Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel: The revival of Konami’s card game?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel : Le renouveau du jeu de cartes de Konami ?

Advance yu gi oh! Cross Duel: The revival of Konami’s card game?

First announced in July 2021, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, the latest free-to-play mobile game in Konami’s card game franchise, has kept pretty low-key so far. But recently, we were invited to a presentation to discover the details of this new Yu-Gi-Oh! which brings a real breath of fresh air to the license.


  • A new way to play
  • various game modes

Duel Links, Master Duel, and now Cross Duel – there’s a lot to get lost in in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Before introducing you to the latest addition to the franchise, we’ll recap the different experiences so you can see more clearly. Duel Links, is the first title to be released on iOS and Android and the latter draws heavily on the anime adaptations of the card game by offering games with Speed ​​Duel rules, which, as the name suggests, They play quickly. Recently, we were presented with Master Duel, which aims to be the closest possible reproduction of the tabletop card game experience in video games, with the rules used in tournaments and an impressive number of cards. Between these two experiences slips Cross Duel that offers a still different and for the moment new approach in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

A new way to play

With Cross Duel, forget all the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! you already know that, since the latter starts completely from scratch. Regardless of the game mode, all fights take place with four participants, who are connected to each other by lines.. At the start of a turn, we first have the first phase which allows each player to set up Trap Cards and Summon up to three monsters, one per Link connecting them to one of their opponents, in Attack or Defense Position. The center lane is special in that all placed creatures are there at the same time to battle each other. In a second step, you can use spell cards before the attack mode monsters advance in the lines to fight the opposing creature, while the defense mode ones remain stationary.

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

Once things get going, the monsters in each lane will go head-to-head. Without too many surprises, the winner is the one with the most points, who will then inflict the difference on the opposing player, while returning this sum to the VP of his master. As for the center line, since all the monsters are there at the same time, we are first entitled to two duels whose survivors then compete to determine a single winner. Thus, in the multiplayer mode in which four participants face each other, the games last eight rounds but end when one of the players sees that his life points reach zero.. At that time, the one with the highest number of VP wins.

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

Cross Duel thus offers a new, much simpler and more accessible approach to the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! for matchups gaining momentum. Thus, each participant has forty-five seconds to use one of the twenty cards that make up their deck. If one can get frustrated playing Master Duel to meet opponents who can beat them in a single turn, this more direct way of playing can also suit a new audience who don’t need to learn tons of rules, just veterans who want to enjoy a different experience.

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

various game modes

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

Beyond facing other players online, Cross Duel offers different game modes. Raid Duels that allow four participants to cooperate to defeat a giant boss in the center of the arena which often corresponds to an anime character’s favorite monster. Each fight is unique because all of these rare creatures have their own patterns that must be mastered in order to defeat them. To give you an example, the Giant Boss can put obstacles in the player’s lines that must be destroyed to gain access to him and put him in a state of vulnerability to overcome them. Each season we will be entitled to different bosses in Raids Duels to renew the experience. In general, the game is designed to work on a season system to bring new features regularly.

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

For solo game enthusiasts, there is also a Tag Duels mode. The latter offers to duel alone, but accompanied by three other participants controlled by artificial intelligence.. Thus, we play alongside the heroes from the seven different anime franchises who are voiced by their original actors. You can even unlock new companions the more you play and increase their confidence gauges to earn rewards like new lines of dialogue.

yu gi oh!  Cross Duel: The revival of Konami's card game?

The most surprising thing about Cross Duel is, above all, that it is possible to customize and improve these cards. Using a skill tree, you can get various passive bonuses to increase a monster’s damage, for example, but also active skills that trigger in-game under certain conditions.. Thus, the rarest creatures have access to the most powerful abilities, as long as they are placed as Ace Monster in a deck, a central element in the game’s strategy. Like all monsters in the game, the latter have a limited number. of slots in which to place these abilities and passive bonuses. Also, these locations are unlocked in particular by recovering duplicates. To progress through your monsters’ skill trees, you can spend medals in shops to get useful materials. You can also collect gems and tickets to be able to access special draws and thus recover certain very specific cards.

our impressions

With its unique approach, Cross Duel offers a more accessible and dynamic way to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Thanks to its simpler and more direct rules, the games are shorter and full of unexpected twists, while also having something to please both new players and veterans looking for a refreshing experience. The title takes advantage of its originality to set up surprising yet effective game modes like Raids Duels, but also innovative mechanics like skill trees that put even more emphasis on monsters. For all of these reasons, we better understand why Konami decided to make a completely new game, and not just a bonus mode in one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! it already exists.

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