Product recall: this ham is contaminated and dangerous to health, supermarkets concerned!

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In recent months, many problems occur in the world of distribution! Whether it’s dangerous objects or unfit food, always be on your guard! This latest recall concerns batches of cooked ham. However, it seems that customers must be careful daily! We tell you everything about this case and about all the products you should take into account!

During your shopping, keep an eye open and the right one!

For some time we have had to deal with many dangers during our most common purchases! When an article or product presents a hazard, the mark or sign must trigger a product recall.

If you are used to staying informed, you should know that this procedure happens very frequently this year. Within the big brands, or in the discount professionals, no store seems free of this problem. Cora, Intermarché, E. Leclerc or even lidl and Aldi: no supermarket is immune. And not a week goes by without customers receiving an alert about a new product recall!

However, the risks vary depending on the context and the item in question. Most of the time, a product is subject to a recall when it presents a hazard. fragile people like itchildren, pregnant women where the elderly are still the first interested parties.

But it seems that the product recall affects all kinds of purchases. To allow you to see more clearly, we have made an inventory of products affected this summer. Etcand the inventory is enough to send chills down the spine, but this information is of great importance! it’s about you Healthand that of your loved ones.

Dealing with a product recall: the routine in 2022

The first health case that made an impression this year? No doubt the drama linked to fresh pizza, sold by Buitoni. In all these prepared dishes, more thanfifty victims due to the bacteria E.coli. All cases concerned children between 1 and 17 years of age. Among them, two young users succumbed to the infection. A girl12 years old, he also lost the use of his legs as a result of this intoxication.

In the case of this case, a product recall could have avoided the worst! However, an investigation revealed that Nestlé, which manages Buitoni, turned a blind eye for a long time!

Faced with the emotion that this tragedy aroused, the brands now show caution to avoid scandal.

The Kinder affair during the Easter holidays

In addition, the second product recall that marked the spring continues to be that of Kinder chocolates. In April 2022, in the middle of easter, the beloved children’s brand had to withdraw its products from sale. The group ferrero therefore, it was more reasonable than Nestlé, in launching the product recall in early April. In this season in particular, the health of children has been more important than the turnover of this company.

This measure followed traces of salmonella, product discoveries. Therefore, most of the brand’s references have been subject toa massive product recall.
Customers were able to receive a refund and instructions for their safety. In addition, the Ferrero group took advantage of this period to disinfect its production sites. Faced with unlimited profit, the industry has opted, this time, for caution.

Be careful with meats and sausages!

Latest Product Recall to Date Concerns lots of white ham, sold at Carrefour, Casino and Intermarché. In question ? the listeriasuspected to be present in the product.

It’s sliced ​​ham the Adrien Peyrolles brand. The batches affected by the product recall bear the number 20422350116, as well as the GTIN code 3089739442005. And here is the health mark FR13 074 001CE.

This ham comes in a pack of two slices (180 g). The first batches hit the shelves on August 25, 2022 and the Date of Expiry runs until September 22. The withdrawal procedure will end on September 12.

To guide customers a helpline number has also been made available: 09 69 37 01 60.

Regarding risks, meat products must be subject tospecial surveillance. In fact, dangerous bacteria can quickly develop there. Especially if the production phase raises hygiene problems. But the danger can also come from poor transport or storage conditions.

Product Recall: Fresh Products Subject to Precautions

Therefore, the sausages or the meat must capture all your attention.

This summer, various cult foods from barbecues have been the subject of a product recall. Thus we can mention the marinated chicken skewers (sold in the Oise). The store raised the alarm because they contained salmonella.

Earlier in the summer, this same bacterium had been detected in pork skewers of the brand “Grillo Party”.

But lately contaminated meats have also taken the form of schnitzels or minced steaks! Therefore, a product recall can affect many foods. every day, like bacon or sausage. Pay special attention to appearance of your food

Also note that many bacteria survive frost and heat. But in order to avoid any danger, you need to learn to spot the signs of listeriosis or salmonellosis.

Product Recall – Poison Acknowledgment

Despite the warnings, you may be unlucky enough to consume a contaminated product. In this case, watch for symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea. The same goes for high fevers, which are a common sign in case of listeriosis or salmonellosis.

Also remember that some bacteria survive for several weeks. In your body. Therefore, the illness can occur several days after the contaminated food. When in doubt, don’t waste time go to the doctor !
In fact, in frail people, these bacteria can cause great harm.

The diversity of food in question!

Beyond the meats cheeses may also contain traces of listeria. Dairy products, in general, can also lead to a product recall.

Thus, some yogurts sold by Carrefour were suspected of containing this bacteria.

Also, cheeses (type Saint-Nectaire) were also subject to a massive recall for the same reason.

Other products, no matter how dry, can also make you run risks ! Thus, certain products such as tea or biscuits have already been the subject of a product recall this summer.

In addition to bacteria, the chemical components it can also put people at risk. Thus, several batches of ice cream and ice creams were the subject of alerts this summer. In fact, some substances cause health problems, beyond a certain amount. The risks range from a simple allergy to cancer !

All foods can be affected, even bottled mineral water! For breads and flours, manufacturers can also launch a product recall in case of ergot contamination. It is a mold that can trigger severe symptoms.

Product recall: cosmetics and hygiene products

by bacteria or harmful substances For the organization, it happens that batches of treatments or soaps are withdrawn from sale. Thus, Lidl has already had to launch a product recall for a variety of sunscreens.

More recently, the Biarritz laboratories had to alert their customers about a cleansing gel intended for infants.

In fact, the danger does not come only from food products. All that is needed is a production failure or a dangerous composition for the consumer to be in danger!

Toys and dangerous objects

In fact, a product recall can also target everyday objects. Frequently, these are items intended for younger people.

Thus, a game box on the theme of chemistry may contain substances too dangerous for a child. Toys containing small parts are also likely to be recalled. product.

Other cases report “laser” objects that are too powerful, being able to damage the retina of a Username. In general, it should be understood that manufacturers try to anticipate risks. But it happens that certain dangers are not foreseen during the design phase.

if you have something Small children At home, be sure to inspect your toys and avoid breakable items. Small parts (easy to swallow) should also be kept out of reach!

Finally, to inform you about the risks and procedures in progress, you can consult Rappel Conso! This government site is intended to alert consumers. For each product recall, you will find a sheet with all the useful information. Of course, staying constantly cautious can be difficult. However, precaution remains the best way to avoid many tragedies in the domestic world ! Most of the time, a product recall is the subject of several articles in the media. Just check your refrigerators and cupboards, reduce risk. In addition, a product recall generally entitles you to a compensation.

If the industry demonstrates its commitment to consumersYou must take care of your health and that of your loved ones. So don’t close your eyes to the alerts or the symptom that you can

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