Fuel discount, food vouchers, social minimums… what changes on September 1

Fuel discount, food vouchers, social minimums... what changes on September 1

As every 1st of the month, several changes are coming that will take effect on Thursday. The fuel discount that increases to 30 cents, the payment of the exceptional solidarity bond of 100 euros or the revaluation of certain social minimums should allow the French to decongest the portfolios in this period of high inflation. Le Parisien takes stock of what is changing on September 1.

Fuel discount increases to 30 cents

To continue with the immediate relief of the French portfolio, the government increases the fuel discount to 30 cents per liter until October 31, compared to 18 cents so far. This impulse, launched on April 1 due to the rise in prices at gas stations, will be reduced to 10 euro cents per liter of fuel in November and December. This government aid can be combined with the discount of 20 and 10 euro cents offered by TotalEnergies from this Thursday.

On the vehicle-related expense front, parking is paid for thermal two-wheelers in Paris, with exceptions for the disabled and home caregivers. For the Paris city council, “it is a fairness measure” against motorists.

Payment of the “back to school bonus” and revaluation of allowances

In mid-September, 10.8 million low-income households will automatically benefit from this bonus, which reaches 100 euros. It will be increased by 50 euros for each dependent child. Voted within the framework of the purchasing power law, this “exceptional solidarity aid” will be paid to beneficiaries of social minimums and scholarship students as well as those who receive APL (personalized housing assistance). The most precarious students will also be able to continue benefit from food at 1 euro throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.

Housing aid, received by 6.5 million people, will also increase by 3.5% to compensate for the rise in rents. A recovery payment is scheduled between August 18 and September 5, before the updated aid payment on September 5. At the same time, the social minimums and pensions will be revalued up to 4% with retroactive effect until July 1, as announced by the Government, in an attempt to compensate for galloping inflation.

More flexibility for meal vouchers

The use of restaurant vouchers will be made more flexible to allow the purchase of all food products, even if they are not for direct consumption. This extension to certain unprocessed products like eggs, fish and meat or even a package of pasta is currently scheduled to last until December 31, 2023.

And it was a promise from Bruno Le Maire. The maximum daily payment limit should increase from €19 to €25 in September and no later than October 1, 2022. This limit had already been increased during the Covid pandemic to reach €38.

Changing your borrower’s insurance will be easier

As of September 1, the borrower’s termination insurance will be open to everyone. For contracts signed before June 1, this was previously only possible on the first year or each anniversary date. This measure of the Lemoine law aims to offer “a fairer, simpler and increasingly transparent access” to this insurance that is very often required to obtain a mortgage. However, to cancel, you must find a contract that offers at least equivalent guarantees.

The medical questionnaire for housing loans of less than 200,000 euros per person whose term occurs before the borrower turns 60 is also eliminated. Thanks to the shortening of the “right to be forgotten” period, former cancer patients in particular will no longer have to declare their illness after five years of recovery compared to the previous ten. Debtor’s insurance protects the subscriber(s) of a mortgage loan, as well as the lending bank, by guaranteeing reimbursement in certain cases, such as disability or death.

The “Oui Pub” device against experienced paper waste

The “Oui Pub” system will be tested in the first eleven municipalities, such as Bordeaux, or communities of municipalities such as Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole, to limit paper waste due to advertising brochures.

The distribution of advertising material without an address will be prohibited from September 1, 2022 for 31 months, unless an “Oui Pub” label is visible on the mailbox. This experiment is the result of the Climate and Resilience Law of 2021, which partially includes a proposal from the Citizen Convention for Climate that wanted to completely ban this type of advertising.

End of anonymity for gamete donors

Children born from a donation of sperm or eggs in France will be able to find out more easily, in adulthood, the identity of “their” donor. To facilitate “access to personal origins”, as of September 1, donors must consent that their identity be, in the future, communicated to children of legal age who so wish.

Those who have donated before this date will be able to provide this information retroactively if they wish, but will not be subject to any obligation. However, a commission will be created to help today’s adults who are looking for their parents. No guarantee of success, because the donor, if found, may oppose the disclosure of her identity.

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