This iconic brand known to all French people could well close its doors…


Between a sign put up for bankruptcy and another put up for sale by the other, time is serious! French ready-to-wear sucks!

Two famous women’s ready-to-wear chains have failed to take on indomitable competitors. Once upon a time Pub tells you everything.

The Camaïeu brand in suspension of payments

monochrome is a prêt-à-porter brand for women from 20 to 60 years old. The company, which in 2018 held 11% of the women’s ready-to-wear market share in Francehas a turnover of 750 million euros in its 900 stores, including 650 in France. Since the mid-1990s, Camaïeu has accumulated financial problems. It has passed from hand to hand several times since the 2000s, finally being resold for 2 euros in August 2020 to the Financière immobilière bordelaise.

In 2022, the brand is accused of creating a feminist campaign to recover its image. In fact, in her latest campaign, Camaïeu shows female models with bruises on their faces on his website.

Opening of a procedure

“We take note of the court’s decision that pronounces the opening of a suspension of payments procedure at the request of Camaïeu” indicated the address. The sign specifies to work “from now on in the continuation plan”the objective of the brand “be to preserve the activity of the company and the Camaïeu brandwhich now has almost 538 stores in France.

“This decision should allow Camaïeu, a historic French textile brand, to have an observation period and then present a continuation plan to continue the transformation initiated by the group and thus guarantee the sustainability of the company.”said in a press release the group Hermione People and Brands (HPB), the distribution division of the FIB of Bordeaux businessman, Michel Ohayon.

For the record, the French brand had requested the opening of the judicial administration procedure on July 25. On this occasion, he had declared himself in default of payment, among other things, due to the non-payment of numerous rents. The health crisis linked to Covid-19, the sharp rise in the price of raw materials and the war in Ukraine defeated Camaïeu.

“Already greatly weakened by this series of unprecedented events, Camaïeu has had to face, since June 30, the ruling of the Court of Cassation, which denies merchants the right to request a drop in your rents from the COVID periodsays the group Hermione People and Brands.

Pimkie put up for sale

For its part, the Mulliez family put its Pimkie brand up for sale during the month of May 2022.

for memory, pimkie is a French ready-to-wear brand for women. Founded in 1971, it is part of the Mulliez Family Association (AFM) through the Roubaix prêt-à-porter group, Fashion Cube.

After a long period of expansion and a peak established in 2018 with 716 stores in thirty countries, the brand has experienced difficulties since the end of the 2010s. Without having recovered its profitability since 2015, the loan-à-porter brand The Association of the Mulliez Family (AFM) is now looking for a buyer for Pimkie.

Indeed, around May 15, through a ” speech of the general direction. » On video in front of 1,500 employees, Philippe Favre, general manager of the signal, announced that the current shareholders (the Mulliez Family Association) were looking for a buyer.

the shareholder” several months are given to do this research and find the best possible solution. »Pimkie’s communication department told AFP.

The brand had also appointed Philippe Favre, an executive specializing in the management of companies in crisis, as CEO in early January 2022. As a result, employees expected ” a business turnaround with restructuring, certainly store closings. »explained Karine Therage, store manager at Noyelles-Godault in Pas-de-Calais, elected to the CSE and CFE-CGC union representative.

Therefore, the Mulliez Family Association is waiting for a buyer, which leaves the employees in the greatest anguish.

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