How to live with 49 euros a week? Shopping list

How to live with 49 euros a week?  Shopping list

Shopping is a pleasure for some and a dreaded task for others. Between those who prepare their shopping list in advance to be better organized and those who go to the supermarket to buy products according to their tastes and desires, shopping is not an easy task.

But the most important thing, when you go shopping, is to set a budget so as not to incur unnecessary expenses. If you also want to save money during the year by going to your supermarket, you can follow these simple tips.

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To save money when you go to the supermarket, you can make a selection of products at a lower cost that will allow you to reduce the amount of your ticket when you go to the checkout. You could do your shopping with just 50 euros a week and make significant savings during the year as long as it makes you happy. Discover these tips that will allow you to respect your budget by choosing the products you need for your day to day.

1. Make a shopping list when you go to the supermarket

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To reduce your budget when shopping, you must be well organized. For this, nothing better than a shopping list to avoid excessive and unnecessary expenses. You know that moment when you go shopping when you want to crack the latest product on sale when it’s not useful to us! With your shopping list, you will not be tempted to buy anything new or on sale and you will only buy the products that are on your list.

2.Finish all the products in your pantry before going shopping

Before going to the supermarket, remember to finish all the products and foods that are in your pantry or refrigerator. Make all possible recipes to empty your cupboards. This will save you going to the supermarket and losing a few euros unnecessarily.

3. Avoid shopping in supermarkets or hypermarkets

If you want to save money by shopping on a budget, consider at the discount supermarket or hard discount. They will allow you to buy all your favorite products at low prices to favor small budgets.

4. Keep your meat in the freezer to eat later so you don’t buy it during your shopping spree

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To save money when shopping, you may prefer a meatless shopping list. In fact, meat is one of the most expensive food products. Forget buying it several days a week and opt instead to buy it from your local farmer so it’s organic and you can freeze it for the next few weeks.

5. Don’t shop on an empty stomach

It’s easier to compulsively shop when you’re hungry and want to eat everything in the store. Remember to eat well before shoppingthis will avoid unnecessary expenses.

6. Follow your budget when shopping

Make a list with a budget when you go shopping. In addition, it will allow you to limit yourself and use a calculator to track it in real time and no surprises in the box.

7. Keep staples in your pantry before you go shopping.

To avoid having to go shopping regularly and spending too much, always save flour, sugar and milk to be able to make simple and cheap recipes with what you have left over in the fridge.

8. Buy certain products in large quantities when you go shopping

Consider buying essentials like toilet paper or toothpaste in bulk to save money. These products, having a long useful life, will save you additional expenses during your purchases.

Here is an example of a shopping list:

  • Eggs (24 eggs): €3.20
  • Milk: €4.22
  • Butter: €1.67
  • Chicken: €3.72
  • Canned soup: €0.92
  • Coffee: €2.79
  • Fresh cream: €1.30
  • Bananas: €1.58
  • Frozen sauteed vegetables: €2.69
  • Apples: €2.50
  • Cheese: €3.20
  • Vinaigrette: €0.99
  • Cucumbers: €0.88
  • Carrots: €0.99
  • Sugar: €0.70
  • Potatoes: €1.80
  • Sliced ​​bread: €1.44
  • Frozen broccoli: €1.60
  • Beans: €1.00
  • Ham: €3.18
  • Rice: €1.40
  • Omelettes: €1.22
  • Spread: €1.80
  • Pasta: €2.47
  • Tomato sauce: €1.30
  • Flour: 0.99
  • TOTAL: €49.55

By saving on your purchases every week or every month, you could save hundreds of dollars a year. These tips mentioned above should not be overlooked. By applying them, you can increase your savings.

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