Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 earphones come at a premium price

Samsung's Galaxy Buds2 earphones come at a premium price

Pixel Buds Pro, Huawei FreeBuds Pro2, Sony LinkBuds S… there are a plethora of new earbuds on the market this fall! Among them, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro wants to play the music of True Wireless Premium earphones with advanced features, such as uncompressed hi-fi sound… but also at a high price. Sold for 229 euros, the price of the Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones that are the reference, can you stand out? “20 Minutes” put them to the test.

finished the bling-bling and the lacquered finish of the Galaxy Buds headphones. The Buds2 Pro that succeed them mark the end of abundance and return to a much more sober design. From the shape of small pebbles to the matte finish (in lavender, white and anthracite black), they are according to Samsung 15% smaller than their predecessors.

In-ear, placed discreetly in the hollow of the ear, its wearing comfort is obvious. We tested them for several hours without being bothered by their presence. On request from ailleurs comment, dans de écouteurs que ne pèsent que 5.5 grammes chacun, it is possible to record electronic circuits, batteries, haut-parleurs de 10 mm et 5.3 mm, even if there are three micros for the reduction of noise!

iPhone out of game

Please note: compatible with all smartphones, Galaxy Buds2 Pro will only offer the best of themselves and all their functions with a Samsung smartphone under the One UI4 interface (available from Galaxy S21). They work fine with an iPhone, but their manufacturer hasn’t even seen fit to offer an iOS-compatible app (the one called Galaxy Buds in the Apple Store isn’t compatible). It is therefore with the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 of the Korean brand and the Galaxy Wear application that we carry out our tests.

High fidelity sound, uncompressed

Improving its 24-bit lossless compatibility (versus 16-bit in more conventional earphones), Bud2 Pro claims to process 256 times more data. It is true that you can listen to uncompressed sound, but on the condition that you can access compatible files (most platforms offer them) and have a smartphone that knows how to decode them. To say that we hear 256 times more details is, however, more risky…

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones, launched at 229 euros. – SAMSUNG

Still, the listening quality of the new South Korean headphones is excellent. Either 24 bit or 16 bit. There is a very good general balance, very present bass (without being overwhelming!), but also a lot of delicacy in the sharpest registers, like the classic. If needed, an equalizer present in the Galaxy Wear app allows for further customization of audio settings.

dynamic head tracking

Compatible with Dolby Atmos, Buds2 Pro also offers 360 audio listening. This is the equivalent of Apple’s spatial audio. It’s also possible, like with Apple Music and AirPods Pro or Max, to take advantage of a dynamic head-tracking feature. This allows you to enjoy a concert atmosphere.

When you move your head, the artist’s voice always comes from the same place, as if they were on stage. But Samsung goes further by making its headphones compatible with its Smart TVs. Again, head tracking can be activated: regardless of the position of the headset user, the sound will always appear to physically come from the TV. Nothing to do with a classic listening in stereo.

A more advanced ambient mode

For its part, the noise reduction of the Galaxy Bud2 Pro does an excellent job. By dint of algorithms, Samsung makes the ambient noise of an RER or subway car almost inaudible, as we have seen. Ambient mode, which allows you to be aware of your surroundings (highly recommended for use in urban areas!), can now be activated automatically when you speak or answer a call. Well seen ! Without seeming so, these types of details considerably increase the comfort of use.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are absolutely discreet.
The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are absolutely discreet. – SAMSUNG

With an announced autonomy of up to 29 hours, the Galaxy Bud2 Pro add up the good points. However, at 229 euros, these headphones seem very expensive. Isn’t it better to buy some very good headphones, like the Bose Sound Link II, at an equivalent price? Moreover, the price of the Buds 2 Pro seems high to us for a listening solution that is not universal. You can only get the most out of these headphones if you have an ecosystem of Samsung products.

This strategy, which the competitor brand of the apple has made its own from the start, seems more than ever to want to be applied by Samsung, eager to retain consumers with its product catalog.

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