The departures of Messi and Neymar, the midfield at 3, the balance, the transfer window and Skriniar, the complete conf’ of Galtier after Toulouse/PSG

Le match, le jeu déployé, Messi, Ramos, Mbappé, etc, la conf' complète de Galtier après Clermont/PSG (0-5)

It is a Christophe Galtier satisfied with PSG’s performance in Toulouse (3-0) who appeared before the press on Wednesday at the end of the evening. The Parisian coach returned to the meeting, the mid-three test carried out in the last minutes, the balance of his team or the departures of Neymar and Lionel Messi before finishing in the transfer window.

You ended up with a three-half. Is it a goal to be able to start a match like this?

“Yes, we finished at three. We have very few sessions to work on it but I wanted to do it. From there to starting a match like this… We have a squad for, during certain periods of the match. To hold the ball a little better, so as not to suffer while maintaining a great base. At 2-0, the game seems like a game for many people, but the third goal is always important at this time. You can concede situations, a goal, and against Tolosa the game can change its aspect. It took a long time to get going with some comprehension issues in particular. »

You’ve conceded enough chances. Is it a supposed imbalance or will it be corrected in the future?

“I can’t tell you that I want to see my team unbalanced. We have a certain way of wanting to win the ball back that also exposes us. We play very high, so logically we have flaws. Philippe (Montanier), being the good tactician he is, studied them. To avoid this, you have to put more pressure on the ball carrier. As soon as we are not, there can be difficult situations. Danilo played left back with a three-man defence. It took him a few minutes to get his bearings.”

Are you satisfied with the performance of the top three (Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé)?

“We can only be satisfied when we see the game. Leo gave two assists, there were goals from Ney’ and Kylian, it’s always important. There are many relationships between them but also with Verratti and Vitinha, who serve the ball well. The way you get the ball is important. That’s what we didn’t do against Monaco. We take risks, but we must insist on the work of our circles. This technical relationship must exist at the heart of the game.”

“The players are never happy to leave, it is like that, but it allows the squad to live”

And yet Neymar and Messi came out during the game. Do you understand your choice?

“With the calendar, it is an obligation. I have already discussed it with them. The players are never happy to leave, that’s right, but it allows the squad to live. But from the moment they played a very good game, it was important to protect them, take out Ney, who made two contacts and has a game that exposes him. Leo also had to be unloaded on a physical level after the sequence of matches. »

Is it mandatory to sign for PSG?

“It would be preferable. From the beginning and when I took office with the president and Luis (Campos), we identified the need to have another central defender from the moment we played in this system. We had identified the players and they are arriving little by little. There are 24 left hours. Will we have this additional central defender? I hope it will be better with the sequence of games, fatigue, injuries. Will we have it? I don’t know, I have no information, I just had to prepare the team for the game. We’ll see what will happen in the night or tomorrow. Hoping that, yes, there will be an additional center-back to act throughout this first part of the season. »

Could this potential recruit be Milan Skriniar?

“I can’t answer you. It’s possible because the transfer window is still open, but I don’t know where the discussions are. I think you are better informed than me (laughs). Luis knows how I work on the preparation of matches, I don’t want to be informed. for nothing that is happening. As long as the transfer window is still open, everything is possible. If it will be Milan or someone else, I don’t know. »

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