty, despite the red received by Tomanfo late in the match. Shamal even successfully doubles down to make the party even more beautiful.

Bordeaux 4-0 Quevilly-Rouen

Goals: Maja (6mesp), Bokele (20me), Bakwa (41me) and Delaurier-Chaubet (76me) for the Girondins
Expelled: Sissoko (15me) for QRM

Saint-Etienne 5-0 Bastia

Goals: Mason (8me) and Krasso (19me33me36me sp and 62me)

Fall 1-1 Pau

Goals: Abdi (23me) for Malherbe // Saivet (7me) for Pau
Expulsion: Essende (90me+2) for Malherbe

Grenoble 3-2 Nimes

Goals: Sanyang (19me), Belt (61me) and Ba (81me) for the GF38 // Tchokounté (76me and 90me+1, sp) for crocodiles

Laval 1-3 Le Havre

Goals: Diaw (32me) for Tangos // Kitala (49me), Thiare (71me) and Richardson (78me) for HACs

Niort 0-1 Valenciennes

Goal: Hamache (30me)

Dijon 0-2 Annecy

Goals: Bosetti (40meSP) and Shamal (90me+2)
Expelled: Temanfo (75me) and Mouanga (90me+5) for Annecy

Rodez 1-4 Metz

Goals: Depressed (69me) for the RAF // Mikautadze (21me and 36me), udol (44me) and Maziz (75me) for garnets

Guingamp 1-2 Sochaux

Goals: Lemonnier (21me) for Forward // Ndour (37me) and Doumbia (80me) for puppies

Amiens 1-1 Paris FC

Goals: Arokodare (59me) by Amiens // Churches (65me) for the PFC

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