PlayStation Plus: The “free” PS5 and PS4 games of the month of September 2022

PlayStation Plus: The "free" PS5 and PS4 games of the month of September 2022

game news PlayStation Plus: The “free” PS5 and PS4 games of the month of September 2022

It’s almost the end of the summer holidays, but to cheer us up, Sony is finally revealing the games that will be offered to all PlayStation Plus subscribers in September.

It’s in a week, either Tuesday, September 6, around 5 pm, players with a subscription to PS+ Essential or higher will be able to get a total of three new games. Games that, once again, were leaked on the web just before the official launch of the PlayStation brand. In the program, therefore, we will be entitled to NFS Heat which is already making the engines roar, but also to the amazing TOEM and Granblue Fantasy Versus, a cell shadow fighting game signed Arc System Works (Dragon Ball FighterZ), only it’s.

NFS Heat (PS4/PS5)

Let the tires crunch as we kick things off with the arrival of Need For Speed ​​​​Heat: Heat NFS for friends: in the PS+ Essential September program. In this motorized adventure released in 2019, players are immersed in the streets of Palm City, a city inspired by Miami, to discover two contrasting environments. If by day the Electronic Arts game offers you to travel the asphalt at full speed along dedicated and legal routes, at night it’s another story. As soon as night falls, the title asks experienced pilots to take on a corrupt special police unit.


We continue with TOEM, an unparalleled proposal attended by a unique artistic direction, in black and white, and drawn entirely by hand. In this beautiful proposal, the player equipped with a camera must explore various unusual landscapes to solve puzzles and come to the aid of many protagonists, each one more fun than the other. Fun and with a relaxing soundscape, TOEM is a little surprise that you can’t miss. All of this is only available on PlayStation 5.

Granblue Fantasy Versus (PS4/PS5)

If the quiet of TOEM and the street racing of NFS Heat aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, it’s worth remembering that Granblue Fantasy Versus is the third game available to PS+ members as of September 6. Based on a popular role-playing game, Grandblue Fantasy Versus, like Dragon Ball FighterZ, allows players to engage in stunning battles punctuated by stunning visuals and animations.

To find out about the PS+ program for the month of August, which will remain available until September 6, we suggest you visit this link.

About the new PlayStation Plus:

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is the subscription formula for PS4 and PS5. Through different offers, you can enjoy hundreds of PlayStation titles, a list of retro games ranging from PS1 to PS3, and even streaming, depending on your subscription level.

What are the 3 PS Plus deals?

PlayStation Plus consists of three levels: Essential (€8.99/month), Extra (€13.99/month) and Premium (€16.99/month). The first offers the same benefits as the old PS Plus (online play, cloud saves, games included every month, exclusive discounts through the PlayStation Store). The second also benefits from a catalog of around 400 PS4 titles | PS5. And the third adds, in addition to retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), the reading of a selection of games remotely thanks to streaming and -this is important- demos to test a handful of blockbusters.

Who can benefit from free PlayStation Plus games?

Depending on your subscription, you will not have access to the same games. With PlayStation Plus Essential, you are entitled to the PS Plus Collection (only on PS5) and the titles offered each month. With the Extra, you have access to a catalog of PS4 | PS5 of about 400 applications. And with Premium, you get nearly 340 retro games, streaming titles, and PS3 demos.

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