I measured the power consumption in standby mode of my electronic devices, the result will surprise you

J’ai mesuré la consommation d’énergie en mode veille de mes appareils électroniques, le résultat va vous surprendre

news hardware I measured the power consumption in standby mode of my electronic devices, the result will surprise you

What is the total electrical consumption of the sockets in an apartment without a single appliance turned on? This is a question I wanted to address by measuring my own consumption and costs incurred.

The energy crisis has been an omnipresent topic for several months in France and in Europe, which can lead consumers (including me) to new considerations, even if I sometimes regret not having taken an interest much sooner. A fundamentally anything but new question in this context. – but to be honest, I never pushed harder – is the total standby power consumption in my apartment.

To get the most convincing results, I grabbed my best measuring tool to check the consumption of the currently occupied outlets in my apartment. I’ll slip it to you here, but you should know that to reduce your consumption, you can use WLAN plugs.

On behalf of these measurements, you should know that none of my devices were actually working. To give you an idea, my internet box was working, but not actively used at the time of measurement. The PCs were off, but the power supplies were plugged into the mains.

What are my devices and what is their standby consumption

With the exception of certain products, connected devices are mostly common objects to be found in most homesas shown in the following summary, also including the consumption values:

laptop 1.2
fixed computer 2.1
computer monitor #1 0.6
computer monitor #2 0.7
computer speakers 0
adjustable desk 0.8
USB Charger #1 0
USB charger #2 0
Desk lamp 0
Fan 0
Multifunction kitchen appliance 4.4
Coffee machine 0
Toaster 0
Electric toothbrush charging station 0
wifi router 8.3
TV 0.7
Sound bar 0.6
Halogen living room lamp 0

Major appliances like my refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave are not included in the measurements.

What is my total standby consumption? With all the devices together I get a consumption of about 20 watts. Assuming, for example, an electricity price of €0.17 per kilowatt hour, this translates into the following costs over a year if all devices were permanently in this state:

20 watts * 24 hours of operation per day * 365 days per year = 175,200 watt hours = 175.1 kilowatt hours * €0.17 per kilowatt hour = €29.77 electricity costs per year

This is a pretty low sum even though I didn’t use any of my devices during the measurements. However, consumption differs significantly depending on device models and home configuration.

I measured the power consumption in standby mode of my electronic devices, the result will surprise you

You also have to take into account the current price of the kilowatt hour which is quite low at the momentbut that could escalate considerably in the coming months for reasons we know. I could also go to the trouble of unplugging all my devices to further reduce costs, but admittedly, this isn’t very practical. Also, many devices are running simultaneously at different times of the day, and while that only increases my power consumption, it can’t be helped, because sometimes I really need it.

Also, I live in a humble 27m² and So I don’t have the same needs as a large family or even someone who lives in a larger apartment.

Which devices consume the most power in standby mode?

If we take a closer look at the table above, we quickly realize that it is mainly my two computers and my Wi-Fi router that consume the most. no active use.

My desktop PC consumes a total of 2.1 watts (3.4 if you add the two displays and speakers) even when powered off (not in windows sleep mode), which is mainly due to my motherboard having a built in display and RGB LEDs. On the other hand, we can notice that some appliances consume absolutely no energy, even in standby mode, such as lamps, toaster, coffee maker or fan.

What did I learn from these measures?

In the future, I want to try to convert as many sockets as possible in a smart and practical way so that I can reduce their standby consumption to zero in a short time. The easiest solution is to invest in power strips or adapters that can be turned off completely with a switch.

I measured the power consumption in standby mode of my electronic devices, the result will surprise you

Another less viable solution, turning on the Wi-Fi router only when I really need the Internet, quite annoying on a day to day basis. Still, you could at least use this tactic at night when no one is using a connection.

However, turning the device on and off can be even more complicated if the sockets are difficult to access. – which is not really the case with me. I’m also sure many of you have already come up with workable strategies through your own experience, so you’ll definitely have more advice for me.

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