Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

The Last of Us Part I, the new version of the giant of Naughty Dog and PlayStation, has just arrived. It is therefore an opportunity to return to what made the success of this The Last of Us at the time.


  • Naughty Dog does The Walking Dead
  • The touching story of Ellie and Joel
  • A performance worthy of a movie.
  • A next generation game on PS3

Naughty Dog does The Walking Dead

In the early 2010s, there was a studio on the rise: Naughty Dog. After having distinguished itself with Crash Bandicoot, the American studio gave us Jak & Daxter and Uncharted, two very popular licenses that have allowed it to build a solid reputation. Even better, the Nathan Drake games proved that Naughty Dog was capable of great things technically speaking. So when the announcement of a post-apocalyptic game with the same level of realism dropped, something was intrigued.

Especially since at that time, zombies were also in fashion. The Walking Dead It started airing in 2010 and quickly became one of the most loved and watched series. On the video game side, we have Resident Evil, which continues to gather many fans. Some therefore naturally expect another game in the genre with Naughty Dog sauce. But not! In the course of communication, we realize that The Last of Us, such is its nickname, will have nothing to do with the Capcom license. Marketed as an action-survival game, it quickly becomes clear that Naughty Dog has traded horror for storytelling and excitement.

With this original choice for the time, the studio adds points and gives an air of novelty to your project that makes you want. Naugty Dog bet on the right horse and this is all the more true since the studio knows how to tell stories. And with The Last of Us, he will even establish himself as a master of the genre.

The touching story of Ellie and Joel

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

When it was released in 2013, the game was critically acclaimed. If some journalists point fingers at demanding AI and limited gameplay, everyone agrees to salute the excellence achieved by the title from the narrative point of view. In our test, we then talk about “an impressive setting” and D’ “an atmosphere that sticks to your skin, even when you release the compress”. Edge magazine goes further: “Naughty Dog has delivered one of the most compelling and emotional epic stories of this console generation.”

This narration with onions is notably carried by a brilliantly managed pace. For Neil Druckmann, who oversaw the project, the best narrative structures are those that constantly change pace. In The Last of Us, the intense phases of action are followed by quieter moments, but no less important. In an episode of In Game, we talked in particular about a particularly skillful scene at this level: the giraffe scene After a harsh winter, we find a changed, disturbed Ellie, who no longer responds as before to our movements and instructions… but who has still managed to keep her soul as a child.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

In addition, The Last of Us addresses issues that are rarely addressed in video games. If the Naughty Dog title already stands out for its atypical approach to the post-apo, just as important is the relationship that stands out. PTo describe it, Neil Druckmann then spoke of a “love story in father-daughter relationship”. The bond that is created before our eyes between Ellie and Joël is as believable as it is attractive and moving. This is due to the narration of course, but also to the gameplay that pushes us to find a synergy between the two characters, puts us in trouble when they are separated or even moves us by certain choices that we are forced to make. .

But it’s not just about Ellie and Joël in The Last of Us. Throughout our adventure, we discover many characters with different and marked personalities, sometimes tragic destinies and stories that we never knew, so we are not used to seeing them in an AAA. Without going overboard, The Last of Us isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit. The title has excited more than one player, even those with the most hermetic heart. The Last of Us not only tells us a great story, but it does it well, be it from a narrative or visual point of view.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

Narrative and characterization are impressive, and not just “for a game”

Andy Kelly from the UK magazine Computer and Video Games

A performance worthy of a movie.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

If The Last of Us has marked the spirits so much, It’s also because it was one of the first action games to have such a cinematic dimension. A point that is also denied by some who consider that its gameplay is too little present to qualify as an excellent game. If this is still debated today, it is undeniable that The Last of Us has a film-like realization. .

Whether it’s the camera shots, the dialogue, or its overall quality, most of the scenes in Naughty Dog’s game are memorable. Starting with your introduction. For many, this is the most significant opening in the history of video games and we understand them. By allowing us to embody Joel’s young daughter, Sarah, for a few minutes, The Last of Us plunges us into the thick of things and takes the opportunity to break our hearts in the process. And then there is the drama in three acts of Henry and his little brother Sam or his conclusion that is full of scriptural tension worthy of the greatest highlight Serie.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

Throughout these scenes, The Last of Us plays with the codes of cinema like no game before. We feel your cinematic inspirations, ranging from I am a legend going by The Way, 28 days later either the sons of man, end up The revolt of the triffids (not forgetting the series The Walking Dead Sure). Note also that the music for The Last of Us was created entirely by a composer accustomed to cinema, Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla. This gave a quality soundtrack that also deeply marked the spirits and participated in the immersion and emotion of the title. As for the particularly successful rendering of the scenes, it is allowed, in particular, thanks to the performances of the actors (including Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson) and motion capture.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

Not only is the acting superb, but the game’s graphic beauty makes the events of The Last of Us overflow with realism. Everything that happens is instantly more memorable, more powerful, and more moving because the setting is so believable.

IGN’s Colin Moriarty

A next generation game on PS3

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

Motion capture has a very important role to play in the visual representation of the game, which is also applauded. It must be said that if the technique to make the body language of the game more realistic had already been used for some time, Naughty Dog has made it its great asset. One of the reasons that led the studio to move in 2010 was precisely to have its own motion capture studio. If you’re interested, Naughty Dog’s Damon Shelton has since given a lecture on the use of motion capture for The Last of Us. You can find it below.

Technically, Naughty Dog indulged in The Last of Us and the rendering is necessarily beautiful. If today we can find the graphics of The Last of Us getting old, for the time, and especially for the PS3, they were surprisingly realistic and particularly successful. In 2013, few games have managed to reach this level, none even some journalists dare to say. With such representation, The Last of Us has what it takes to stand out as a great game and an essential license in the PlayStation ecosystem. And if you add everything else to it, naturally it becomes a monument.

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It ReleasedWhy The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

We could also have talked about the very good multiplayer mode, the no less good DLC that followed or the remastered version that came very soon after. But if these elements have contributed to the success of The Last of Us over time, they are not the ones that have made the title a monument in the video game world, but rather those that we have listed above. About them could count the title of Naughty Dog to be remembered as one of the best video games of all time, and even today. A game that you can rediscover with the remake The Last of Us Part I

Why The Last of Us Was a Video Game Monument When It Released

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