System Shock, Outcast 2, Deliver us Mars… 6 science fiction games to remember

System Shock, Outcast 2, Deliver us Mars… 6 jeux de science-fiction à retenir

game news System Shock, Outcast 2, Deliver us Mars… 6 science fiction games to remember

Overrepresented genre at Gamescom 2022, sci-fi is clearly back in force. Here are 6 games seen on the show that caught our attention.

Along with horror, sci-fi was the big trend at Gamescom 2022. Whether in the stars, on Earth or underwater, the atmosphere was one to expect at Europe’s largest video game fair and we’ve seen many interesting games on this topic. Here’s a selection of the six good-tasting “SF” games that caught our eye the most.

In development for years, the remake of the first System Shock released in 1994 is finally on the right track, though the exact date is still unknown. That said, we had the opportunity to test the Nightdive Studios title for half an hour and we must admit that we were rather calm. In the skin of a hacker who must invest in a space base taken over by the evil AI Shodan, you will have to explore corridors and offices, in a harrowing atmosphere of the most successful. First and foremost an FPS, with a bit of infiltration and piracy, System Shock has a half-modern, half-retro graphic style that is very pleasing to the eye and offers good combat sensations. The “old-fashioned” interface is reminiscent of the first Deus Ex, but with a plethora of ergonomic options that make for an enjoyable experience. Now we hope that the adventure is not too linear. and that the script will bring us some surprises.

Revealed during Opening Night Live, Scars Above seems at first glance to be an uninspired rip off of Returnal. But a handshake at Gamescom allowed us to clear up any doubts and we discovered a pleasant title to hold in your hand, very classic at heart, but still offers some interesting insights. As a young scientist whose ship crashed on an unknown planet, you must find your surviving crew and try to survive in these hostile lands. The title is presented as a TPS in semi-open areas, with the possibility of scanning fauna and flora to learn more and unlock many situations. Visually, the set is quite clean, with a particularly beautiful art direction, but the not very rigid animations betray the “AA” side of this production anyway. Regardless, the demo turned out to be pleasant to navigate, thanks in particular to well-felt dialogues and a very likeable “environmental analysis” aspect.

This is the least “sci-fi” game in this selection, but we’ve included it anyway thanks to the 70s alternate history bias in which retro technologies rub shoulders with highly advanced AI and robots. And then, it must be said, Under the Waves is one of our big Gamescom favourites, so much so that we dedicated a full preview to it.
. In short, this game developed by Parallel Studio (White Night) and published by Quantic Dream puts us in the shoes of a diver who works for an oil company. In the middle of the North Sea, he must explore the depths with his bathyscaphe and live in a base located in the depths, totally alone, but with the possibility of radio communication. The title is very narrative, with a lot of exploration (it’s a “small” open world) and many mysteries to solve. Psychological thriller with hints of science fiction, Under the waves seduced us with its proposal, as well as its visual and sound setting.

Like Alone in the Dark on the horror side, Outcast 2 is a project to resurrect a cult PC game from the 90s, one of the first open world games and a title that, at the time, impressed with its technology. . Meanwhile, open world games have exploded and this sequel will have to fight hard to keep up. Still in development by Belgian studio Appeal, Outcast 2 isn’t a huge production (40 people are working on it), but its presentation at Gamescom reassured us on several points. Visually, the planet Adelpha still has a lot of charm. Very colorful and full of vegetation, reminiscent of the Pandora from Avatar. It is in this little paradise where we once again play Cutter Slade, who must help the natives against a rising dictatorship. Here we are promised an “organic” open world unlike the amusement parks of Ubisoft games.. There are no activity markers everywhere, but the will to push the player to discover things for himself. A strong bond with wildlife will also be possible, thanks to a research system of the planet’s animals, which should lead to nice possibilities, such as making a flying creature your own mount. Appeal clearly wants to get it right with Outcast 2 and it shows. Give them time to watch your baby.

A sequel to Deliver us the Moon released in 2019, Deliver us Mars sets its action on the Red Planet, where we play a young woman searching for her missing father. The first title was very narrative, with a lot of exploration and the desire to reproduce the lunar landscapes as faithfully as possible. This sequel maintains the same proposal, although with a much more varied gameplay than what they promise us, including puzzle and platform phases. We were able to experience this during a 30-minute grip in which we scaled steep Martian walls using adapted ice axes. It was necessary to use the joystick triggers to correctly position his arms to avoid a fatal fall. Next came an environmental puzzle based on electrical pillars that would be placed correctly in two rooms, in order to power a circuit capable of unlocking an elevator. A fairly classic puzzle, but well done, along the lines of The Talos Principle. Deliver us Mars is still very mysterious, though, and this short recap has made us want to see a lot more.


A management/survival game published by Shiro Unlimited (Dune Spice War, Wartales) and developed by OverPowered Games, Abyssals puts you in command of a group of humans who want to settle on a whole new planet. The only “small” problem: it is made entirely of water. Therefore, it is in the depths that one installs their first feeding systems and their first homes, hoping to make their colony live as long as possible. We were able to have a 30 minute title presentation that introduces the fundamental principles of the game, the key is power distribution and the importance of establishing electrical circuits between all the buildings, making sure we produce enough electricity to run everything. work properly. Light also plays an important role, and any colonized area in darkness will be attacked by creatures from the deep. Management of production chains, balancing the placement of buildings, crisis management… We will have to be on all fronts and in constant tension. The game is not expected for many months and therefore we will have time to talk about it.

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