Glucose revolution: what to think of this new method to lose weight that is causing a furor at the moment? – Grace

Glucose revolution: what to think of this new method to lose weight that is causing a furor at the moment?  - Grace

Every 4 or 5 years a new fashion method arrives to be more productive, to be healthier, in short: to be better. Or at least make us believe that we can be. After the Miraculous Mornings or intermittent fasting, the new method that is causing a furor at the moment is called “ glucose revolution“. A method started by unused jessie, a biochemist who has worked extensively on the subject to develop an effective method for losing weight, but not only. Glucose Revolution could also prevent the appearance of wrinkles (yes, yes) and fight against certain diseases such as chronic fatigue or premature aging.

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Glucose revolution: what does it consist of?

With so much promise, one can only be intrigued, if not seduced, by Jessie Inchauspé’s method. To write it, the young woman based herself on 300 scientific studies that highlight the role of glucose in the body, its effects and the way in which it was possible to manage it. you would have understood: glucose revolution It is not necessarily a diet in itself, but more principles and ways of eating to avoid spikes in blood sugar, in other words a high concentration of sugar in the blood.

Therefore, Glucose Revolution offers keys to smooth your glycemic curve throughout the day to avoid the drawbacks associated with blood sugar spikes.

What do we remember about Glucose Revolution?

Although it is always more effective and interesting to read the book of unused jessie in its entirety, however, we have put together a brief summary to give you an idea of ​​the principles to apply.

  • Eat foods in the correct order. That is, fibers, then proteins, then fats, starches and sugars. A little gymnastics, which is still feasible because in the end no food is eliminated
  • Eat a salty breakfast. ” Breakfast is a meal is a bit apart. I advise always eating salty in the morning. For the same calories, sugary breakfasts will create a big spike in glucose and fructose, leading to this roller coaster ride. I really don’t respect this order in the morning. For my part, I eat an avocado toast with egg and feta cheese. », Jessie Inchaupsé explained to Marie Claire magazine.
  • Limit the rise in your glycemic curve at breakfast. A key time as you can quickly start the day with a spike in blood sugar.
  • Sugar free ban. ” All sugars are natural, as they are all derived from a plant. There is no good or bad sugar. »
  • Drink vinegar before eating. This helps to control your appetite, but also to burn more fat. The ideal: start your meals with a tablespoon of cider vinegar.
  • Add fiber to your diet, and more specifically in your entrees to bring good bacteria to your body.
  • Eat a dessert instead of a sweet snack: “By eating the sweet after the meal, we attenuate the glucose peak”
  • Move after meals. Work your muscles to burn excess glucose from the blood naturally.
  • Pack salty snacks, just to avoid a spike in blood sugar in the middle of the day.
  • Not counting calories. As the important thing for Jessie Inchauspé is glucose, we can eat foods rich in calories. This is not necessarily the issue.
  • Accompany your carbohydrates. As we do not eliminate a food (carbohydrates are important), we must accompany them with others that will smooth the curve of our blood sugar. When we eat glucose, we worry about also eating fiber, protein, fat…

With these tips, it would be possible not only to lose weight, but also to prevent fatigue, premature aging… In short, to feel better and longer!

Who is Jessie Inchauspé, creator of the Glucose revolution method?

Although she has 1 million subscribers on Instagram, Jessie Inchauspé is not just an influencer. Trained in mathematics and with a master’s degree in biochemistry, she has a solid scientific background that has allowed her to develop her method. The investigation of her began after a serious accident. ” He was 19, he says, vacationing in Hawaii with some friends. One afternoon we were going on a hike and we had the bad idea of ​​jumping from the top of a waterfall. As a result, my vertebrae were compressed like dominoes.” we can read in an interview he gave to Paris Match. She recovers, but remains traumatized by the event. Her first job: Product Manager at 23andMe, her dream start-up specializing in genetic research. In 2008, 23andMe decided to launch a new project on glucose sensors. “When the team announced the start of a study on the body’s reactions to their diet in non-diabetics, I immediately jumped on board. But he was miles away from imagining what he was going to discover! », explains to Paris Match. And that’s how it all started! ” it was a clickhe told Marie Claire magazine. By ordering my diet around this peak, my body and mind have seen positive changes. From my sanity to my food cravings, everything was better. »

The glucose revolution: a method not necessarily validated by the entire medical profession

If we find in glucose revolution rather consensual advice, validated by most of the medical profession, others are more controversial. Thus, you can read on, the statements of François Jorneyvaz, doctor in endocrinology, diabetology, nutrition and therapeutic patient education. And he is far from being 100% convinced of the benefits of the method of unused jessie. For example, he recommends diluting some vinegar in water and drinking this cocktail before a sweet meal to flatten your glucose spike because the acetic acid in vinegar is said to inhibit alpha-amylase, the salivary enzyme that cuts long chains of glucose. complex carbohydrates into glucose. molecules. Well, we had an average of 16 in biology in second grade, we didn’t have everything, everything was understood. But for François Jorneyvaz, this process has never been tested by any study. Caution therefore.

Glucose Revolution and the controversy over blood glucose sensors

What caused the buzz around Glucose Revolution was above all a controversy against many influencers who began recommending their readers to wear blood sugar sensors to ensure the flattest possible blood sugar spikes, reports Ouest France. Yes, it is thanks to this tool that Jessie Inchauspé came to have the idea of ​​this method. The problem: These devices are intended for people with diabetes, and they certainly aren’t made for weight loss. ” The risk is to trivialize the disease.“, explained to BFM-TV the vice-president in charge of the defense of the French Federation of Diabetics (FFD). ” The glucose sensor is a medical device intended for people with diabetes. Attached to the back of the arm, it allows them to continuously monitor their blood glucose, that is, their blood sugar level. Because, remember, a person with diabetes no longer secretes or produces enough insulin to regulate this rhythm.“, we can read on the website of the newspaper.

Worse still, there is a shortage of these sensors and some people with diabetes struggle to find the necessary equipment to ensure their good health. A consequence of the success of Jessie Inchauspé’s book that unfortunately can harm some people. If the method is followed, there is no need to fall to this extreme. ” Having a spike in blood sugar after eating a slice of jam is completely normal, it’s part of the metabolism“, recalled Jean-François Thébau, vice president in charge of advocacy for the French Federation of Diabetics (FFD) on BFMTV. ” Wanting to erase these glycemic peaks, when you are not sick, is nonsense. »

But for Jessie Inchauspé, everyone should get their blood sugar checked, as she told Point de Vue magazine: “ I learned that 90% of us experience glucose spikes every day without knowing it. The symptoms vary: for me it’s psychological problems, but also tiredness, cravings, acne. In others, they manifest as bad moods, hormonal imbalances, difficult menopause, weight gain, sleep problems, inflammatory diseases and, eventually, type 2 diabetes, risk of Alzheimer’s and Cancer… Everyone Wins Avoiding Glucose Spikes“.

So, Glucose Revolution, effective or useless method? Your turn to judge.

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