Fuel, restaurant vouchers, gamete donations… What changes on September 1

Fuel, restaurant vouchers, gamete donations... What changes on September 1

Many changes are coming for the start of the school year, particularly to try to counteract inflation. Additional discount at the gas pump or even revaluation of social minimums, most of these new measures are the result of the purchasing power law, approved this summer.

“For a fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the debtor insurance market”, the second part of the Lemoine law comes into force this Thursday, September 1, after being adopted in February. This law aims facilitate access to debtor insuranceoften necessary for those wishing to purchase real estate.

The entry into force of this measure means that, starting this Thursday, all borrowers will be able, whenever they wish, change your current loan insurance, free of charge. Also, it’s not it is no longer necessary to answer a medical questionnaire for a home loan valued at less than €200,000 per person, provided that the end of the loan occurs before the borrower reaches the age of 60.

New discount on the pump

Given the rise in fuel prices, the government had already implemented a discount of 18 cents per liter of gasoline at the pump last April. As of this Thursday, September 1, it is revalued at 30 cents per liter.

This 30 cent discount will only last for a moment. As of November 1, the reduction must be reduced to 10 cents per liter of fuel, until December 31.

Lifting the anonymity of gamete donations

As of September 1, children born from sperm or egg donation in France will be able, as adults, more easily know the identity of “your” donor. To facilitate “access to personal origins”, donors must consent that their identity be, in the future, communicated to children of legal age who so wish.

A commission will also be created to help today’s adults who are looking for their parents. No guarantee of success, however, because the donor, if found, You may object to the disclosure of your identity.

Revaluation of restaurant tickets and social minimums

Always with the aim of boosting the purchasing power of the French in the face of inflation, this Thursday several social benefits are reevaluated. Retirement pensions, scholarships, RSA, disabled adult subsidy, activity bonus and family allowances must be increased by 4%. Personalized housing assistance should also be increased by 3.5%.

The maximum daily limit for meal vouchers, which was raised to 19 euros in July, should be revalued at 25 euros, according to the French administration. “A decree that will be published soon will raise the maximum amount of meals or food products to be paid in food checks to 25 euros per working day.”

critical air

Marseille, Lyon and Rouen inaugurate or expand the implementation of their low emission zone (ZFE) with the oldest and most polluting vehicles in sight. In Marseille, the ban on Crit’Air 5 vehicles should only affect 2% of private vehicles, 4.4% of heavy vehicles and 1% of utility vehicles. Violators will not be fined before October 1.

In Lyon and neighboring municipalities, the ZFE, which already prohibits the circulation of heavy and utility vehicles classified Crit’Air 5, 4 and 3, will be extended to private vehicles classified Crit’Air 5 and not classified. Verbalizations will begin in January 2023.
In Rouen, all motorists traveling with a 4 and 5 sticker will no longer be able to drive in 13 municipalities of the agglomeration. This low emission zone was already in force there since January 2, but it only affected light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Paid parking for two-wheeled thermal vehicles in Paris

The price is half that of the cars.. Parking remains free for electric scooters and motorcycles, but also for disabled two-wheeler owners and in-home caregivers. Since There are preferential rates for certain professionals and residents.

For the Paris city council, “it is a fairness measure” against motorists who already pay to park and a measure also aimed at fighting “the privatization of public space by machines whose inconvenience is very important: pollution, noise pollution, congestion of public space”.

Launch of the “Oui Pub” device

The “Oui Pub” system will be tested in the first 11 municipalities, such as Bordeaux, or communities of municipalities such as Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole, in order to limit paper waste due to advertising brochures.

The distribution of advertising material without address will be prohibited from September 1, 2022 for 31 months, unless you see an “Oui Pub” sticker on the mailbox. This experiment is the result of the Climate and Resilience Law of 2021, which partially includes a proposal from the Citizen Convention for Climate that wanted to completely ban this type of advertising.

back to school bonus

Approved on August 4 in the National Assembly, the Exceptional back to school bonus must be paid during the month of September. This aid of 100 euros affects all recipients of social minimums and will be increased by an additional 50 euros for each dependent child.

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