Is your phone running out of power fast? Blame these 6 mistakes we all make

Is your phone running out of power fast?  Blame these 6 mistakes we all make

The smartphone now plays a fundamental role in everyday life because it allows not only access to Internet services but also to move and talk with loved ones on the other side of the world. Discover the 6 reasons why your phone can discharge quickly.

In an increasingly digital society, it is difficult to carry out certain activities without a smartphone. Phone calls, banking application, instant messaging… So many facilities possible thanks to the smartphone. However, the latter can sometimes have battery problems related to various factors.

What are the 6 reasons why your phone battery is dying?

When this is the case, we quickly feel powerless. And for good reason, without a phone, it is now becoming difficult to move or work. When the battery is dead, we can tend to blame the model of our phone, but sometimes we are responsible for this rapid failure. And because of we are constantly surfing the internet and check social media several times a day, which drains your battery. But there are also other habits that put pressure on your phone’s battery. Result: It discharges and needs to be supplied with power.

1. Using the wrong charging cable

We often want to save money and get counterfeit chargers, but this is a miscalculation. And for good reason, if it’s cheap, endanger phone. Therefore, it is important to obtain a charger from the brand’s authorized dealer so as not to damage the battery, a fundamental element of your phone.


Smartphone – Source: spm

2. Let the phone fully discharge

Sometimes we can ignore warnings that the battery is at 20% or even 10%, and knowingly wait for it to run out to enjoy a few extra minutes of use. However, this habit is detrimental because the phone does not have to be flat in order to charge it. Eventually, this reduces the performance of your battery.

3. Letting the phone battery overheat

If you are in the sun, it is recommended to leave your phone in the shade or you risk damaging your smartphone battery, which you can easily take care of.. On the beach or in the poolleave it in a bag where it does not suffer the effects of the sun’s rays.

4. Using the wireless charger too often to power the phone

If this can be a good solution during a battery loss outside, this habit is detrimental to the performance of your smartphone. Connect the phone to a portable battery should not be a repetitive gesture so you don’t have to charge your device several times a day.

charge a phone

Charge a phone – Source: spm

5. Charge the smartphone to 100%

This is still a habit that you do to charge the phone, but it is in fact a myth. And for good reason, your device shouldn’t be charged to 100% if you want it to be. keep battery performance intact. The charge level should be between 30 and 80%. It is also recommended to opt for periodic short recharges.

Charge your phone with a portable battery

Charge your phone with a portable battery – Source: spm

6. Store spare phone while at 0%

Many are those who have a personal and professional phone. Some deliberately choose to let one or the other discharge before putting it in charge. Only this is a bad habit that puts your battery at risk of premature failure. Even if you don’t want to use it occasionally, always leave this device on at 30%. There are other reflex gestures that we should banish. Among them: leaving the phone plugged in at night.

One thing is certain: if the phone discharges quickly, you should know that we are often responsible for its reduced performance without necessarily realizing it.

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