Mercato OM: What blocked Malinovskyi’s arrival

Mercato OM: What blocked Malinovskyi's arrival

Ruslan Malinovskyi has not signed a contract with Olympique de Marseille. Corriere Dello Sport gives the details of this failure of the Ukrainian attacking midfielder.

Olympique de Marseille followed Atalanta’s attacking midfielder Ruslan Malinovskyi for a long time. In recent weeks it seemed to be the priority of Javier Ribalta and Pablo Longoria in this position. However, the deal did not happen.

La Gazzetta explained in its day’s edition that no agreement had been reached between the two clubs this summer and that his departure was getting complicated. For its part, Corriere Dello Sport details the reasons for this failure.

Atalanta wanted 25 million euros for Malinovskyi

According to the Italian media, OM tried many times to include Cengiz Ünder in the transfer. The club offered a dry exchange between the two players but Atalanta did not seem interested. The Turkish international was also reluctant to join the Italian club. Longoria would have returned to the position with a transfer offer with OA of €15M, also rejected by the residents of Serie A.

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Atalanta Bergamo wanted at least €25m for the Ukrainian attacking midfielder, but were willing to lower their claims to €20m as part of a loan from OM. The Marseille club finally did not follow up and studied the return of Amine Harit, on loan last season from Schalke 04.

Malinovskyi, the old number 10

“Ruslan Malinovskyi was a bit of a skinny playmaker in Ukraine. He was not good enough to break into Shakhtar Donetsk’s first team. There were a lot of Brazilians at the club at the time and he was one of their players who was loaned out every year. He will be at FC Zorya Luhansk, which is considered a satellite team of Shakhtar. This team became the third best in Ukraine because the level collapsed and there was not much competition anymore. With Zorya Luhansk, Malinovskyi frequently plays in the European Cup and starts to make a name for himself in this number 10 position. He really is an old-fashioned attacking midfielder who gives balls to attackers and knows how to score from free kicks. He made one or two good free throws against Belgian teams. There was a connection between Belgium and the Ukraine. Many second-tier players like Malinovskyi, who was owned by Shakhtar at the time, left for Belgium. At that time, he made an excellent decision to leave the Ukrainian championship. He joined Genk for three and a half seasons. at that time, he will become much more powerful, it will strengthen his game, he used to be too light in duels when he played in Ukraine. He managed to erase that to become a very physically strong player. He will establish himself as the undisputed starter in the National Team. It was then that Shevchenko became national coach. In the selection, he will really bring something different. In midfield, he forms a very complementary trio with Zinchenko and Stepanenko. Malinovskyi will give him this role of playmaker. Shevchenko wanted at that time to play with two number 10s, namely Zinchenko and Malinovskyi. What he also characterizes him are his great shots at the entrance to the penalty area. He scores several important goals for Ukraine in this way. Shevchenko will allow him to develop this powerful facet of his game, he is probably one of the players in Europe with the greatest opportunity on the ball. At set pieces he is a player who can give excellent balls. He quickly became the best midfielder in Belgium and was quickly discovered by Atalanta Bergamo, who recruited him in 2019. After a season of adaptation, he became a key element of the Atalanta system. He becomes a very important player. Since his ACL rupture in 2016, he has come back tremendously well. Today, he is rarely absent and has excellent stats. With Atalanta there are 129 and 29 goals and 29 assists. A match of two is decisive. Mourad Aerts – Source: Marseille Football Club (08/19/2022)

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